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1 - P1012052
Henri Nouguier
diagrammes 2004
1. dxc3ep 2. Kxb5 3. Kc6 4. Kd7 5. Ke8 6. 0-0 Txg7#
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Un des PNd a pris 1 pièce blanche. pour venir de e7. Donc les PB b, c et d ne peuvent se croiser. Le PBg6 ne peut venir de f5 car il faudrait 2 prises noires! Seule reste le dernier coup blanc 0... c2-c4 Ceci implique que le FNb1 est issue de promtion ! C'est le PNb7, il aurait pris 2 pièces blanches. Les PNg5 et h5 ont pris 2 pièces blanches.
No. 11661 HN
A.Buchanan: “Obvious promotion” is intended to refer to something visible in the initial diagram position, not what is reached during series play (2022-09-14)
A.Buchanan: Similarly “non-standard material (2022-09-14)
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Keywords: Seriesmover, Consequent, En passant as key, Promotion in the retro play (sLb1), Castling, Valladao Task
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 7r/5pnR/5PnR/1Pp2ppq/1kPp4/p2P4/P2pP3/Kbb4r
Input: Henri Nouguier, 2004-01-11
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-09-14 more...
2 - P1131766
Fr. Mendel
89 150 Schachkuriositäten 1910
(5+1) cooked
-w, dann #2
R: 1. b7-b8=S, dann 1. Ld8 Ka6 2. b8=S#
R: 1. b7-b8=S, dann 1. Ld8 Kb8 2. Sc6#
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Cook: R: 1. Sa6-b8, dann 1. Lc5+! Kxa6 2. Ta7#
R: 1. Sa6-b8, dann 1. Lc5+! Ka8 2. Ta7#
Henrik Juel: The forward play is 1.Ld8 Ka6/Kb8 2.b8=S/Sc6# (2022-10-14)
Keywords: Miniature Collection (0011852), Help retractor, Aristocrat, Miniature, Promotion in the retro play (S), Promotion in forward play (S)
Genre: 2#, Retro
FEN: 1N6/k3BR2/8/8/3N4/2K5/8/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2010-09-11
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-10-15 more...
3 - P1384765
Silvio Baier
StrateGems 2015
4. Preis
BP in 27.5
1. d4 d5 2. Lh6 gxh6 3. g4 h5 4. g5 Lh6 5. g6 Lg5 6. g7 Sh6 7. g8=S Kd7 8. Sf6+ exf6 9. b4 Te8 10. b5 Te3 11. b6 Tf3 12. e4 c5 13. Lc4 dxc4 14. e5 c3 15. e6+ Kd6 16. e7 Le6 17. e8=L Lb3 18. Lb5 Sc6 19. Lf1 c4 20. d5 Kc5 21. d6 Se7 22. d7 De8 23. d8=S a5 24. Sc6 bxc6 25. b7 Td8 26. b8=L a4 27. Lf4 Td6 28. Lc1
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Vladimir Rey: FEN Misprint! Correct: a7 = a4 (2022-10-26)
James Malcom: Fixed. (2022-10-26)
Keywords: Homebase (w), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (SS), Pronkin Theme (LL), Future Proof Game, Promotion (SLSL)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Natch 3.3
FEN: 4q3/4np1p/2pr1p1n/2k3bp/p1p5/1bp2r2/P1P2P1P/RNBQKBNR
Input: fs/hg, 2020-12-30
Last update: James Malcom, 2022-10-26 more...
4 - P1388717
Ralf Krätschmer
R554 The Problemist 05/2020
(11+9) C+
BP in 11.5
1. b4 f5 2. b5 f4 3. b6 f3 4. bxc7 fxg2 5. cxb8=S gxh1=D 6. Sxd7 Dd5 7. Sxf8 Dxd2+ 8. Lxd2 Dxd2+ 9. Sxd2 Kd8 10. Sxh7 Txh7 11. Tc1 Th8 12. Sb1+
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Moldenhauer: Computerprüfung: C+ Natch 3.3 in 5 Tage 10 Std. 49 Min. eine Lösung gefunden.
Prüfung BP in 11 u. 12, keine Lösung! (2022-08-30)
A.Buchanan: Since the position is check, the only shorter PG which requires examination is 10.5 (2022-08-30)
Moldenhauer: Computerüberprüfung: BP in 10.5 Natch 3.3 keine Lösung! Zeit 16 Std. 22 Min. (2022-09-01)
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Keywords: Discovered check, Unique Proof Game, Excelsior, black, Excelsior, white, Prentos Theme (Sd), Switchback (St), Promotion (d), under-promotion (S), x pieces capture on one square (4)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Computerprüfung: C+ Natch 3.3 in 5 Tage 10 Std. 49 Min. eine Lösung gefunden. Prüfung BP in 11 u. 12, keine Lösung!
FEN: r1bk2nr/pp2p1p1/8/8/8/8/P1P1PP1P/1NRQKBN1
Input: Gunter Jordan, 2021-04-18
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-08-30 more...
5 - P1401495
Igor Vereshchagin
Odessa 1997
Special commendation
(10+14) C+
h#2 (AP)
1. a4xb3ep+ Sxa5+ 2. Kd5 0-0-0# (by AP not Td1#?)
R: 1. b2-b4 Kb4-c4+ 2. Sd6-b7,Sd6xLc7
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With the typo wPd5 corrected to e5, the two forward candidate solutions are correct. How about the retro? Assume that White castling rights remain. bBg5 is promoted, and did so on c1 or g1. In either case, there were 6 pawn caps by Black, but in the former case, the blockaded wRh was not consumable. So the promotion must have been on g8, and White can't retract h2-h3. The missing White unit is light B, so was not just captured on e5 or b4. wRf6 is promoted, say wPd, which would have involved no captures.

