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Hiroaki Maeshima
PS3693 The Problemist Supplement 173, p. 163, 07/2021
(3+8) C+
* 1. ... ... 2. Df2 Kg5 3. d3 cxd3 4. Kf3 Sd4#
1. ... c4 2. Dg4 Sg7 3. Sf4 Se6 4. Df3 Sc5#
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Yuri Bilokin: More economical -bPh7, then a1=b1 8/6p1/6K1/6N1/4pkq1/5p1p/3P3n/8 (3+7)
1... ... 2.Qg2 Kh5 3.e3 dxe3+ 4.Kg3 Se4# (MM)
1...d4 2.Qh4 Sh7 3.Sg4 Sf6 4.Qg3 Sd5# (MM) (2022-05-18)
Hiroaki Maeshima: Thank you, I added the version (P1404069). (2022-09-06)
Keywords: Superseded by (P1404069)
Genre: h#
Computer test: Popeye WINDOWS98-32Bit-Version 3.77 (8192KB)
FEN: 8/5p1p/5K2/5N2/3pkq2/4p1p1/2P3n1/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2022-05-11
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-09-06 more...
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