Die Schwalbe

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1 - P0000545
Andrej N. Kornilow
Andrey Frolkin

3460 Die Schwalbe 68 04/1981
Welches waren die letzten 8 Einzelzüge?
R: 1. f7-f8=D# Kd7-e7 2. e7-e8=L+ Kc6-d7 3. d7-d8=S+ Ld8-c7 4. c7-c8=T+ Tc8-b8
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James Malcom: (Shortest) proof of legality: 1. d4 Nh6 2. Bxh6 gxh6 3. g4 Rg8 4. g5 Rg6 5. Nh3 Rf6 6. Nf4 Nc6 7. g6 Nb4 8. g7 Rg6 9. Nxg6 fxg6 10. Bh3 Nd5 11. Be6 dxe6 12. f4 Kd7 13. f5 Kc6 14. f6 Bd7 15. Rf1 Be8 16. a4 Bf7 17. a5 Bg8 18. f7 Qd6 19. Rf6 exf6 20. e4 Be7 21. e5 Bd8 22. exd6 Ne7 23. dxe7 Rc8 24. d5+ Kb5 25. d6 Kc6 26. d7 Kb5 27. Qd6 cxd6 28. a6 Kc6 29. c4 Kb6 30. c5+ Kb5 31. c6 Kc5 32. c7 Kb5 33. Na3+ Kc6 34. Nc4 Kb5 35. Nb6
axb6 36. Ra5+ Kb4 37. Rc5 bxc5 38. a7 Kb5 39. b4 Kc4 40. b5 Kd4 41. b6 Ke4 42. Kd2 Ke5 43. Kc3 Kd5 44. a8=B Kc6 45. Kc4 Rb8 46. c8=R+ Bc7 47. d8=N+ Kd7 48. e8=B+ Ke7 49. f8=Q#

Took me a bit to figure out the trick for maneuvering the Black bishops. (2022-08-28)
Keywords: Last Moves? (8), Allumwandlung
Genre: Retro
FEN: BrRNBQb1/1pb1k1Pp/1P1ppppp/2p5/2K5/8/7P/8
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
2 - P0000822
Josef Haas
1938 Die Schwalbe 41 10/1976
Ergänze den wK, dann #2
Kees: +wKb5 1. Txc8 (2. Lxe7#)
0-0 is illegal for K or T must have made a move.
-1. a7-a5? Not possible with position of wL and bS (2022-11-23)
Keywords: Castling (sk), Add pieces
Genre: Retro
FEN: 2nBk2r/3pp3/1p1p2P1/p4NN1/PP4p1/7b/PP2P1Pp/2R2B2
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
3 - P0001349
Jean Oudot
Echiquier de France 1957
Rosalie Fay: White has lost only the bishops. So the pawn on c5 is not [Pa7] (because that entails 2 White units captured on black squares). White has played axbxcxdxe7, dxe, fxe, hxg, gxfxe. Black has 7 units, so white pawns have captured all missing Black units, but none on the a or h files.

Black has 2 pawns on the c-file, so one has captured. Thus [bPa7] and [bPh7] pawns have collectively captured no more than once. So at least one of them must have promoted, in order to either get to a file where White made a capture, or replace a captured unit; it didn't capture en route to promotion, so it displaced a white rook and thus spoilt one White castling right.

White would mate by 1 Rd1 & 2 Rd6 or 1 Rf1 & 2 Rf6, except that Black threatens Qxe2+. So either 1 0-0 or 1 0-0-0, though it's impossible to say which is legal. (2022-11-24)
Henrik Juel: one solution, but in two parts
if Ta1 has moved, 1.0-0 thr. 2.Dc8,Tf6#
if Th1 has moved, 1.0-0-0 thr. 2.Dg8,Td6# (2022-11-25)
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Keywords: Partial Retro Analysis (PRA), Castling (wb)
Genre: Retro, 2#
FEN: 4Q3/1p2P3/brp1k1N1/1qp1P3/4P3/1NP1P1P1/1P2P3/R3K2R
Reprints: 223 Europe Echecs 130 09/1969
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-11-26 more...
4 - P0003206
Hans Joachim Schlüter
4443v Schach , p. 349, 11/1963
b) wTf1 tauschen mit wLg1
a) 1. Kxb4 Lb6 2. a4 Tb1#
b) 1. cxb3ep gxf3 2. Sc1 Tg4#
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Korrektur 1964, Seite 155: sBh3->f3
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 (2022-11-24)
Keywords: En passant as key
Genre: h#, Retro
FEN: 8/8/8/p7/kPp5/p1p2p2/4n1Pp/5RBK
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Felber, Volker, 2022-11-24 more...
5 - P0005585
Hieronymus Fischer
56 Fern vom Alltag 1925
Einer der sTT muß nach a8 zurückgestellt werden.
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Lösung aus '64 Schach-Scherze': "Da noch sämtliche schwarze Bauern vorhanden sind, kann keiner der beiden schwarzen Türme durch Umwandlung entstanden sein.
Nun kann aber der schwarze Turm von a8 unmöglich 'herausgekommen' sein. Mithin ist einer der beiden schwarzen Türme nach a8 (oder a7 oder b8) zurückzustellen.
Nach dieser Korrektur ist Schwarz von selbst matt."
in '64 Schach-Scherze' nachgedruckt mit der Forderung "Matt in gar keinem Zug"

vgl. P1309484
Erich Bartel: weiterer Nachdruck (oder Erstquelle?!):
3) 28) 64 Schachscherze 1916 (in dieser Quelle ist kein
Hinweis ob Urdruck oder Nachdruck) (2007-10-30)
Alain Brobecker: Same position and stipulation as P1265678, except the latter one is dated 1910. (2022-11-15)
Keywords: Joke, Illegal position (can't leave home)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 2b5/1pppR1p1/p4p2/3p3p/4r3/4kr1R/2P1N3/4K3
Reprints: 28 64 Schach-Scherze 1915
Das Geheimnis des schwarzen Königs 1960
(III) Die Schwalbe 22 08/1973
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-05
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2019-10-22 more...
6 - P0006397
Vasily I. Zatulni
Tscherkaska Prawda 1981
1. Preis
1. ... h1=D,T Lh5! ... 2. Sg5#
1. ... h1=L g8=L! Kxg4 2. Le6#
1. ... h1=S Lh5! Sxg3,Sxf2 2. Sf4,Sg5#
1. ... hxg1=D,T,L,S Sfxg1+ Kxg4 2. g8=D,T#
1. ... Kxg4 g8=D,T+ Kh3,Kf5 2. Sf4,Sd2#
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Schwarz hat keinen letzten Zug, beginnt also.
Henrik Juel: minor duals 0... hxg1=L 1.Sxf1+,Lh5 and 0.Kxg4 1.g8=DT+ (2022-08-27)
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Keywords: Whose move?
Genre: Retro
FEN: 4B3/3K2P1/8/8/6P1/5NBk/4NRpp/6R1
Reprints: 9 Shakhmaty v SSSR , p. 48f, 06/1981
(3) Die Schwalbe 156, p. 223, 12/1995
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1996-06-12
Last update: Rainer Staudte, 2022-08-27 more...
7 - P0007026
Josef Haas
1411 feenschach 25 10/1974
1. ehrende Erwähnung
Ergänze 4wBB und 4sBB zu einem IC!
a) 1.
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Im IC verhindern die sBB, daß der wLd4 ein UW-L sein kann, die Konfiguration der weißen Steine, daß er der original-Lc1 sein kann.
paul: Add wPa2b2b3e2, bPa7c7e7g7. (2022-09-18)
Keywords: Illegal cluster, Miniature
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/8/8/3k4/3B4/3P4/3K4/2NB4
Reprints: feenschach 28 05-07/1975
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1996-08-11
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-09-19 more...
8 - P0008413
Guus Rol
Harry Goldsteen

