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Iosif Schlarko
1171 Funkschach 13/03/1927
(12+13) cooked
Weiß nimmt 1 Zug zurück, dann s#1
R: 1. Td1-a1 dann 1. Td4+! Tc4#
R: 1. Td1-a1 f3-f2 2. Ta1-d1 f4-f3 3. Lc1-e3 f5-f4 4. d2xSc3 Sd1-c3 5. Tb1-a1 Sf2-d1 6. Ta1-b1 Sh1-f2 7. Tb1-a1 Sf2xTh1! 8. Ta1-b1 Se4-f2 9. Tb1-a1 Sc5-e4 10. Ta1-b1 Sb3-c5 11. Tb1-a1 Sa1-b3! 12. Tg1-h1! a2-a1=S 13. Ta1-b1 b3xDa2 14. Th1-g1 b4-b3 15. Dd5-a2 b5-b4 16. a2-a3 a6xSb5 etc.
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No. 715 HN
Mario Richter: Stellung ist inkorrekt (8 wBB + wUW-L), und die angegebene Lösung paßt auch nicht zu Stellung+Forderung. (2010-01-05)
A.Buchanan: OK there were numerous typos in both the diagram and Henri's solution - which is visible only in edit mode, but it did show the intended plan, and I think I've succeeded in correcting them both. If someone can find Funkschach to check, I would appreciate. This is a nice problem for its time and well worth salvaging. (2020-09-19)
Henrik Juel: Nice that 4.d2xSc3 and 13... b3xDa2 are the only possible uncaptures (2020-09-19)
Mario Richter: Sorry, Henrik, but unless the position is still incorrect, the problem is cooked: there's no need for an unpromotion on a1 and the earlier uncapture of Rook h1 (which would be necessary to provide a tempo move after 11. Sa1-b3):
wCaps: d2xBc3 g6xSh7 f3xSg4
sCaps: a6xSb5xSc4, c7xDd6 and (e.g.) Db6xTg1
R: 1. Td1-a1 f3-f2 2. Ta1-d1 f4-f3 3. Lc1-e3 f5-f4 4. d2xBc3! c4-c3 5. a2-a3 Kb4-a4 6. Tb1-a1 b5xSc4 and so on (2020-09-20)
Henrik Juel: You are right, Mario
The problem is cooked (2020-09-20)
A.Buchanan: Can we have wBc3 to e3, removing wLe3 and sBf2. Add sTe1. Yes there is non-standard material but can work on that. Is it sound? (2020-09-20)
Mario Richter: Yes Andrew, your Suggestion (wBc3 to e3, removing wLe3 and sBf2. Add sTe1) makes the Problem correct. With a white double pawn on the e-file the uncapture of a black pawn is impossible (d2xBauer_e3??), so only the intended solution works! (2020-09-20)
Mario Richter: Re-checking Andrew's correction, I have to correct myself: the problem is still cooked:
wPawnCaps: g6xSh7 d2xLe3 f3xSg4
sPawnCaps: b3xDa2 a5xLb4 f2xTg1=L c7xSd6
sProms: a2-a1=T f2xTg1=L
R: 1. Td1-a1 Tc4xSc7! 2. Td2-d1 Ta1-e1 3. Td1-d2 a2-a1=T 4. Ta1-d1 b3xDa2 5. Db1-a2 b4-b3 6. Dd1-b1 a5xLb4 7. Ld2-b4 Tf4-c4 8. a2-a3 Kb4-a4 9. Lc1-d2 Kc4-b4 10. Tb1-a1 a6-a5 11. Ka5-b6 Da7-a8 12. Ta1-b1 Dd4-a7 13. Ka4-a5 Dh8-d4 14. Sb5-c7 Lb6-d8 15. Sc3-b5 Dd8-h8 16. Sb1-c3 Tf8-f4 17. d2xLe3 Kd5-c4 18. Kb3-a4 Lg1-e3 19. Kc3-b3 f2xTg1=L! (2020-09-23)
A.Buchanan: Well done Mario! Have to say I didn't like my repair so much because of the retro dual R: 1. Ta1-a1 fxLe1=T 2. Le2-e1,Ta1-d1. (2020-09-23)
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Genre: Retro
FEN: qrbb4/1prpp2P/1K1p2pp/8/k7/P1P1B3/1PP1PpPP/R4B2
Input: Henri Nouguier, 2004-01-11
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