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1 - P0001146
W. Wolf
Deutsches Wochenschach 23/04/1911
1. bxc6ep e4 2. Se3 Kxg5 3. Kxd6
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Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 (the three threats never materialize)
It is obvious that last move was c7-c5 (2020-12-02)
Keywords: En passant as key
Genre: Retro
FEN: 4B1R1/3NP1Pp/1Q1p1Prr/RPpKpNPk/6p1/6P1/P2B4/8
Reprints: 41 Volksgemeinschaft (Heidelberg) 19/01/1936
252 Comoedia 21/06/1936
22 Europe Echecs 18 02/1960
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Mario Richter, 2020-12-02 more...
2 - P0001226
Paul Vatarescu
99 Europe Echecs 53 05/1963
dedicated to L.Loewenton
(16+9) C+
1. dxc6ep#
R: 1. c7-c5
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hans: 1. dxc6ep.# R: -1. ... c7-c5 -2 Td2-d3 e7-e5 -3 Dh2xSg3+

1. dxe6ep.# R: -1. ... e7-e5 -2 Dh2xg3+ c7-c5 -3 Td2-d3 (2010-06-22)
Mario Richter: e.p. keys are not justified, Black's last move might even have been h2-h1=N. (2010-06-26)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: +sPh2 und es geht nur noch die hans-Lösung

R: 1. c7-c5 Ka4-b5 2. Kc5-d6 Lg5-h4 3. Kd6-c5 Lc1-g5 4. Ke7-d6 c5xTb6 5. Th6-b6 Sc2-e1 6. Td1-f1 Ta3-d3 7. Th8-h6 Te1-e2 8. Se2-g1 Sb6-a8 9. Sf4-e2 Kb3-a4 10. Sg6-f4 Ta1-a3 11. f4-f3 Dc3-g3 12. Sg3-h1 Da5-c3 13. Sf5-g3 Da8-a5 14. Sh6-f5 a7-a8=D 15. Sg8-h6 a6-a7 16. Ke8-e7 a5-a5 17. Se7-g6 a4-a5 18. Sc6-e7 a2-a4 19. Td4-d1 Sa3-c2 20. Ta4-d4 Sc6-b6 21. Ta8-a4 Sa7xLc8 22. Sb8-c6 Sb5xa7 23. f5-f4 Th1-e1 24. f7-f5 Le2-g4 25. g4xDh3 h4-h5 26. g5-g4 Kc2-b3 27. g7-g5 Db3-h3 28. h3-h2 g3xDh4 29. Dd8-h4 h2xLg3 30. Lf4-g3 Kd1-c2 31. Lg5-f4 Ke1-d1 32. Lh4-g5 Lf1-e2 33. Lg5-h4 Dd1-b3 34. Lf6-g5 Sb1-a3 35. Le7-f6 Sd4-b5 36. Lf8-e7 Sf3-d4 37. h4-h3 e2-e4 38. h5-h4 d4-d5 39. h6-h5 d2-d4 40. h7-h6 c4-c5 41. e6-e5 c2-c4 42. e7-e6 Sg1-f3 (2021-07-06)
A.Buchanan: This one is not to be found in WinChloe or yacpdb (2021-07-07)
Ladislav Packa: Why not 1...f4-f3? (2021-07-07)
Mario Richter: Ladislav, good question!
The most likely answer is, that we have a diagram error, and that the correct position has a white Pf3 instead of a black one. With this modification, everything works fine.

