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Jorge Joaquin Lois
Roberto Osorio

WCCC 2017
1. Preis
Champagner TT, Abteilung A
(12+14) C+
BP 18
paul: 1.Sc3 a5 2.Sd5 a4 3.S×e7 L×e7 4.d4 Lg5 5.d5 Lh6 6.d6 Dh4 7.d×c7 d5 8.c4 Lf5 9.c8=L Lb1 10.Ld7+ S×d7 11.c5 0-0-0 12.c6 Kb8 13.c7+ Ka8 14.c8=S f5 15.Se7 S×e7 16.e4 The8 17.Lb5 Sf8 18.Ld7 T×d7 (2022-09-30)

Genre: Retro
FEN: k3rn2/1p1rn1pp/7b/3p1p2/p3P2q/8/PP3PPP/RbBQK1NR
Input: fs/hg, 2020-12-30
Last update: fs/hg, 2020-12-30 more...
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