Probleemblad 1 01-02/1989
#2 durch Schwarz
1. Kxc2 Sb3 2. ... Tc1#

Bsp-Auflösung Zvi Mendlowitz(PDB 2022-09-19)
R: 1. ... Ta2-a1 2. a3xLb4 Lf8-b4 3. Lb4-c3 Kb3-a4 4. Le7-b4 a7xSb6 5. Sa4-b6 Dd5-d4 6. Sc3-a4 Dd4-d5 7. Sb1-c3 Ta1-a2 8. Lf6-e7 Kb4-b3 9. a2-a3 Kc5-b4 10. Lg5-f6 Kd6-c5 11. Lf6-g5 Kd7-d6 12. Le7-f6 Kc8-d7 13. Lf6-e7 Kb8-c8 14. Ld8-f6 e7-e6 15. d7-d8=L Kc8-b8 16. e6xTd7 Td8-d7 17. f5xLe6 0-0-0 18. f4-f5 Lc8-e6 19. f3-f4 Dd8-d4 20. f2-f3 d7xLc6 21. Lf3-c6 Sc6-a5 22. Le2-f3 Sb8-c6 23. Lf1-e2 Sc6-b8 24. e2xSd3 Sb4-d3 25. Kd1-c1 d3xDc2 26. Ke1-d1 e4xTd3 27. Dd1-c2 f5xDe4 28. Sa3-b1 Tc1-a1 29. Dh4-e4 Tc3-c1 30. Dh8-h4 Tb3-c3 31. Tc3-d3 g6xTf5 32. Tc1-c3 Tc3-b3 33. Ta1-c1 Tc1-c3 34. h7-h8=D Tc3xLc1 35. h6-h7 Tg3-c3 36. Th5-f5 Sb8-c6 37. Th1-h5 Sd5-b4 38. h5-h6 Sf6-d5 39. h4-h5 Sg8-f6 40. h2-h4 Th3-g3 41. c2-c4 Th8-h3 42. Sb1-a3 h7xSg6 43. Sh4-g6 Sc6-b8 44. Sf3-h4 Sb8-c6 45. Sg1-f3
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"O, W, thuis..."
Henrik Juel: 1.Kxc2 Sb3 2.. Rc1#. -1.. Ra2 -2.a3:B Bf8 -3.Bb4 Kb3 -4.Be7 a7:S -5.Sa4 Qd5
-6.Sc3 Qd4 -7.Sb1 Ra1 -8.Bf6 Kb4 -9.a2 Kc5 -10.Bg5 Kd6 -11.Bf6 Kd7 -12.Be7 Kc8 -13.Bf6 Kb8 -14.Bd8 e7 -15.B=d7 Kc8 -16.e6:R Rd8 -17.f5:B 0-0-0 -18.f4 Bc8 -19.f3 Qd8 -20.f2 d7:B -21.Bf3 Sc6 etc. (2003-08-26)
Yoav Ben-Zvi: An attempt at a coherent argument that reveals the intricate sequence of events in the resolution while refuting substantial alternatives:
The promotion of wBc3, on d8 or f8, requires 2 captures by the promoting wP. These, together with the captures by wPd3 and wPb4, account for all 4 missing Black pieces. Black captured [wBc1] at home. The other 7 missing White pieces were captured by bPs. [wBf1] cannot be released (by wPe2xd3) until [bPh7] plays bPd3xc2 completing the capture of 5 White pieces. Therefore [wBf1] was captured by bPd7xBc6 (the remaining capture by Black on a light colored square), releasing [bBc8]. This means that [wBf1] is released (by wPe2xd3) before [bBc8] is released (by capturing the previously released wB on c6) so the bB could not have been the piece captured on d3. It also could not be captured on b4 (dark colored square) so it was captured by White's promoting pawn. This means the promotion could not have been played by capture from e7 as that would imply that the 2 captures by the promoting pawn were both on dark colored squares in contradiction with the requirement to capture [bBc8]. Therefore the promotion move was wPd7-d8=B with bK standing outside the squares c8,d7,d8,e8.
Looking backward: To avoid White retrostalemate the first 2 retractions must be -1...bRa2-a1+ -2.wPa3xb4.
After this, unlocking the South-West cage and extracting bRa2 requires retraction of wPe2xd3 which requires previous uncapture of wB by bPd7xBc6, so it can be retracted home to f1. bP standing on d7 implies that a bB must previously be uncaptured and retracted home to c8, preceded by retracting BPe7-e6 to clear the path of uncaptured bB to c8. Retreat of bP to e7 is preceded by uncapture and return home of [bBf8]. With both bBs locked at home and bP on e7 the Black Central cage is locked by retracting bPd7xBc6 so bK and bQ must also be retracted home first. It follows that bKa4 needs to exit the West cage before it has been unlocked (to get back home to e8 before the Black Central cage is locked). The bK cannot exit via b5 as this implies retraction of wPc3-c4+ but, with c3 occuppied by wP, bRa2 does not have a valid exit path (not via c3 as it is obstructed by wP or via f1 as it will be occupied by wB). wP standing on c4 prevents retracting bN away from a5 so bK cannot exit via a5. The only valid exit of the bK is via b4 implying retracton of wPa2-a3 which requires bRa2 to retract to a1 (vacating a2 for the wP) which requires provision of a shield, standing on b1, to protect wKc1 from bRa1.
After the unpromotion of wBc3, White has only pawn retractions left to make until a White officer is uncaptured. This is not enough to allow Black to complete the retro-maneuvers required in preparation for retracting bPd7xBc6 (getting bBs,bK,bQ home). It follows that, at some point in the middle of its preparation maneuver, Black will need to uncapture a White officer which provides the tempo retractions needed to complete the maneuver. This is only possible by bPa7xb6. With bP standing on a7, [bRa8] cannot be retracted home via the a file so it must retract to its original corner via row 8 before the bB is locked at c8. This implies that [bRa8] is uncaptured by a wP prior to unlocking of the cage.
Uncaptures by White prior to the unlocking of the South-West cage (one available on b4 and two by pawn unpromoted from wBc3) include uncaptures of both bBs and a bR since, as noted in the above analysis, all 3 must be uncaptured and retracted home before retracting bPd7xBc6 (all of which precedes the unlocking of the South-East cage). This means that the bN is uncaptured later (on d3) so it cannot provide the shield on b1. The shield also could not be provided by [bBc8] as this bishop must be returned home when it is needed to provide the shield. The only remaining possibility is that the shield on b1 is provided by a wN that is uncaptured by bPa7xNb6. The wN on b1 is immobile until the wK can be retracted away from c1 so here too, once the unpromotion occurs Black must perform the preparations for retraction of bPd7xBc6 (which now includes return of the uncaptured bR to a8 or b8) under time pressure, completing the required maneuvers before White runs out of tempo retractions. Having determined the structural elements it is not too difficult to construct a resolution that succeeds in preparing for retraction of bPd7xBc6 before White runs out of tempo retractions. The resolution maintains the following: delay the unpromotion (known from analysis above to be wPd7-d8=B) while retracting bK to b8; bQ to d4 and bB (uncaptured on b4) to f8 and continuing by retracting -1.wBd8-? Pe7-e6 -2.Pd7-d8=B Kc8-b8 -3.Pe6xRd7+ Rd8-d7 -4.Pf5xBe6 0-0-0 -5.Pf4-f5 Bc8-e6 -6.Pf3-f4 Qd8-d4 -7.Pf2-f3 Pd7xBf6 -8.Bc6-? Nc6-a5. Following this the wB is retracted to f1 allowing the unlocking of the cage by wPe2xNd3 and bRa1 is retracted back home to h8 via c1,c3. One of the White pieces uncaptured by bPc2 unpromotes on h8. The alternative of uncapturing the bR on b4 (instead of bB) fails to complete the preparations on time.
To draw attention to the rich, unconditional, content of the resolution the stipulation could be "Squares that must have been occupied by bRa1". This problem deserves a full SPG. The best I can manage is a game of 53.0 moves. (2018-12-23)
Zvi Mendlowitz: Proof game in 44.0 moves:
1. Nf3 Nc6 2. Nh4 Nb8 3. Ng6 hxg6 4. Na3 Rh3 5. c4 Rg3 6. h4 Nf6 7. h5 Nd5 8. h6 Nb4 9. Rh5 N8c6 10. Rf5 Rc3 11. h7 Rxc1 12. h8=Q Rc3 13. Rc1 Rb3 14. Rc3 gxf5 15. Rd3 Rc3 16. Qh4 Rc1 17. Qe4 Ra1 18. Nb1 fxe4 19. Qc2 exd3 20. Kd1 dxc2+ 21. Kc1 Nd3+ 22. exd3 Nb8 23. Be2 Nc6 24. Bf3 Na5 25. Bc6 dxc6 26. f3 Qd4 27. f4 Be6 28. f5 O-O-O 29. fxe6 Rd7 30. exd7+ Kb8 31. d8=B e6 32. Bf6 Kc8 33. Be7 Kd7 34. Bf6 Kd6 35. Bg5 Kc5 36. Bf6 Kb4 37. a3+ Kb3 38. Be7 Ra2 39. Nc3 Qd5 40. Na4 Qd4 41. Nb6 axb6 42. Bb4 Ka4 43. Bc3 Bb4 44. axb4 Ra1+ (2022-09-19)

Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/1pp2pp1/1pp1p3/n7/kPPq4/2BP4/1PpP2P1/r1K5
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1996-09-17
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-09-19 more...
9 - P1000219
Mark Kirtley
10414v Die Schwalbe 177 06/1999
Michel Caillaud gewidmet
BP in 21,0
1. e4 a5 2. Dh5 Ta6 3. Dxa5 Th6 4. Da8 Sa6 5. Dxc8 Th5 6. Da8 h6 7. Dxa6 Da8 8. Dg6 Kd8 9. Dh7 Kc8 10. Dxg8 Kb8 11. Dxf8+ Ka7 12. Dxa8+ Kb6 13. Da5+ Kc6 14. La6 Kd6 15. d3 Ke6 16. Ld2 Kf6 17. Lb4 Kg6 18. Kd2 Kh7 19. Kc3 Kg8 20. Sd2 Kf8 21. Te1 Ke8
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14zügiger Rundlauf des sK
Korrektur in "Die Schwalbe" 181, 02/2000, S.377
Henrik Juel: Natch 3.1 did nothing in more than 3 hours (2018-12-13)
Vladimir Rey: I guess, FEN-misprint. Correct e3 = e4, probably. If p. e3: dual 8. Da6-d3 (2022-11-06)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Pure Round Trip (k)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 4k2r/1pppppp1/B6p/Q6r/1B6/2KPP3/PPPN1PPP/4R1NR
Reprints: 10414 Die Schwalbe 181 02/2000
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2000-08-01
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2018-12-14 more...
10 - P1000920
Unto Heinonen
R063c Probleemblad 09-10/2000
2. Preis
BP in 18,5
1. a4 b5 2. axb5 Sa6 3. Txa6 d5 4. Tg6 hxg6 5. b4 Th3 6. La3 Tg3 7. hxg3 Sh6 8. Txh6 Lh3 9. gxh3 gxh6 10. Lg2 Lg7 11. Le4 Lc3 12. dxc3 a5 13. Kd2 dxe4 14. Kc1 e3 15. De1 Dd1+ 16. Kb2 0-0-0 17. bxa5 Td3 18. Ld6 exd6 19. cxd3
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5 Überkreuzschläge von Bauern.
Henrik Juel: Natch 3.1 did nothing in half an hour (2018-12-14)
paul: Correction of P1000629 (2022-10-12)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Castling (sg), Cross-capture (5)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 2k5/2p2p2/3p2pp/PP6/8/2PPp1PP/1K2PP2/1N1qQ1N1
Reprints: feenschach 153, p. 195, 10-12/2003
H28 FIDE Album Annexe 1998-2000 2009
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2000-10-12
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2018-12-20 more...
11 - P1001360
Wilfried Neef
Hans-Peter Reich

Andernach TT 2001
3. Lob
(a: 2+2)
(a: 2+2)
A nach B in 9,5*
* 1. ... Tg1-f1+ 2. Kf2-e2 Tf1-d1 3. Sh1-f2 Td1-f1 4. Sf2-d1+ Kb2-a1 5. Sd1-c3 Tf1-e1+ 6. Ke2-d2 Te1-c1 7. Sc3-b5 Tc1-b1 8. Sb5-a3 Tb1-b2 9. Kd2-c1 Tb2-a2 10. Sa3-c2#
1. Sh1-g3 Tg1-f1+ 2. Kf2-e3 Tf1-f3+ 3. Ke3-e2 Tf3-c3 4. Sg3-e4 Tc3-c2 5. Ke2-d1 Tc2-c4 6. Se4-d2 Tc4-c2 7. Sd2-c4+ Kb2-a1 8. Sc4-a3 Tc2-d2+ 9. Kd1-c1 Td2-a2 10. Sa3-c2#
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Moldenhauer: Computerprüfung: C+ Jacobi v0.7.6 beta1 PG demolition mode
Notation B: 8/8/8/8/8//8/r1N5/k1K5 (2022-08-11)
more ...
Keywords: A to B, Functionary Chess, Aristocrat
Genre: Fairies, Retro
FEN: 8/8/8/8/8/8/1k3K2/6rN
Reprints: feenschach 140 04-05/2001
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2001-09-04
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2019-03-26 more...
12 - P1004439
Unto Heinonen
A9 Problemkiste 137 10/2001
-1w, dann ser-h=9
R: 1. a7-a8=D, dann 1. a1=L 2. Le5 3. Lb8 4. Kc7 5. f2 6. f1=S 7. Sd2 8. Sc4 9. Sxb6 axb8=T=
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Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 (without the retraction, which is unique) (2022-11-08)
Keywords: Help retractor, Seriesmover, Allumwandlung
Genre: Retro
FEN: Q2R4/1k6/1N6/B4K2/8/5p2/p7/7B
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2003-01-11
Last update: Arnold Beine, 2022-11-08 more...
13 - P1012052
Henri Nouguier
diagrammes 2004
1. dxc3ep 2. Kxb5 3. Kc6 4. Kd7 5. Ke8 6. 0-0 Txg7#
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Un des PNd a pris 1 pièce blanche. pour venir de e7. Donc les PB b, c et d ne peuvent se croiser. Le PBg6 ne peut venir de f5 car il faudrait 2 prises noires! Seule reste le dernier coup blanc 0... c2-c4 Ceci implique que le FNb1 est issue de promtion ! C'est le PNb7, il aurait pris 2 pièces blanches. Les PNg5 et h5 ont pris 2 pièces blanches.
No. 11661 HN
A.Buchanan: “Obvious promotion” is intended to refer to something visible in the initial diagram position, not what is reached during series play (2022-09-14)
A.Buchanan: Similarly “non-standard material (2022-09-14)
more ...
Keywords: Seriesmover, Consequent, En passant as key, Promotion in the retro play (sLb1), Castling, Valladao Task
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 7r/5pnR/5PnR/1Pp2ppq/1kPp4/p2P4/P2pP3/Kbb4r
Input: Henri Nouguier, 2004-01-11
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-09-14 more...
14 - P1013075
Richard J. Dunn
R344v The Problemist 01/2004
BP in 16,5
1. d4 Sc6 2. d5 Sd4 3. Lf4 Sxe2 4. Lg3 Sc1 5. La6 c6 6. c4 Da5+ 7. Sc3 Kd8 8. f4 Kc7 9. f5+ Kb6 10. f6 Kc5 11. fxg7 Sf6 12. g8=T Se4 13. Tg4 Sd2 14. Se4+ Kd4 15. Sc5+ Ke3 16. Td4 Sf1+ 17. Td2
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First version had Sf1 on b1.
Moldenhauer: Computerprüfung: C+ Euclide 1.11 eindeutige Lösung
gekocht bei BP 17.0 und bei BP 16.0 Umwandlungsfehler (2022-08-21)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Non-standard material (T)
Genre: Retro
FEN: r1b2b1r/pp1ppp1p/B1p5/q1NP4/2P5/4k1B1/PP1R2PP/R1nQKnNR
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2004-02-04
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2019-10-12 more...
15 - P1013376
Hans Gruber
3470 Die Schwalbe 68 04/1981
Ergänze 1 Stein zu einem illegal cluster.
Wie viele Lösungen?
Kamikaze rex inklusive
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Henrik Juel: In Losing Chess the kings are not royal
In Kamikaze RI each capture removes one white and one black man
So the empty board is legal, and any position with one man (KDTLSP) is illegal
An Illegal Cluster is an illegal position that becomes legal when you remove any one non-king
My guess would be 2x6x64 = 768 or possibly 2x5x64 = 640
Where did I go wrong? (2020-07-12)
Henrik Juel: maybe 768 - 32 = 736
where 32 is the number of ways you can put a pawn on row 1 or 8 (2022-10-13)
A.Buchanan: In an “orthodox” illegal cluster, a pawn couldn’t be on the first or last rank unless it was the only non-king unit. There’s probably no principle to cover this rather dull corner-case KPvK. Ask HG! (2022-10-14)
A.Buchanan: And in orthodoxy, do two adjacent kings constitute an illegal cluster? There are no non-king units to remove, so the condition is vacuously satisfied (2022-10-14)
Henrik Juel: On your last comment, Andrew:
Two adjacent kings do not constitute an IC. The position is illegal, and when you remove any non-king you get the same illegal position (2022-10-14)
A.Buchanan: Define that a box is SAFE if it contains no radioactive objects. So is every empty box safe? Yes! :-) (2022-10-14)
Keywords: Losing Chess, Kamikaze, Illegal cluster
Genre: Fairies, Retro
FEN: 8/8/8/8/8/8/8/8
Input: Hans Gruber, 2004-05-01
Last update: Kevin Begley, 2022-10-13 more...
16 - P1017610
Michel Caillaud
Kevin James Begley