Btw., adding a black pawn h2 still allows R: 1. ... f4-f3 as Black's last move, but even worse, it makes the position illegal (what happened to the missing white pawn c2 or a2?) (2021-07-09)
A.Buchanan: Yes it all clicks into place. bPgxh bPh waylaid bBc8 died at home. wPaxb, cxd, dxe, exf. Well done Ladislav and Mario. Let’s correct the diagram as this couldn’t have been a composition error. Mostly likely error in transcribing from EE (2021-07-09)
Ladislav Packa: bPh2 is not necessary, Sh1-h2 is enough. (2021-07-09)
Mario Richter: Perhaps Gerd can check the original source ... (2021-07-09)
VL: Originally wPf3. The problem is dedicated to L.Loewenton. (2021-07-10)
A.Buchanan: Thanks Valery! (2021-07-10)
Ladislav Packa: After wPb2-d2, it is possible to save bRf1 and one of the black Knights g1 or h1. (2021-07-11)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: an Mario: von wegen ILLegal ! bei hinzufügen von sBh2:
der C-Bauer = 4. Ke7-d6 c5xTb6
der a-Bauer = 14. Sh6-f5 a7-a8=D
aber ...f4-f3 schließt natürlich eP aus.
mit wPf3 kann wegen Mangel an schlagfällen nicht Dh2x?g3. Darum
R: 1. dxc6ep# c7-c5 2. Lg5-h4 h4-h3 3. Sc2-e1 Ta1-f1 4. Td1-d3 a2-a1=T 5. Ta1-d1 Ke7-d6 6. Lc1-g5+ a3-a2 7. Te1-e2 a4-a3 8. Le6-g4 a5-a4 9. d4-d5 a7-a5 10. Lc4-e6 Se2-g1 11. a5xTb6 Tf6-b6+ 12. Sb6-a8 Tf8-f6 13. a4-a5 Ta8-f8 14. a2-a4 Sf4-e2 15. Sa3-c2 Sd5-f4 16. Df4-g3 Sf6-d5 17. Dd2-f4 Sg3-h1 18. Th1-e1 Sf5-g3 19. Lf1-c4 Ke8-e7 20. Kc4-b5 Sg8-f6 21. c3xLd4 Lc5-d4 22. Kd3-c4 Sd4-f5 23. c2-c3 Sc6-d4 24. Dd1-d2 Sb8-c6 25. e2xf3 Lf8-c5 26. Kd2-d3 f4-f3 27. d3xDe4 Dg6-e4 28. Ke1-d2 Dg5-g6 29. Sb1-a3 Dd8-g5 30. Sc8-b6 e7-e5 31. Sb6xc8 f5-f4 32. Sc4-b6 f7-f5 33. g4xTh5 Th8-h5 34. g3-g4 h5-h4 35. h2xg3 h7-h5 36. Se5-c4 g4-g3 37. Sf3-e5 g5-g4 38. Sg1-f3 g7-g5 39. d2-d3 (2021-07-12)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: allerdings geht noch h2-h1=S... (2021-07-12)
Mario Richter: an Hans-Jürgen: bzgl. meiner Illegalitätsreklamation für die Stellung mit sBf3 und zusätzlichem sBh2 hast Du recht - da war ich zu sehr darauf fixiert, daß Schwarz auf a1 entwandeln muß, läßt man W auf a8 entwandeln, sieht man leicht, daß die Stellung legal ist ...

Btw. - worauf bezieht sich Deine letzte Anmerkung ("allerdings geht noch h2-h1=S")? (2021-07-13)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: Mario da lag ich falsch... 16 weiße Steine, da geht nicht sBh2, sBh3, sorry (2021-07-14)
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Keywords: En passant
Genre: Retro
Computer test: HC+ counting captures + Retractor 2.0
FEN: N7/1p1p4/1P1k4/1KpPp2P/4P1BB/3R1PQp/1P2RPP1/4Nrnn
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-07-10 more...
3 - P0001273
Luigi Ceriani
145 Europe Echecs 84 01/1965
h#1 (wer? wie?)
Die F.P.I. wurde zweimal erreicht: das erstemal nach einer geraden, das zweitemal nach einer ungeraden Anzahl von Zügen.
Vertikaler Zylinder
Henrik Juel: The FPI (the initial array, but with Black to move) may be reached, e.g., by playing the white knights out, playing Ta1 to b1 and Th1 to g1, then correct the tempo by playing Tb1-a1-h1-b1, and finally moving rooks and knights back into the initial array.
