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1 - P0008413
Guus Rol
Harry Goldsteen

Probleemblad 1 01-02/1989
#2 durch Schwarz
1. Kxc2 Sb3 2. ... Tc1#

Bsp-Auflösung Zvi Mendlowitz(PDB 2022-09-19)
R: 1. ... Ta2-a1 2. a3xLb4 Lf8-b4 3. Lb4-c3 Kb3-a4 4. Le7-b4 a7xSb6 5. Sa4-b6 Dd5-d4 6. Sc3-a4 Dd4-d5 7. Sb1-c3 Ta1-a2 8. Lf6-e7 Kb4-b3 9. a2-a3 Kc5-b4 10. Lg5-f6 Kd6-c5 11. Lf6-g5 Kd7-d6 12. Le7-f6 Kc8-d7 13. Lf6-e7 Kb8-c8 14. Ld8-f6 e7-e6 15. d7-d8=L Kc8-b8 16. e6xTd7 Td8-d7 17. f5xLe6 0-0-0 18. f4-f5 Lc8-e6 19. f3-f4 Dd8-d4 20. f2-f3 d7xLc6 21. Lf3-c6 Sc6-a5 22. Le2-f3 Sb8-c6 23. Lf1-e2 Sc6-b8 24. e2xSd3 Sb4-d3 25. Kd1-c1 d3xDc2 26. Ke1-d1 e4xTd3 27. Dd1-c2 f5xDe4 28. Sa3-b1 Tc1-a1 29. Dh4-e4 Tc3-c1 30. Dh8-h4 Tb3-c3 31. Tc3-d3 g6xTf5 32. Tc1-c3 Tc3-b3 33. Ta1-c1 Tc1-c3 34. h7-h8=D Tc3xLc1 35. h6-h7 Tg3-c3 36. Th5-f5 Sb8-c6 37. Th1-h5 Sd5-b4 38. h5-h6 Sf6-d5 39. h4-h5 Sg8-f6 40. h2-h4 Th3-g3 41. c2-c4 Th8-h3 42. Sb1-a3 h7xSg6 43. Sh4-g6 Sc6-b8 44. Sf3-h4 Sb8-c6 45. Sg1-f3
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"O, W, thuis..."
Henrik Juel: 1.Kxc2 Sb3 2.. Rc1#. -1.. Ra2 -2.a3:B Bf8 -3.Bb4 Kb3 -4.Be7 a7:S -5.Sa4 Qd5
-6.Sc3 Qd4 -7.Sb1 Ra1 -8.Bf6 Kb4 -9.a2 Kc5 -10.Bg5 Kd6 -11.Bf6 Kd7 -12.Be7 Kc8 -13.Bf6 Kb8 -14.Bd8 e7 -15.B=d7 Kc8 -16.e6:R Rd8 -17.f5:B 0-0-0 -18.f4 Bc8 -19.f3 Qd8 -20.f2 d7:B -21.Bf3 Sc6 etc. (2003-08-26)
Yoav Ben-Zvi: An attempt at a coherent argument that reveals the intricate sequence of events in the resolution while refuting substantial alternatives:
The promotion of wBc3, on d8 or f8, requires 2 captures by the promoting wP. These, together with the captures by wPd3 and wPb4, account for all 4 missing Black pieces. Black captured [wBc1] at home. The other 7 missing White pieces were captured by bPs. [wBf1] cannot be released (by wPe2xd3) until [bPh7] plays bPd3xc2 completing the capture of 5 White pieces. Therefore [wBf1] was captured by bPd7xBc6 (the remaining capture by Black on a light colored square), releasing [bBc8]. This means that [wBf1] is released (by wPe2xd3) before [bBc8] is released (by capturing the previously released wB on c6) so the bB could not have been the piece captured on d3. It also could not be captured on b4 (dark colored square) so it was captured by White's promoting pawn. This means the promotion could not have been played by capture from e7 as that would imply that the 2 captures by the promoting pawn were both on dark colored squares in contradiction with the requirement to capture [bBc8]. Therefore the promotion move was wPd7-d8=B with bK standing outside the squares c8,d7,d8,e8.