R0083 StrateGems 15 07-09/2001
2. ehrende Erwähnung
Welches waren die letzten 7 Einzelzüge?
Circe Parrain
R: 1. 0-0[+wBc4]+ sBd4x[Dc3,Bc4]c3ep 2. c2-c4[+wDc3]+ b2xDc1=S[+sLb4] 3. Sb7xLa5[+wBc2] e5xBd4[+sLa5]+ 4. a5xLb6
play all play one stop play next play all
Michel Caillaud: cooked by Dmitry Baibikov :
3.Sb7xLa5(+wBa3) Kb4xPb5(+sLa5)+ -4.Ta5xLa4(+wSd3)+ e5xSd4 (2022-07-19)
Kevin Begley: correction: P1404688 (2022-09-27)
more ...
Keywords: Circe (Parrain), Last Moves? (7), Valladao Task
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 8/8/PPp5/NkP5/RbP5/PBpN4/P4PP1/B1n2RK1
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2004-07-03
Last update: Kevin Begley, 2022-09-27 more...
17 - P1084837
Roger Powell
The Problemist 1976
-1, dann h#2
Rex Multiplex
2 Lösungen
R: 1. ... f2xDg1=K, dann 1. f1=L Dd4 2. Lc4 Db2#
R: 1. ... h2xDg1=K, dann 1. Ka1 Db6+ 2. Kba2 Db2#
play all play one stop play next play all
Arnold Beine: Die erste Lösung geht nicht, weil am Ende der sKa3 noch das Fluchtfeld b4 hat.
Korrekturvorschlag: +sBb4 (dann geht nur die 1. Lösung) und als Zwilling "b) -sBb4" (dann geht nur die 2. Lösung) (2022-08-28)
more ...
Keywords: Help retractor, Rex Multiplex
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 8/8/8/8/p7/kk6/k5P1/2K3k1
Reprints: (1) Mat Plus 09/10 01-06/2009
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2009-05-30
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-10-07 more...
18 - P1107661
M. Leclercq
L'Echiquier de Paris 1953
G. Authier gewidmet
1. dxe6ep
play all play one stop play next play all
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 and very simple analysis (2022-11-16)
more ...
Keywords: En passant as key
Genre: Retro
FEN: 5kn1/5p2/3N1PRP/1B1PpKB1/4RN2/8/8/8
Reprints: (10) Mat Plus 12 10-12/2009
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2010-06-13
Last update: Rainer Staudte, 2022-11-16 more...
19 - P1131766
Fr. Mendel
89 150 Schachkuriositäten 1910
(5+1) cooked
-w, dann #2
R: 1. b7-b8=S, dann 1. Ld8 Ka6 2. b8=S#
R: 1. b7-b8=S, dann 1. Ld8 Kb8 2. Sc6#
play all play one stop play next play all
Cook: R: 1. Sa6-b8, dann 1. Lc5+! Kxa6 2. Ta7#
R: 1. Sa6-b8, dann 1. Lc5+! Ka8 2. Ta7#
Henrik Juel: The forward play is 1.Ld8 Ka6/Kb8 2.b8=S/Sc6# (2022-10-14)
Keywords: Miniature Collection (0011852), Help retractor, Aristocrat, Miniature, Promotion in the retro play (S), Promotion in forward play (S)
Genre: 2#, Retro
FEN: 1N6/k3BR2/8/8/3N4/2K5/8/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2010-09-11
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-10-15 more...
20 - P1132446
Otto Dehler
Deutsche Schachzeitung 1925
b) +wBa5
a) 1. d8=T Ka5 2. Td6 Ka4 3. Ta6#;
b) kein letzter Zug für Schwarz, also
1. ... Kxa5 2. d8=D+ Ka6 3. Db8 Ka5 4. Db5,Da7#
play all play one stop play next play all
b) Werner Speckmann, 04.1973, DSZ, S.134, B;
vf: klären Spiegelung in DSZ
SCHRECKE: b) kein letzter Zug für Schwarz, also: 0. ... Kxa5 1. d8D+ Ka6 2. Db8 Ka5 3. Db5,Da7# (2022-08-11)
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61, except for the mate dual in b) (2022-08-12)
Keywords: Miniature Collection (0046916), No legal last move for Black, Kindergarten Problem, Miniature, Kindergarten Problem
Genre: 3#, Retro
FEN: 8/3P4/8/8/k1K5/8/1P6/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2010-09-11
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-08-12 more...
21 - P1176382
Peter Fayers
v The Problemist 2007
4. ehrende Erwähnung, Abteilung 2
(12+7) cooked
BP in 9,0
Annan Schach
1. Bh2xh7 Bg7-h5 2. Bh7xSg8=L Lf8-h6 3. Lg8xf7+ Ke8xf7 4. Bd2xd7 Th8-e8 5. Bd7xTe8=T Lc8-e6 6. Te8xBe7+ Dd8xTe7 7. Ba2xBa7 Lxe2 8. axb8=S Ta6 9. Sxa6 Lxa6
play all play one stop play next play all
François Labelle: Cooked by Jacobi:
5... Lg4 6.axa7 Lxe2 7.axb8=S Ta6 8.Sxa6 Lxa6 9.Txe7+ Dxe7+
The cook is also quickly found by Popeye when testing the last 4.5 moves with a=b4.5 (with every version of Popeye that I have installed). (2019-02-09)
paul: Actually, bpPh5 must be in f5, with 1. ...Pg7-f5 in solution. But still cooked: 1.dxd7+ exd7 2.hxh7 df5 3.hxg8=Q Be6 4.Qxh8 Qe7 5.Qxg7 Bxe2 6.Qxf7+ Kxf7 7.axa7 Bh6 8.axb8=S Ra6 9.Sxa6 Bxa6+. (2022-08-17)
Keywords: Annan Chess, Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (TLS), Unique Proof Game, Homebase
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 8/1pp1qk2/b6b/7p/8/8/1PP2PP1/RNBQKBNR
Reprints: The Problemist , p. 490, 09/2010
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2010-09-11
Last update: James Malcom, 2022-08-18 more...
22 - P1184196
Werner Keym
feenschach 183 2010
Hans Gruber zum 50. Geburtstag gewidmet
Die letzten Züge waren g7-g5 g6xLh7. Daher 1.h5xg6 e.p.! 0-0-0 2.a8D#.
play all play one stop play next play all
Das ist der erste (korrekte) Zweizüger mit den konsekutiven Spezialzügen En passant-Schlag, Rochade und Umwandlung (Valladao). (vgl. P1080516 (inkorrekt) und P1184197)
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 and analysis (2022-09-11)
Keywords: Valladao Task
Genre: Retro
FEN: r3k3/P2p3P/pp1P1p1p/3p2pP/6nq/4bPrR/1P2PpRB/5BnK
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2011-01-06
Last update: Rainer Staudte, 2022-09-11 more...
23 - P1185584
Mrs. W. J. Baird
La Strategie
(3+3) cooked
-1w,-1s, dann h#1, keine Damen
R: 1. Sc5xTe6 h7xTg6, dann 1. Te6-d6 Tg6-g5#
play all play one stop play next play all
Cook: R: 1. Sc5-e6 (oder Sc5xTe6) Kc4xTd5, dann 1. Kc4-b5 Sc5-d3# (oder Sa6#)
Motto: "Our play"
Originalforderung 1.White played last, retract his move 2.Black retracts his last move 3.Black plays so as to enable-- 4.White to mate 5.No Queens
A.Buchanan: The issue is that wPb3 covers a4. Rotate the board clockwise by 90 deg & shift wPc7 to c5 gives unique queenless solution R: 1. Se6xTf4 g3xTf2, dann 1. Tf5 Te2#, together with 68 queeny tries. (2022-11-13)
Adrian Storisteanu: The wQ is, unfortunately, extremely deadly. In your suggested position, there are still cooks, e.g.,
- 1.Kg6xPg7 g3xQf2 & 1.g3-g2 Qf2-e3#
- 1.Sg2xRf4 e3xQf2 & 1.Rf4-e4 Qf2-f6# (2022-11-13)
A.Buchanan: Yes I make no attempt to remove the "keine Damen" constraint, which is a kind of thematic aid that Baird employs quite often. deadpos identifies 69 solutions in the rotated position 8/6K1/8/2Ppk3/5N2/8/5p2/8, of which 68 require a queen (2022-11-13)
Adrian Storisteanu: The "no queens" constraint seems here almost thematic, as the intended solution works just as fine with a wQ uncapture: - 1.Sc5xRe6 h7xQg6 & 1.Re6-d6 Qg6-g5#... (2022-11-13)
Adrian Storisteanu: (What is "deadpos"?) (2022-11-13)
Adrian Storisteanu: A quick fix along your intention is also -wPb3,+bPc4 (90 queeny tries). (2022-11-13)
A.Buchanan: deadpos is a software engine that determines very efficiently whether a position is dead or not, and allows stipulations such as h=, hdp, h#. Simple retractions are also important for DP last move problems, and since no-one who's written help retractor functionality has ever made it public, this is of use for testing neglected problems such as Mrs Baird's, which have little to do with DP rule. A broader name for this engine will probably emerge at some point.
Your fix -wPb3, + bPc4 also works! (2022-11-13)
Keywords: Help retractor, Miniature, Constrained problem
Genre: Retro
Computer test: deadpos agrees: 1 solution + 2x2 cooks
FEN: 8/1K6/4N1p1/3k4/3p4/1P6/8/8
Reprints: 66 Twentieth Century Retractor 1907
Input: Mario Richter, 2011-01-23
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-11-13 more...
24 - P1256160
Bernd Gräfrath
14448 Die Schwalbe 242 04/2010
Dem Taoisten Hilmar zum 60. Geburtstag gewidmet
BP in genau 6,0
1. e3 a6 2. Lxa6 bxa6[=wBa6] 3. Df3 Lb7 4. axb7 Sa6 5. bxa8=D Dxa8 6.Dxa8+ Sb8
play all play one stop play next play all
Moldenhauer: Computerprüfung: C+ Jacobi v0.7.6 beta1 in 6 Min. (2022-08-18)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Tibetan chess, Schnoebelen Theme (D), Anti-Pronkin (D), Prentos Theme, Ceriani-Frolkin Theme
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: Qn2kbnr/2pppppp/8/8/8/4P3/PPPP1PPP/RNB1K1NR
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2012-12-13
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2019-02-03 more...
25 - P1284487
Alfred Holzerland
69 Volksstimme (Chemnitz) 04/03/1961
1. hxg6ep! droht 2. Th4#
1. ... Sxf6 2. Dc1#
play all play one stop play next play all
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 (2022-09-04)
Henrik Juel: The only possible last move by Black is obviously g7-g5, legitimizing the ep key (2022-09-04)
Keywords: En passant
Genre: Retro
FEN: 5N2/7n/4NP1k/5KpP/R7/8/8/Q2B4
Input: Felber, Volker, 2014-04-11
Last update: Rainer Staudte, 2022-09-04 more...
26 - P1312964
Michel Caillaud
chessproblem.net 26/11/2015
1st-2nd Prize e.a
1st chessproblem.net Composing Tournament
What were the promotion moves?
R: 1. Db1-d1 Ta8-d8 2. Db8-b1 Ta1-a8 3. Dc8-b8 a2-a1=T 4. Db8-c8 a3-a2 5. Dc8-b8 a4-a3 6. Db8-c8 a5-a4 7. b7-b8=D a7-a5 8. a6xSb7 Sc5-b7 9. a5-a6 Se4-c5 10. a4-a5 Sg5-e4 11. a3-a4 Sh3-g5 12. a2-a3 Sg1-h3 13. Tf1-f2 Lf2-e1 14. Tb1-f1 Le3-f2 15. Tf2-g2 Kg2-h1 16. Tf1-f2+ Kh3-g2 17. f2-f3 Sf3-g1 18. Tb8-b1 Sd4-f3 19. b7-b8=T Sb3-d4 20. Tg1-f1 Sc1-b3 21. b6-b7 c2-c1=S 22. b5-b6 c3-c2 23. b4-b5 c4-c3 24. Th1-g1 b5xLc4 25. Ld5-c4 Kg4-h3 26. Lg2-d5 Lc5-e3 27. Lf1-g2 Kf4-g4 28. g2-g3+ Sg3-h5 29. Kh5-g6 Se4-g3+
play all play one stop play next play all
Henrik Juel: Composer’s solution:
a2-a1=R; n.b7-b8=Q a7-a5 n-1.a6×Nb7 Nc5(d6)-b7 n-2.a5-a6 Ne4-c5(d6) n-3.a4-a5 Ng5-e4 n-4.a3-a4 Nh3-g1 n-5.a2-a3 Ng1-h3 n-6.Rf2-f1 Bf2-e1 just in time. then b7-b8=R; c2-c1=N; b4-b5; b5×Bc4! (precisely; not b7×Bc6?? or b2-b3?? b3×Bc2).and Bf1-c4; g2-g3; Ng3-h5!; Bc8-g8; c7-c8=B! Five promotions: three white : b7-b8=Q, b7-b8=R and c7-c8=B and two black : a2-a1=R and c2-c1=N.
[The judge was Thomas Volet]
Judge’s comments: What is a judge to do with a composition containing so many features valued by that judge? Enjoy it, of course! An elegant arid setting (without obtrusive force or King in check) conceals the depth of the retroplay. The precise timing represents the best exploitation of the Kislyak theme. In addition to his ever-present clarity of logic, Michel often gives us much humor in his compositions. Naturally the Bg8 is not the one that started on f1! The slant pawn on h2 shows Michel’s long memory for tournament stipulations, and thankfully, spares the audience from inventory tedium that we all experience but are reluctant to acknowledge. A fun composition, and what more can be asked? (2015-12-04)
Henrik Juel: The stipulated theme was
Orthodox retroanalysis where the diagram position has at least one open (i.e., unoccupied) file
Here the a-,b-,c-files are open (2015-12-04)
Henrik Juel: Solution by Andrej Frolkin
Retract: -1.Qb1-d1 (any side can start the retraction; this is unessential here) Ra8-d8 -2.Qb8-b1 Ra1-a8 -3.Qc8-b8 a2-a1=R -4.Qb8-c8 a3-a2 -5.Qc8-b8 a4-a3 -6.Qb8-c8 a5-a4 -7.b7-b8=Q a7-a5 -8.a6xSb7 Sc5-b7 -9.a5-a6 Se4-c5 -10.a4-a5 Sg5-e4 -11.a3-a4 Sh3-g5 -12.a2-a3 Sg1-h3 -13.Rf1-f2 Bf2-e1 -14.Rb1-f1 Be3-f2 -15.Rf2-g2 Kg2-h1 -16.Rf1-f2+ Kh3-g2 -17.f2-f3 Sf3-g1 -18.Rb8-b1 Sd4-f3 -19.b7-b8=R Sb3-d4 -20.Rg1-f1 Sc1-b3 -21.b6-b7 c2-c1=S
-22.b5-b6 c3-c2 -23.b4-b5 c4-c3 -24.Rh1-g1 b5xBc4 25.Bd5-c4 Kg4-h3 -26.Bg2-d5 Bc5-e3 -27.Bf1-g2 Kf4-g4 -28.g2-g3+ Sg3-h5 -29.Kh5-g6 Se4-g3+; later, Bg8 to c8, c7-c8=B
. (2015-12-04)
James Malcom: Optimal PG: 1. Nc3 Nc6 2. Ne4 Nf6 3. Nd6+ cxd6 4. h4 Qa5 5. b4 Qg5 6. Bb2 Nh5 7. Be5 dxe5 8. Eb1 b5 9. Rb3 Bb7 10. Qa1 e6 11. Qd4 f6 12. Qf4 exf4 13. Rg3 fxg3 14. Nf3 Ne5 15. Nh2 Be4 16. c4 Bg6 17. c5 gxh2 18. c6 Bc5 19. Kd1 Ke7 20. hxg5 Raf8 21. c7 Be8 22. Kc2 Kd6 23. c8=B Rf7 24. Bb7 Re7 25. Be4 Nf7 26. Kd3 h6 27. Bh7 Bd4 28. Ke4 Ng3+ 29. Kf4 Ne4 30. Kg4 Ke5 31. Kh5 Kf4 32. Bg8 Rh7 33. g6 Bc5 34. gxh7 Ng3+ 35. Kg6 Nh5 36. g3+ Kg4 37. Bg2 Bd4 38. Bd5 Kh3 39. Bc4 bxc4 40. b5 c3 41. b6 c2 42. b7 c1=N 43. b8=R Nd3 44. Rf1 Ne1 45. Rb1 Nf3 46. Rbe1 Ng1 47. f3 Kg2 48. Rf2+ Kh1 49. Rg2 Bf2 50. Rf1 Be1 51. Rff2 Nh3 52. a3 Nhg5 53. a4 Ne4 54. a5 Nc5 55. a6 Nb7 56. axb7 a5 57. b8=Q a4 58. Qb1 a3 59. Qd1 a2 60. Qc2 a1=R 61. Qc1 Ra8 62. Qd1 Rd8 (2022-11-12)
Keywords: Kislyak Theme
Genre: Retro
FEN: 3rb1B1/3prnpP/4ppKp/7n/8/5PP1/3PPRRp/3Qb2k
Reprints: Kislyak Theme: New Developments , p. 5, 2/12/2015
Input: A.Buchanan, 2015-12-04
Last update: James Malcom, 2022-11-11 more...
27 - P1340215
Roberto Osorio
Jorge Joaquin Lois

