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Narajan Shankar Ram
F1171 The Problemist 7/1990
#1 vor 2
VRZ, Typ friedlich
Tries 1.Kf7? F (2.Lb2 A & Lf6) c3 2.Lb1 B & Lxg6 but 1...Bh41 1.e2? E (2.Lb1 B & Ld3) c3 2.Lb3 C & Ld3 but 1...d5! 1.f2? D (2.Lb3 C & Lg3) c3 2.Lb2 A & Lh2 but1 ... Bc3l 1 . Lb3? C (2.f2 D & Lg3) c3 2.e2 E & Ld3 but 1 ... Bf21 1.Lb1? B (2.e2 E & Ld3) c3 2.Kf7 F & Lxg6 but 1...Be2P! Key 1.Lb2 A (2.Kf7 F & Lf6) c3 2.f2 D & Lh2. 1...d5/Re7/Bc3 2.Rc3/ Kg5/Kf7 & Ld4/Lf6/Lh2. Classical simplicity; Lion mates on 7 different sq. over tries and key. Cyclic le Grand theme doubled - 2 triple cycles of threat and reply to 1 ...c3; also 6-foId reversal of key and threat moves. BPc7 stops dual 1. Lb1 d5 2. Rc8 & Ld3 (Composer). Very fruitful matrix with the Lion - ├Âut of the strong came forth sweetness".
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No. 2152 HN
Keywords: Defensive Retractor, Type Pacific
Pieces: dl = Lion (LI)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 4r3/1*3Qpp2P1/3kBKp1/5P2/1pRp1P2/4PP2/2p5/4b3
Input: Henri Nouguier, 2004-01-11
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2004-06-20 more...
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