Looking backward: To avoid White retrostalemate the first 2 retractions must be -1...bRa2-a1+ -2.wPa3xb4.
After this, unlocking the South-West cage and extracting bRa2 requires retraction of wPe2xd3 which requires previous uncapture of wB by bPd7xBc6, so it can be retracted home to f1. bP standing on d7 implies that a bB must previously be uncaptured and retracted home to c8, preceded by retracting BPe7-e6 to clear the path of uncaptured bB to c8. Retreat of bP to e7 is preceded by uncapture and return home of [bBf8]. With both bBs locked at home and bP on e7 the Black Central cage is locked by retracting bPd7xBc6 so bK and bQ must also be retracted home first. It follows that bKa4 needs to exit the West cage before it has been unlocked (to get back home to e8 before the Black Central cage is locked). The bK cannot exit via b5 as this implies retraction of wPc3-c4+ but, with c3 occuppied by wP, bRa2 does not have a valid exit path (not via c3 as it is obstructed by wP or via f1 as it will be occupied by wB). wP standing on c4 prevents retracting bN away from a5 so bK cannot exit via a5. The only valid exit of the bK is via b4 implying retracton of wPa2-a3 which requires bRa2 to retract to a1 (vacating a2 for the wP) which requires provision of a shield, standing on b1, to protect wKc1 from bRa1.
After the unpromotion of wBc3, White has only pawn retractions left to make until a White officer is uncaptured. This is not enough to allow Black to complete the retro-maneuvers required in preparation for retracting bPd7xBc6 (getting bBs,bK,bQ home). It follows that, at some point in the middle of its preparation maneuver, Black will need to uncapture a White officer which provides the tempo retractions needed to complete the maneuver. This is only possible by bPa7xb6. With bP standing on a7, [bRa8] cannot be retracted home via the a file so it must retract to its original corner via row 8 before the bB is locked at c8. This implies that [bRa8] is uncaptured by a wP prior to unlocking of the cage.
Uncaptures by White prior to the unlocking of the South-West cage (one available on b4 and two by pawn unpromoted from wBc3) include uncaptures of both bBs and a bR since, as noted in the above analysis, all 3 must be uncaptured and retracted home before retracting bPd7xBc6 (all of which precedes the unlocking of the South-East cage). This means that the bN is uncaptured later (on d3) so it cannot provide the shield on b1. The shield also could not be provided by [bBc8] as this bishop must be returned home when it is needed to provide the shield. The only remaining possibility is that the shield on b1 is provided by a wN that is uncaptured by bPa7xNb6. The wN on b1 is immobile until the wK can be retracted away from c1 so here too, once the unpromotion occurs Black must perform the preparations for retraction of bPd7xBc6 (which now includes return of the uncaptured bR to a8 or b8) under time pressure, completing the required maneuvers before White runs out of tempo retractions. Having determined the structural elements it is not too difficult to construct a resolution that succeeds in preparing for retraction of bPd7xBc6 before White runs out of tempo retractions. The resolution maintains the following: delay the unpromotion (known from analysis above to be wPd7-d8=B) while retracting bK to b8; bQ to d4 and bB (uncaptured on b4) to f8 and continuing by retracting -1.wBd8-? Pe7-e6 -2.Pd7-d8=B Kc8-b8 -3.Pe6xRd7+ Rd8-d7 -4.Pf5xBe6 0-0-0 -5.Pf4-f5 Bc8-e6 -6.Pf3-f4 Qd8-d4 -7.Pf2-f3 Pd7xBf6 -8.Bc6-? Nc6-a5. Following this the wB is retracted to f1 allowing the unlocking of the cage by wPe2xNd3 and bRa1 is retracted back home to h8 via c1,c3. One of the White pieces uncaptured by bPc2 unpromotes on h8. The alternative of uncapturing the bR on b4 (instead of bB) fails to complete the preparations on time.