R470 The Problemist vol.24-8, p. 341, 03/2014
after Satoshi Hashimoto
The Problemist 2013-2014
PG in 18.5
1. d3 g5 2. Lxg5 Lg7 3. Dd2 Lc3 4. Sxc3 c5 5. 0-0-0 Dc7 6. Sb1 Dg3 7. hxg3 h6 8. Txh6 b6 9. Te6 Th3 10. gxh3 Lb7 11. Lg2 Lf3 12. Sxf3 Sf6 13. Th1 Se4 14. Dd1 Sd2 15. Kxd2 fxe6 16. Ke1 Kf7 17. Lc1 Kf6 18. Sg1 Ke5 19. Lf1
play all play one stop play next play all
Judge's comment [Thomas Brand]: "This elegant proof game seems me original enough compared with Hashimoto's Probleemblad 1999, 3rd Prize, (PDB P1000642), even though the theme is not doubly set. The only missing white man is a Rook captured at e6, but Ra1 could not leave home."
Henrik Juel: The white plan is obvious, and Black ensures uniqueness by putting his men to be captured on squares, where White can go anyway, and by a late king's walk
This proof game is an enjoyable solving object showing that man can beat the computer; Euclide was still trying to find a strategy (a list of moves, possibly infeasible, that leads to the diagram position), when I had solved the problem and written the present lines...
You might call Pg3,h3 impostors also, as well as Th1 (2017-09-27)
Moldenhauer: Computerprüfung: C+ Natch 3.3 in 5 Std. 57 Min. nur obige Lösung
BP in 17.5 keine Lösung. (2022-09-05)
more ...
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Impostor (TPP), Switchback (SLDKLS), Cross-capture (gh)
Genre: Retro
FEN: rn6/p2pp3/1p2p3/2p1k3/8/3P2PP/PPP1PP2/1NBQKBNR
Reprints: R470 The Problemist vol.25-8, p. 347, 03/2016
Input: A.Buchanan, 2017-09-27
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2019-06-03 more...
28 - P1347359
François Labelle
8061 Phénix 279-280, p. 10986, 2017
ser-BP in 31
1. Sc3 2. Sd5 3. c3 4. Da4 5. Da6 6. a4 7. a5 8. Ta4 9. Tg4 10. Tg5 11. g4 12. Lg2 13. Le4 14. Lb1 15. d3 16. Lf4 17. e3 18. Se2 19. Tg1 20. Tg3 21. Th3 22. Th6 23. h3 24. Lh2 25. Sdf4 26. Sh5 27. f4 28. Kf2 29. Kg3 30. Kh4 31. Seg3
play all play one stop play next play all
Längste eindeutige Serienzug-BP ohne Schläge
Cf: P1017659
paul: Verified by Jacobi with: stip ser-dia 31 forsyth rsbqkbsr/pppppppp/Q6R/P5RS/5PPK/2PPP1SP/1P5B/1B6 (2021-12-09)
Joost de Heer: This is probably Kriegspiel? If there are no black pieces, the knight path on moves 25/26 can go over f6 as well. (2022-10-25)
A.Buchanan: Good catch, Joost. The black units (because of bK) are necessary. I haven’t heard the term Kriegspiel used to describe this. (2022-10-25)
Henrik Juel: This is a series proof game (where only White moves, and he may not check with an intermediate move)
I see no relation to the fairy condition Kriegspiel (2022-10-25)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Seriesmover, Move Length Record (ex-aequo), Capture-free, Homebase
Genre: Retro, Fairies
Computer test: paul: Verified by Jacobi with: stip ser-dia 31 forsyth rsbqkbsr/pppppppp/Q6R/P5RS/5PPK/2PPP1SP/1P5B/1B6
FEN: rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/Q6R/P5RN/5PPK/2PPP1NP/1P5B/1B6
Input: A.Buchanan, 2018-02-28
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-10-25 more...
29 - P1384182
Thomas Thannheiser
16054 Die Schwalbe 268, p. 571, 8/2014
Beweispartie in 10,5 Zügen
1. h4 Sc6 2. h5 Sd4 3. h6 Sxe2 4. hxg7 Sxc1 5. gxh8=T Sxa2 6. Txa2 a5 7. Txa5 Txa5 8. T8xh7 Th5 9. T7xh5 Lg7 10. Th8 Lxh8 11. Txh8
play all play one stop play next play all
Keywords: Anti-Pronkin, Beweispartie, Ceriani-Frolkin-Thema, Donati-Thema
SB: "Sehr schwer zu lösen, weil kaum Anhaltspunkte in der Diagrammstellung sichtbar sind. Letztendlich schält sich thematisch ein Donati und ein Anti-Pronkin auf weißer Seite heraus. Als Rätsel ok, thematisch zeigt die folgende Aufgabe, was möglich ist." MRic hingegen: "Der wUW-Th8 verlässt sein UW-Feld, nur um später wieder dorthin zurückzukehren und geschlagen zu werden, wonach letztendlich sein Original-Bruder von h1 seinen Tod rächt und seinen Platz auf dem UW-Feld einnimmt. Das ist wieder ein schönes Stück aus dem Hause Thannheiser - kurz, prägnant und witzig, hat mir sehr gut gefallen!" KHS: "Interessant, wie der wT nach h8 gelangt." TZ: "Hier sind die Spuren des sS und whB noch deutlich zu erkennen, so dass die ersten Züge recht klar sind. Die linke mit der rechten Hälfte dann zu verbinden, hat noch ein wenig Mühe gekostet, da ich es länger mit einem wL auf h8 versucht hatte." JB: "Ein starkes T-Duell mit w 'Vorweg-Phönix-Turm' - noch einmal Ceriani-frolkin." HG: "In Fast-Homebase wird ein geschlagener Donati-Turm durch einen Anti-Pronkin-Turm ersetzt. Dupont möchte das allerdings sogar orthodox inzwischen gern doppelt gesetzt haben. Was bei Schlagschachaufgaben in der Regel den Kunstgenuss trübt, sind die (offenbar unumgänglichen) nichtthematischen Schlagfälle, die erkennbar auch die Konstruktion erleichtern."
Moldenhauer: Computerprüfung: C+ Popeye 4.88 in 3 Min. 7 Sek.
keine Lösung in BP10 (2022-08-28)
Henrik Juel: Popeye 4.61 (using 1099 MB) spent 2:03 min., mostly verifying uniqueness (2022-08-29)
Henrik Juel: The non-solution in 10.0 moves took 8 sec. (2022-08-29)
Keywords: Ceriani-Frolkin Theme, Losing Chess, Unique Proof Game, Homebase (s), Donati Theme (T), Anti-Pronkin (T), Prentos Theme (T)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 2bqk1nR/1ppppp2/8/8/8/8/1PPP1PP1/1N1QKBN1
Input: RJB, 2014-08-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-08-29 more...
30 - P1384294
James Malcom
MatPlus.net Forum 27/12/2020
nach Bosko Miloseski
1. ... Td7 2. Lb1! Kd6 3. De5+ Kc6 4. De6+ Td6 5. De8+ Td7 6. Ka2 Kd6 7. De5+ Kc6 8. De6+ Td6 9. De8+ Td7 10. Ka1 Kd6 11. De5+ Kc6 12. De6+ Td6 13. De8+ Td7 14. La2 Kd6 15. De5+ Kc6 16. De6+ Td6 17. De8+ Td7 18. Kb1 Kd6 19. De5+ Kc6 20. De6+ Td6 21. De8+ Td7 22. Kc1 Kd6 23. De5+ Kc6 24. De6+ Td6 25. De8+ Td7 26. Kd1 Kd6 27. De5+ Kc6 28. De6+ Td6 29. De8+ Td7 30. Ke1 Kd6 31. De5+ Kc6 32. De6+ Td6 33. De8+ Td7 34. Kf2 Kd6 35. De5+ Kc6 36. De6+ Td6 37. De8+ Td7 38. Kg3 Kd6 39. De5+ Kc6 40. De6+ Td6 41. De8+ Td7 42. Kh4 Kd6 43. De5+ Kc6 44. De6+ Td6 45. De8+ Td7 46. Kg5 Kd6 47. De5+ Kc6 48. De6+ Td6 49. De8+ Td7 50. Kxf5! Kd6 51. De6#

