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1 - P1017610
Michel Caillaud
Kevin James Begley

R0083 StrateGems 15 07-09/2001
2. ehrende Erwähnung
Welches waren die letzten 7 Einzelzüge?
Circe Parrain
R: 1. 0-0[+wBc4]+ sBd4x[Dc3,Bc4]c3ep 2. c2-c4[+wDc3]+ b2xDc1=S[+sLb4] 3. Sb7xLa5[+wBc2] e5xBd4[+sLa5]+ 4. a5xLb6
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Michel Caillaud: cooked by Dmitry Baibikov :
3.Sb7xLa5(+wBa3) Kb4xPb5(+sLa5)+ -4.Ta5xLa4(+wSd3)+ e5xSd4 (2022-07-19)
Kevin Begley: correction: P1404688 (2022-09-27)
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Keywords: Circe (Parrain), Last Moves? (7), Valladao Task
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 8/8/PPp5/NkP5/RbP5/PBpN4/P4PP1/B1n2RK1
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2004-07-03
Last update: Kevin Begley, 2022-09-27 more...
2 - P1254157
Stephan Dietrich
15246 Die Schwalbe 255 06/2012
(16+16) C+
KBP in 6.0
Kees: 1.Sc3 d6 2.Sd5 Dd7 3.Sxe7[d5] Lxe7[Sf8] 4.Sxd7[Df8] c5 5.Sxc5[d7] a6 6.Sxa6[c5] bxa6[Sb7] (2022-11-07)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Circe (Platzwechsel)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: rnb1kqnr/1N1pbppp/p2p4/2pp4/8/8/PPPPPPPP/R1BQKBNR
Input: Mario Richter, 2012-11-23
Last update: Mario Richter, 2012-11-23 more...
3 - P1404683
Kevin James Begley
P0540 StrateGems 99 07-09/2022
BP in 9,5
1. e4 d5 2. La6 Sxa6 3. De2 Lg4 4. exd5 Dxd5[+sBd8] 5. De6[+wBd1] Tc8 6. Qxc8 Dd7[+sTc6] 7. Dxd8+ Dxd8[+sBd7] 8. Sf3[+wDe6] Lxf3 9. De2 Lxe2 10. dxe2[+sDd1]
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Kevin Begley: Two pairs of units (wDd1/wBe2 and sDd8/sBd7) exchange places twice. (2022-09-27)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Circe (Kontraparrain), Homebase, Interchange, Round Trip (DdBb)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 3qkbnr/pppppppp/n1r5/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQK2R
Input: Kevin Begley, 2022-09-26
Last update: Kevin Begley, 2022-09-27 more...
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