The stipulation condition implies that all four castlings are illegal. Solution: 1.Txa7 Txh8#, not 1.0-0-0? Tc1 nor 0... 0-0-0? 1.Tc8. I do not see any tries involving king-side castling, although they would be nice to have also. (2010-12-08)
A.Buchanan: I am evidently being slow again: please explain. "The FPI was achieved twice: the first time after an even number of moves, the second time after an odd number of moves." To achieve FPI requires an odd number of single moves. Should the stip read "even number of *White* moves"? And then what does it mean to achieve FPI for the *second* time: does that mean game array with White to move again? I agree that the bottom line is to have eliminated all castling rights. (2020-12-25)
Henrik Juel: In P0001272 the FPI was reached once, implying that either White or Black has lost castling rights
I also do not understand this problem (2020-12-26)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: da der lezte Zug b5x~a6 bzw b4x~a3 gewesen sein kann, sind alle Rochaden, sowie die Farbwahl zulässig.
Oder kann mir mal einer erklären was zum Teufel F.P.I. auf Deutsch heißt ?? (2020-12-26)
A.Buchanan: Siehe die Beschreibung des Schlüsselworts. Aber hier macht es nicht viel Sinn. Ich veröffentliche in ein paar Tagen einen Artikel in Problemas, der besser erklärt und einige neue Beispiele enthält. (2020-12-27)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: Habe mich über F.P.I. schlau gemacht und FPI, Vertikale Zylinder sowie viele weitere Märchenschach-Bedingungen sind alsolut nicht mein Fall... (2020-12-28)
A.Buchanan: @H-JM: Ich bin kein großer Fan von Feenschach, aber es hat seinen Platz in der Welt der Komposition. Es vervielfacht den Gestaltungsraum für Schachkompositionen erheblich, und viele coole künstlerische Effekte können nur mit Feenschach erzielt werden. FPI ist bislang kein gutes Beispiel: Aber die zugrunde liegende Idee ist gut und reif für eine breitere Nutzung. (2020-12-28)
Henrik Juel: My goodness, Andrew, you are approaching Mario's command of all languages...
I believe, however, that Feenschach is an old-fashioned name for Märchenschach
It came about as a literal translation of Fairy Chess, but now lives on only in the magazine name feenschach
We did almost the same in Denmark: feskak in the 1930s, but now fantasiskak (2020-12-28)
A.Buchanan: Hi Henrik: thanks for your kind feedback. I try to draft in German, and then back translate in google translate to English to see what it thinks, and then go forwards again to correct dumb errors and give me better word choices. But there's still errors, which I am always keen to hear about, so thanks for reminding me about Märchenschach. I now understand that Märchen are "fairy tales" not "fairies" and that the term is used in English by folklorists. Encyclopedia Britannica characterizes them by: "Their usual theme is the triumph over difficulty, with or without supernatural aid, of the one least likely to succeed." I like the detail at the end, which suggests that the key move should be an unlikely one! (2020-12-29)
Henrik Juel: I had three years of german in middle school, but never used the language actively
I believe that most german problemists can read english as well as we can read german, so I do not make the extra effort to communicate in german; besides remembering to capitalize nouns, I would have to check masculinum, femininum, or neutrum (gender?), and check which prepositions entail accusative, dative, or both (kasus?) (2020-12-29)
Olaf Jenkner: (:-) (2020-12-29)
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Keywords: Cant Castler (wbsb), Fake game array, Castling (wbsb), Constrained problem, Vertical Cylinder (Vertikaler)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: r3k2r/P3p3/P3P3/8/8/p3p3/p7/R3K2R
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2020-12-26 more...
4 - P0001341
Luigi Ceriani
213 Europe Echecs 122 03/1969
Löse die Stellung auf!