This leaves b2-b4, preceded by Kb4-c4+ and before that Sd6-b7. Prior to b2-b4, why couldn't bQ have just played e.g. Qa8-a5+ instead? Because there would still be no prior move: wSb7 can't have just come from h5 or e6. Similarly Rc3-a3 has no precedent.

We don't know exactly what happened to sLc, but that doesn’t affect the soundness. It might have enabled wPc or wPd to capture. wPd did promote, but maybe it was wPc that after capturing promoted to T. Alternatively, Sd6xLc7 was possible.
Henrik Juel: Popeye 4.61 with 'opt enp b3' found no solution (2022-05-27)
Gerald Ettl: Schaut so aus, als ob die sDa5 nach e5 muss. 1.axb3 ep Sa5+ 2.Kxd5 0-0-0# (2022-05-27)
Gerald Ettl: aber auch 2.-Td1# ? (2022-05-27)
Henrik Juel: Andrew, can you throw any light on this problem? (2022-05-28)
Henrik Juel: Gerald, in AP problems like this one White must castle to legitimize the ep capture key (2022-05-28)
A.Buchanan: Hi Henrik, Gerald. I found this one in WinChloe with the current diagram. It gave the "solution" 1. axb3ep+ Sxa5+ 2. Kd5?? 0-0-0#. However when I tried running the WinChloe solver just now, it said there's no solution. Quite right: Rf5 controls d5. I don't think we can shift Qa5 to e5 though.
My first thought is that wPd5 should be on e5. Check my suggested solution in the solution text. However, as you will see, I think we need a second thought as well! Hope the finest retro minds can figure this out. Failing that, we could ask Igor. (2022-05-28)
Mario Richter: The diagram in the reprint in 'Uralsky Problemist' is exactly as given here. The solution given there without further explanation is: 1. ab+ (e.p.) Sxa5+ 2. Kd5 0-0-0#!
Notice that the second black move doesn't contain a capture sign!

Some typos in Andrew's analysis:
The black potential promotion squares should be c1 and g1.
White's last move couldn't have been b3-b4?? simply because that would give an illegal check. (2022-05-28)
A.Buchanan: Thanks Mario for the careful reading. I’ve fixed the errors. Pd5 may be a typo in the reprint then. It also creates a bogus retraction d4-d5, so I don’t think it can be right. Now for Igor. (2022-05-29)
A.Buchanan: Joaquim Crusats spotted R: 1. b2-b4 Kb4-c4+ 2. Sd6-b7, which I'm sure is the intended retraction. So we diagnose a single typo that occurred in the Uralsky reprint diagram: wPe5 appeared on d5. I suggest correcting it here. (2022-05-30)
A.Buchanan: Author confirmed this was a typo (2022-11-23)
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Keywords: a posteriori (AP) (Type Petrovic), En passant as key, Castling (wg), Promotion (Tl), Valladao Task
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Once the diagram typo was fixed, C+ Popeye v4.87 & basic but tricky retro logic
FEN: 3n4/1Np1p1p1/4pn2/q1p1PRb1/pPk1pr2/r6P/P4PP1/R3K3
Reprints: 18 The Ural's Problemist 13, p. 5, 02/1998
Input: A.Buchanan, 2022-05-27
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-05-30 more...
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