50. Kf6? Kd6! Drawn by the 50 move rule!
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White's pre-diagram move couldn't have been a capture, so the 50-move counter has already been set to 1. Thus, White must play 50. Kxf5 in order to reset the counter, or else Black will draw.

See P1372258

Henrik Juel: 3 and 5 captures by white and black pawns are obvious, leaving [Ph2,Ph7], so the remaining white capture was hxg (with promotions on g8 and h1) or officerxPh (with promotion on h8) (2022-11-05)
Keywords: 50 move rule
Genre: Retro, n#
FEN: n3Q3/1pp5/brkr4/Bp1p1p2/1P1PpP2/KPp1P3/B1P1P3/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-12-28
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-11-05 more...
31 - P1384617
Michel Caillaud

3. Preis
(16+16) cooked
BP 15,5
1. BEfd4 Sf6 2. BEe3 Sd5 3. BEdxd5[+sSd2] Sxb1[+wSg8] 4. Sh6 Sc3 5. Kd2 BEhxh6[+wSh7] 6. BEcxc3[+sSc2] Sb4 7. BEe6 Sd5 8. Kd3 Sf6 9. Ld2 Sg8 10. Sf6+ BEfxf6[+wSf7] 11. Sd6+ BEdxd6[+wSd7] 12. Sb6 BEbxb6[+wSb7] 13. Sa5 La6+! 14. Sc4 Lb7 15. Sa3 Lc8 16. Sb1
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Cook: 1. BEfd4 Sa6 2. BEe3 Sb4 3. Kd2 Sd5 4. Kd3 Sgf6 5. BEdxd5[+sSd2] Sxb1[+wSg8] 6. BEe6 Sd2 7. Dxd2[+sSd1]! Sc3 8. Sh6 Sg8 9. BEcxc3[+sSc2] BEhxh6[+wSh7] 10. Sf6+ BEfxf6[+wSf7] 11. Sd6+ BEdxd6[+wSd7] 12. Sb6 BEbxb6[+wSb7] 13. Sa5 Sd4 14. Sc4 Sc6 15.Sa3 Sb8 16.Sb1
Source not uniquely identified: 61. WCCC
Michel Caillaud: Source : Ohrid 2018 (61. WCCC)

