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Viktor Chepizhny
PS1183 The Problemist Supplement 53 07/2001
(3+3) C+
1) 1. Kg1 Ld5 2. Sf2 Th2 3. Sh1 Tg2#
2) 1. Kh1 Tg5 2. Sh2 Lf1 3. Sg1 Lg2#
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Yuri Bilokin: you can see 1...Rg5 2.Sg3 Bf1 3.Sh1 Rg2# (MM)
1...Bd5 2.Sg3 Rg5 3.Sh1 Rg2# (MM)
1...Rg5 2.Sg3 Bd5 3.Sh1 Rg2# (MM) (2022-08-06)
Jean Marc Loustau: ****
Compare with P1100532. (2022-08-14)

Genre: h#
Computer test: (Popeye WINDOWS98-32Bit-Version 3.75 (2048 KB))
FEN: 8/1K6/8/7R/2B5/7n/7k/5n2
Input: hpr, 2002-05-20
Last update: hpr, 2012-11-01 more...
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