To draw attention to the rich, unconditional, content of the resolution the stipulation could be "Squares that must have been occupied by bRa1". This problem deserves a full SPG. The best I can manage is a game of 53.0 moves. (2018-12-23)
Zvi Mendlowitz: Proof game in 44.0 moves:
1. Nf3 Nc6 2. Nh4 Nb8 3. Ng6 hxg6 4. Na3 Rh3 5. c4 Rg3 6. h4 Nf6 7. h5 Nd5 8. h6 Nb4 9. Rh5 N8c6 10. Rf5 Rc3 11. h7 Rxc1 12. h8=Q Rc3 13. Rc1 Rb3 14. Rc3 gxf5 15. Rd3 Rc3 16. Qh4 Rc1 17. Qe4 Ra1 18. Nb1 fxe4 19. Qc2 exd3 20. Kd1 dxc2+ 21. Kc1 Nd3+ 22. exd3 Nb8 23. Be2 Nc6 24. Bf3 Na5 25. Bc6 dxc6 26. f3 Qd4 27. f4 Be6 28. f5 O-O-O 29. fxe6 Rd7 30. exd7+ Kb8 31. d8=B e6 32. Bf6 Kc8 33. Be7 Kd7 34. Bf6 Kd6 35. Bg5 Kc5 36. Bf6 Kb4 37. a3+ Kb3 38. Be7 Ra2 39. Nc3 Qd5 40. Na4 Qd4 41. Nb6 axb6 42. Bb4 Ka4 43. Bc3 Bb4 44. axb4 Ra1+ (2022-09-19)

Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/1pp2pp1/1pp1p3/n7/kPPq4/2BP4/1PpP2P1/r1K5
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1996-09-17
Last update: Mario Richter, 2022-09-19 more...
2 - P0008940
Unto Heinonen
R019 Probleemblad 03/1998
(8+11) C+
BP in 20,5
1. Sf3 b5 2. Sd4 Lb7 3. Sxb5 Lxg2 4. Sxa7 c6 5. Sc8 Txa2 6. Sc3 Txb2 7. Ta8 Da5 8. Sa2 Dxd2+ 9. Kxd2 Sa6 10. Kc3 Sc5 11. Dd4 Txc2+ 12. Kb4 Txe2 13. La3 Txf2 14. La6 h5 15. Ta1 Lf1 16. Dxg7 Txh2 17. Dxg8 Th4+ 18. Dg4 Lh6 19. Ka5 Lc1 20. Da4 Th6 21. Sa7#
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paul: Checked the first 16.5 moves with Euclide. (2014-12-04)
paul: Thr first 17.5 moves checked by Euclide (~29 hours) (2014-12-06)
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Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Ornament
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Computerprüfung: C+ Natch 3.3 in 302 Std. 48 Min. Lösung 1 (Stellung 3391) Notation OK.
FEN: R3k3/N2ppp2/B1p4r/K1n4p/Q6r/B7/N7/R1b2b2
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1998-06-26
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-11-25 more...
3 - P1000920
Unto Heinonen
R063c Probleemblad 09-10/2000
2. Preis
BP in 18,5
1. a4 b5 2. axb5 Sa6 3. Txa6 d5 4. Tg6 hxg6 5. b4 Th3 6. La3 Tg3 7. hxg3 Sh6 8. Txh6 Lh3 9. gxh3 gxh6 10. Lg2 Lg7 11. Le4 Lc3 12. dxc3 a5 13. Kd2 dxe4 14. Kc1 e3 15. De1 Dd1+ 16. Kb2 0-0-0 17. bxa5 Td3 18. Ld6 exd6 19. cxd3
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5 Überkreuzschläge von Bauern.
Henrik Juel: Natch 3.1 did nothing in half an hour (2018-12-14)
paul: Correction of P1000629 (2022-10-12)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Castling (sg), Cross-capture (5)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 2k5/2p2p2/3p2pp/PP6/8/2PPp1PP/1K2PP2/1N1qQ1N1
Reprints: feenschach 153, p. 195, 10-12/2003
H28 FIDE Album Annexe 1998-2000 2009
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2000-10-12
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2018-12-20 more...
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