Solution :
1.BEfd4 Sf6 2.BEe3 Sd5 3.BEdxd5(Sd2) Sxb1(Sg8) 4.Sh6 Sc3 5.Kd2 BEhxh6(Sh7) 6.BEcxc3(Sc2) Sb4 7.BEe6 Sd5 8.Kd3 Sf6 9.Dd2 Sg8 10.Sf6+ BEfxf6(Sf7) 11.Sd6+ BEdxd6(Sd7) 12.Sb6 BEbxb6(Sb7) 13.Sa5 La6+! 14.Sc4 Lb7 15.Sa3 Lc8 16.Sb1

Cooked using Jacobi 0.7.5 and constraints :
1.BEfd4 Sa6 2.BEe3 Sb4 3.Kd2 Sd5 4.Kd3 Sgf6 5.BEdxd5(Sd2) Sxb1(Sg8) 6.BEe6 Sd2 7.Dxd2(Sd1)! Sc3 8.Sh6 Sg8 9.BEcxc3(Sc2) BEhxh6(Sh7) 10.Sf6+BEfxf6(Sf7) 11.Sd6+ BEdxd6(Sd7) 12.Sb6 BEbxb6(Sb7) 13.Sa5 Sd4 14.Sc4 Sç6 15.Sa3 Sb8 16.Sb1

Correction : 9.Ld2! instead of 9.Dd2 in the intention (2022-09-13)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Berolina chess
Pieces: bu = Berolina Pawn (BE)
Genre: Retro
FEN: rnbqkbnr/*2p1*2p1*2p1*2p1/1*2p1*2p*2P*2p1*2p/8/8/2*2PK*2P3/*2P*2P1Q*2P1*2P*2P/RNB2BNR
Input: fs/hg, 2020-12-30
Last update: Arnold Beine, 2022-09-14 more...
32 - P1384642
Unto Heinonen
Springaren 2005-2006
4. Preis
BP in 21.5
1. c3 g5 2. Db3 Lg7 3. De6 dxe6 4. h4 Dd3 5. h5 Dg6 6. hxg6 h5 7. a4 h4 8. a5 h3 9. a6 h2 10. axb7 a5 11. Sh3 a4 12. Tg1 h1=D 13. g3 Dd5 14. Sa3 Dd8 15. Sc4 Kd7 16. Sa5 Kd6 17. Ta3 Sd7 18. b8=D Ke5 19. Db3 Kf5 20. Dd1 Kg4 21. Tb3 a3 22. e4#
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paul: 1.c3 g5 2.Qb3 Bg7 3.Qe6 d×e6 4.h4 Qd3 5.h5 Qg6 6.h×g6 h5 7.a4 h4 8.a5 h3 9.a6 h2 10.a×b7 a5 11.Sh3 a4 12.Rg1 h1=Q 13.g3 Qd5 14.Sa3 Qd8 15.Sc4 Kd7 16.Sa5 Kd6 17.Ra3 Sd7 18.b8=Q Ke5 19.Qb3 Kf5 20.Qd1 Kg4 21.Rb3 a3 22.e4# (2022-08-09)
Henrik Juel: the animation requires german notation, 2. Db3 Lg7 etc. (2022-08-10)
Henrik Juel: C+ Euclide 1.01 (2022-08-10)

Genre: Retro
FEN: r1bq2nr/2pnppb1/4p1P1/N5p1/4P1k1/pRP3PN/1P1P1P2/2BQKBR1
Input: fs/hg, 2020-12-30
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-08-11 more...
33 - P1384753
Gianni Donati
StrateGems 2006
3. Preis
BP 18
Vladimir Rey: 1. e4 Sc6 2. Dh5 Se5 3. Ke2 Sg6 4. Kf3 f6 5. Kg4 Kf7 6. Sf3 Ke6 7. Lc4+ Kd6 8. Te1 De8 9. Te3 Df7 10. Tc3 Dd5 11. d3 Ke6 12. Lf4 Kf7 13. Ld6 Ke8 14. De5 Sf4 15. Lxd5 Se6 16. Tc6 Sc5 17. Sc3 Sa6 18. Th1 Sb8 (2022-09-21)

Genre: Retro
FEN: rnb1kbnr/ppppp1pp/2RB1p2/3BQ3/4P1K1/2NP1N2/PPP2PPP/7R
Input: fs/hg, 2020-12-30
Last update: fs/hg, 2020-12-30 more...
34 - P1384765
Silvio Baier
StrateGems 2015
4. Preis
BP in 27.5
1. d4 d5 2. Lh6 gxh6 3. g4 h5 4. g5 Lh6 5. g6 Lg5 6. g7 Sh6 7. g8=S Kd7 8. Sf6+ exf6 9. b4 Te8 10. b5 Te3 11. b6 Tf3 12. e4 c5 13. Lc4 dxc4 14. e5 c3 15. e6+ Kd6 16. e7 Le6 17. e8=L Lb3 18. Lb5 Sc6 19. Lf1 c4 20. d5 Kc5 21. d6 Se7 22. d7 De8 23. d8=S a5 24. Sc6 bxc6 25. b7 Td8 26. b8=L a4 27. Lf4 Td6 28. Lc1
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Vladimir Rey: FEN Misprint! Correct: a7 = a4 (2022-10-26)
James Malcom: Fixed. (2022-10-26)
Keywords: Homebase (w), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (SS), Pronkin Theme (LL), Future Proof Game, Promotion (SLSL)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Natch 3.3
FEN: 4q3/4np1p/2pr1p1n/2k3bp/p1p5/1bp2r2/P1P2P1P/RNBQKBNR
Input: fs/hg, 2020-12-30
Last update: James Malcom, 2022-10-26 more...
35 - P1386520
Unto Heinonen
P0493v StrateGems 89, p. 36, 01/2020
2. ehrende Erwähnung
BP in 42.5
1. h4 a5 2. Th3 Ta6 3. Tf3 Tg6 4. Sh3 Tg3 5. Sf4 Th3 6. g3 Th2 7. Lh3 Sh6 8. Le6 Sf5 9. Lc4 d5 10. Kf1 Th1+ 11. Kg2 Tg1+ 12. Kh3 Kd7 13. Kg4 h5+ 14. Kg5 Th6 15. a4 Tb6 16. Taa3 Kc6 17. Tac3 Tb3 18. Sg6 Ta3 19. b3 Ta2 20. La3 Dd6 21. Lc5 Sd7 22. La7 Sb6 23. Sh8 Kc5 24. La6+ Kb4 25. Tc5 g6 26. Sc3 Lg7 27. Se4 Lc3 28. Da1 Sd4 29. Kh6 Ld7 30. Kg7 Lb5 31. Kf8 Ld3 32. Ke8 Dc6+ 33. Kd8 Sc4 34. Kc8 Ka3 35. Kb8 Lb4 36. Ka8 De8+ 37. Lb8 Sb6+ 38. Ka7 Sa8 39. c4 Sc2 40. Df6 Sa1 41. Db6 Kb2 42. Tf6 Kb1 43. Sc3+
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Korrektur zu P0002554
James Malcom: Correction of P0002554 (2021-02-15)
Henrik Juel: The given proof game does not produce the diagram position (2021-02-15)
James Malcom: Fixed. (2021-02-15)
paul: 2nd Honorable Mention (SG98, 2022) (2022-08-20)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Capture-free, Move Length Record
Genre: Retro
FEN: nB2q2N/Kpp1pp2/BQ3Rp1/p1Rp3p/PbP4P/1PNb2P1/r2PPP2/nk4r1
Input: James Malcom, 2021-02-15
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-08-21 more...
36 - P1404274
Gyula Breyer
Magyar Sakkvilag 31/05/1919
Weiß zieht und setzt nicht matt
1. bxc6ep!

