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Fadil Abdurahmanovic
Michael Rittmann

13217v Die Schwalbe , p. 163, 07/2005
3. ehrende Erwähnung
(2+11) C+
1) 1. ... e4 2. Lb8 e5 3. Ld6+ exd6 4. c1=L d7 5. Lb2 d8=D 6. Lg7 Dd3#
2) 1. ... e3 2. Ta5 e4 3. Tf5 exf5 4. c1=T f6 5. Tg1 f7 6. Tg7 f8=S#
play all play one stop play next play all
Yuri Bilokin: you can see *) 1.Ra5 e4 2.Rf5 exf5 3.c1=R f6 4.Rg1 f7 5.Rg7 f8=S# (2022-09-30)
Keywords: Allumwandlung, Promotion, under-promotion, under-promotion in mating move (in 2), Excelsior, white, Model mate, Selfblock, changed blocks, Minimal (B), Pawn step variations
Genre: h#
Computer test: (Popeye WINDOWS-32Bit V4.37 (1580608 KB))
FEN: 6nq/b6k/1p2p2p/8/1K6/rp6/b1p1P3/8
Input: hpr, 2007-09-09
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