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1 - P1384617
Michel Caillaud

3. Preis
(16+16) cooked
BP 15,5
1. BEfd4 Sf6 2. BEe3 Sd5 3. BEdxd5[+sSd2] Sxb1[+wSg8] 4. Sh6 Sc3 5. Kd2 BEhxh6[+wSh7] 6. BEcxc3[+sSc2] Sb4 7. BEe6 Sd5 8. Kd3 Sf6 9. Ld2 Sg8 10. Sf6+ BEfxf6[+wSf7] 11. Sd6+ BEdxd6[+wSd7] 12. Sb6 BEbxb6[+wSb7] 13. Sa5 La6+! 14. Sc4 Lb7 15. Sa3 Lc8 16. Sb1
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Cook: 1. BEfd4 Sa6 2. BEe3 Sb4 3. Kd2 Sd5 4. Kd3 Sgf6 5. BEdxd5[+sSd2] Sxb1[+wSg8] 6. BEe6 Sd2 7. Dxd2[+sSd1]! Sc3 8. Sh6 Sg8 9. BEcxc3[+sSc2] BEhxh6[+wSh7] 10. Sf6+ BEfxf6[+wSf7] 11. Sd6+ BEdxd6[+wSd7] 12. Sb6 BEbxb6[+wSb7] 13. Sa5 Sd4 14. Sc4 Sc6 15.Sa3 Sb8 16.Sb1
Source not uniquely identified: 61. WCCC
Michel Caillaud: Source : Ohrid 2018 (61. WCCC)

Solution :
1.BEfd4 Sf6 2.BEe3 Sd5 3.BEdxd5(Sd2) Sxb1(Sg8) 4.Sh6 Sc3 5.Kd2 BEhxh6(Sh7) 6.BEcxc3(Sc2) Sb4 7.BEe6 Sd5 8.Kd3 Sf6 9.Dd2 Sg8 10.Sf6+ BEfxf6(Sf7) 11.Sd6+ BEdxd6(Sd7) 12.Sb6 BEbxb6(Sb7) 13.Sa5 La6+! 14.Sc4 Lb7 15.Sa3 Lc8 16.Sb1

Cooked using Jacobi 0.7.5 and constraints :
1.BEfd4 Sa6 2.BEe3 Sb4 3.Kd2 Sd5 4.Kd3 Sgf6 5.BEdxd5(Sd2) Sxb1(Sg8) 6.BEe6 Sd2 7.Dxd2(Sd1)! Sc3 8.Sh6 Sg8 9.BEcxc3(Sc2) BEhxh6(Sh7) 10.Sf6+BEfxf6(Sf7) 11.Sd6+ BEdxd6(Sd7) 12.Sb6 BEbxb6(Sb7) 13.Sa5 Sd4 14.Sc4 Sç6 15.Sa3 Sb8 16.Sb1

Correction : 9.Ld2! instead of 9.Dd2 in the intention (2022-09-13)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Berolina chess
Pieces: bu = Berolina Pawn (BE)
Genre: Retro
FEN: rnbqkbnr/*2p1*2p1*2p1*2p1/1*2p1*2p*2P*2p1*2p/8/8/2*2PK*2P3/*2P*2P1Q*2P1*2P*2P/RNB2BNR
Input: fs/hg, 2020-12-30
Last update: Arnold Beine, 2022-09-14 more...
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