Auflösung Dr. Jenö Bán:
R: 1. ... c7-c5 2. Kd7-e6 Df7-e8 3. Kc6-d7 Ke5-e4 4. Sd2-f1 Lg7-f8 5. Sf2-h1 Da2-f7 6. Tf8-f3 Sa4-c3 7. f7-f8=T Ke6-e5 8. f6-f7 Kf7-e6 9. f5-f6 Db1-a2 10. f4-f5 Lf5-d3 11. Kd5-c6 Tg8-b8 12. Kc4-d5 Tb8-b7 13. La8-g2 Lh6-g7 14. Df1-h3 Lg7-h6 15. Tg1-g3 Lh6-g7 16. Th1-g1 Dd1-b1 17. Sh3-f2 Ke8-f7 18. Sg1-h3 Sc5-a4 19. a7-a8=L Lc8-f5 20. a6-a7 Sf7-h8 21. a5-a6 Th8-g8 22. a4-a5 Ta8-b8 23. a2-a4 Sa6-c5 24. Kc3-c4 a5xTb4 25. Tb1-b4 Lf8-h6 26. Ta1-b1 f5xLg4 27. Sb1-d2 d2-d1=D 28. Dd1-f1 d3-d2 29. Le1-h4 Sh6-f7 30. Ld2-e1 f7-f5 31. Lc1-d2 Sg8-h6 32. Kd2-c3 g7-g6 33. Ke1-d2 Sb8-a6 34. b4-b5 a7-a5 35. b2-b4 b7-b6 36. d2xDe3 Dd4-e3 37. f2-f4 Dd8-d4 38. Lh3-g4 d4-d3 39. Lf1-h3 d5-d4 40. g4-g5 d7-d5 41. g2-g4
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Schwarz schlug axb und fxg, der weiße Doppelbauer e2e3 erfodert eine weißen Schlag, damit sind alle fehlenden Steine erklärt. Der fehlende sBd7 mußte schlaglos auf d1 umwandeln, bevor er geschlagen werden konnte, also stammt wBe3 von d2, und die wBBa2 und f2 haben auf a8 bzw. f8 umgewandelt, bevor sie geschlagen wurden. Nur zuletzt R: 1. ... c7-c5 verhindert das weiße Retropatt, also ist der ep_Schlüssel legal.
Henrik Juel: 1.bxc6ep
R: 1... c7-c5 2.Kd7-e6 Df7-d8+ 3.Ke6-d7 Dg7-f7+ 4.Kd7-e6 Ke5-e4 etc. (2022-09-11)
Keywords: En passant as key
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1r2qb1n/1r2p2p/1p2K1p1/1Pp3P1/1p2k1pB/2nbPRRQ/2P1P1BP/5N1N
Reprints: Gyuala Breyer - The Chess Revolutionary [ed. Jimmy Adams] , p. 807, 2017
Input: Mario Richter, 2022-09-11
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-09-11 more...
37 - P1404651
Henrik Juel
8640 Thema Danicum 105 01/2002
BP in 15,5
1. a4 Sa6 2. a5 Sc5 3. a6 c6 4. axb7 a6 5. b8=L Ta7 6. Lg3 d6 7. d3 Sd7 8. Lg5 Sb8 9. Lf6 exf6 10. e3 Te7 11. Se2 Kd7 12. Sc1 Te8 13. Le2 Le7 14. Kf1 Tf8 15. Kg1 Ke8 16. Lf1
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Henrik Juel: C++ Euclide 1.01 (2022-09-25)
Henrik Juel: [Lc1] is captured on f6, and Lg3 is [Pa2] promoted on b8
It is impossible to let Sb8 just switch-back, so it performs a square round-trip
Switch-back by Ke8 (to let Tf8 in) and by Lf1 (to let Kg1 in) (2022-09-25)

Genre: Retro
FEN: 1nbqkrnr/4bppp/p1pp1p2/8/8/3PP1B1/1PP2PPP/RNNQ1BKR
Input: Vladimir Rey, 2022-09-25
Last update: Vladimir Rey, 2022-09-25 more...
38 - P1404683
Kevin James Begley
P0540 StrateGems 99 07-09/2022
BP in 9,5
1. e4 d5 2. La6 Sxa6 3. De2 Lg4 4. exd5 Dxd5[+sBd8] 5. De6[+wBd1] Tc8 6. Qxc8 Dd7[+sTc6] 7. Dxd8+ Dxd8[+sBd7] 8. Sf3[+wDe6] Lxf3 9. De2 Lxe2 10. dxe2[+sDd1]
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Kevin Begley: Two pairs of units (wDd1/wBe2 and sDd8/sBd7) exchange places twice. (2022-09-27)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Circe (Kontraparrain), Homebase, Interchange, Round Trip (DdBb)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: 3qkbnr/pppppppp/n1r5/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQK2R
Input: Kevin Begley, 2022-09-26
Last update: Kevin Begley, 2022-09-27 more...
39 - P1404841
Silvio Baier
StrateGems 2011
1. ehrende Erwähnung
BP in 18.0
1. d4 g5 2. d5 Lg7 3. d6 Kf8 4. dxc7 d5 5. a4 Dd7 6. a5 Dh3 7. a6 Lg4 8. axb7 a5 9. c8=L Ta6 10. Le6 Txe6 11. b4 Sa6 12. b8=L f5 13. Le5 Lxe5 14. b5 Sf6 15. b6 Tg8 16. b7 Tg6 17. b8=L Th6 18. Ld6 Lxd6 Dia
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Henrik Juel: C+ Euclide 1.01 (2022-10-03)
Keywords: bi-coloured Bristol, black Bristol, Prentos Theme (LLL)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 5k2/4p2p/n2brn1r/p2p1pp1/6b1/7q/2P1PPPP/RNBQKBNR
Reprints: zu 18879 Die Schwalbe 316, p. 650, 08/2022
Input: Gunter Jordan, 2022-10-03
Last update: Gunter Jordan, 2022-10-03 more...
40 - P1404842
Reto Aschwanden
18879 Die Schwalbe 313 02/2022
BP in 18.0
1. f4 a5 2. f5 a4 3. f6 Ta5 4. fxg7 f5 5. gxh8=L Lh6 6. d4 Le3 7. d5 f4 8. d6 Tg5 9. dxc7 d5 10. c4 Dd7 11. c5 Dh3 12. c6 Le6 13. c8=L Sh6 14. c7 Sf7 15. Ld7+ Kxd7 16. c8=S h6 17. Sd6 Kxd6 18. Le5+ Kxe5 Dia
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Alle drei Prentos-Steine werden vom sK geschlagen.
Henrik Juel: cooked, e.g.
1. Bd2-d4 Ba7-a5 2. Bd4-d5 Ba5-a4 3. Bd5-d6 Sg8-h6
4. Bd6xc7 Bd7-d5 5. Bc2-c3 Lc8-e6 6. Dd1-d2 Dd8xc7
7. Bf2-f4 Dc7xc3 8. Bf4-f5 Dc3-h3 9. Bf5-f6 Ke8-d7
10. Bf6xg7 Bf7-f5 11. Dd2-a5 Sh6-f7 12. Bg7-g8=D Lf8-h6
13. Da5xa8 Lh6-e3 14. Da8-a6 Bf5-f4 15. Da6-d6 Kd7xd6
16. Dg8-c8 Kd6-e5 17. Dc8-c2 Th8-g8 18. Dc2-d1 Tg8-g6 (2022-10-03)
Mario Richter: The black rook is on g5 (and not on g6)! - diagram is now corrected. (2022-10-04)
Henrik Juel: Thanks, Mario
The same cook works with 18... Tg8-g5, so there may be more diagram errors (2022-10-04)
Mario Richter: You are right, Henrik, I overlooked that a black pawn is on h6 and not on h7, I changed zhe diagram accordingly. (2022-10-04)
Henrik Juel: Now C+ Euclide 1.01 (2022-10-04)
Henrik Juel: Actually C++ (meaning no solution in 17.5, and surely no shorter solution) (2022-10-04)
Keywords: bi-coloured Bristol, Prentos Theme (LLS), Homebase
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1n6/1p2pn2/4b2p/3pk1r1/p4p2/4b2q/PP2P1PP/RNBQKBNR
Input: Gunter Jordan, 2022-10-03
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-10-04 more...
41 - P1404948
Anirudh Daga
18941 Die Schwalbe 314 04/2022
Beweispartie in 6,5 Zügen
b) +sBc7
c) d7->c7
a) 1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 Ld6 3. exd6 Dg5 4. dxc7 Dxc1 5. cxb8=L Dxb1 6. Lf4 Dc1 7. Lxc1
b) 1. Sf3 e5 2. Sxe5 Sc6 3. Sxc6 Lb4 4. Sxd8 Lxd2+ 5. Sxd2 Kxd8 6. Sf3 Ke8 7. Sg1
c) 1. Sc3 d5 2. Sxd5 Sd7 3. Sxe7 Sdf6 4. Sxg8 Dxd2+ 5. Dxd2 Ld6 6. Dxd6 Sxg8 7. Dd1
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Singapur, 13 Jahre alt, mit Andrew Buchanan und James Quah: https://www.thehoppermagazine.com
Keyword not uniquely identified: s in c)
Henrik Juel: C++ Euclide 1.01 (2022-11-05)
Henrik Juel: Good proof games, Anirudh (2022-11-05)
Keywords: Homebase (2), Pronkin Theme (L,,), Switchback (,,D), Impostor (,S,)
Genre: Retro
FEN: r1b1k1nr/pp1p1ppp/8/8/8/8/PPP1PPPP/R1BQKBNR
Input: Stefan Höning, 2022-10-07
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-11-05 more...
42 - P1405296
Andrew Buchanan
Andrey Frolkin

Hc The Hopper Magazine 23/06/2022
First move of wRb2?
R: 1. g2xBh3 h4-h3 2. Te2-b2 h5-h4 3. 0-0-0-0-0-0 h6-h5 4. e7-e8=T h7-h6 5. f6xDe7,f6xL/Se7
play all play one stop play next play all
Thanks to Mario Richter for finding a bug, now fixed by switching pawns g-h files
more ...
Keywords: Type A, First Move?, Staugaard castling, Economy record
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: n2N4/PPkp1pp1/PNBp4/Bp1p4/1p6/4K2P/PR5P/7R
Input: James Malcom, 2022-10-20
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-10-23 more...
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