AV: 1.b4 c6 2.Ch3 c5 3.b5 g6 4.Ca3 d6 5.Fb2 g5 6.f4 Ca6 7.Cf2 Cf6 8.Cc4 Cd7 9.f5 f6 10.e4 Tg8 11.Re2 Tg7 12.Rd3 Tg6 13.Ce5 Fg7 14.fxg6 f5 15.Cf7 Cf8 16.e5 f4 17.Ch8 Ff6 18.exf6 Fh3 19.Fe5 Tc8 20.Cg4 Rd7 21.Re4 Tc6 22.Rf5 d5 23.Fb8 Cc7 24.a4 Rd6 25.a5 Cd7 26.bxc6 b5 27.Ta4 b4 28.Fb5 b3 29.Te1 Dc8 30.Tee4 Db7 31.Df1 Cf8 32.Tab4 Db6 33.Fa4 Cd7 34.Da6 Db5 35.c4 Cb6 36.cxb5 La position critique. 36...Cc8 37.b6 f3 38.Tb5 f2 39.Teb4 c4 40.Tc5 h6 Tempo. 41.Db5 a6 42.Fa7 axb5 La fermeture de cage traditionnelle. 43.Fb8 Ca7 44.a6 Cc8 45.a7 h5 46.a8D Ca7 47.Db7 Cc8 48.Da6! Ca7 49.Dc8 h4 50.Dg8 Cc8 51.Fa7 Ce6 52.Dh7 Cf4 53.Dxh4 Ce6 54.Dg3+ Cf4 55.Df3 Ch5 56.Dc3 Cf4 57.Dc1 Ce6 58.Da3 Cg7+ 59.fxg7 f1C 60.Fb8+ . (2005-06-08)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: es geht schneller (COOKed ?):
R: 1. La7-b8+ f2-f1=S 2. a5xTb6 Tb8-b6 4. Db2-a3 b7-b5 5. Lb5-a4 Ta8-b8 a4-a5 Kc7-d6 5. a2-a4 a4Xb3 6. La6-b5 Kd8-c7 7. Ke5-f5 f3-f2 8. Kd4-e5 Sd6-c8 9. Se5-g4 Lc8-h3 10. Dc2-b2 f4-f3 11. Sf3-e5 Sf7-d6 12. Lb5-a6 d7-d5 13. Te5-c5 Sh6-f7 14. Te1-e5 Sg8-h6 15. Th1-e1 a5-a4 16. e5xLf6 Lg7-f6 17. Sg1-f3 f5-f4 18. Ke3-d4 Lf8-g7 19. Ld4-a7 a7-a5 20. Lb2-d4 Ke8-d8 21. d5xSc6 c5-c4 22. Tf4-b4 Sb8-c6 23. Tf1-f4 f7-f5 24. f5xTg6 Th6-g6 25. Sg6-h8 Th8-h6 26. Sf4-g6 c6-c5 27. Sh3-f4 g6-g5 28. Sf2xh3 h4-h3 29. Ta1-f1 h5-h4 30. Lf1-b5 h7-h5 31. c4xDd5 Da5-d5 32. Sd1-f2 Dd8-a5 33. Sc3-d1 c7-c6 34. Sb1-c3 Lf8-g7 35. Lc1-b2 Lg7-f8 36. Dd1-c2 Lf8-g7 37. Ke2-e3 Lg7-f8 38. Ke1-e2 Lf8-g7 39. f4-f5 Lg7-f8 40. f2-f4 Lf8-g7 e4-e5 41. Lg7-f8 e2-e4 42. Lf8-g7 c2-c4 43. g7-g6 b2-b3 (2021-07-17)
Keywords: Retro Opposition
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1Bn4N/4p1P1/1PPk2P1/1pRp1Kp1/BRp3N1/Qp5b/3P2PP/5n2
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
5 - P0001345
F. ben Galuth
219 Europe Echecs 126 07/1969
(10+10) C+
1. cxd3ep? g3 2. Bd4 Lg2# (wLc1 retro-blocked)
1. c5! g3 2. cxd4 Lg2#
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James Malcom: Solution? (2020-12-29)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: wohl beabsichtigt: 1. cxd3ep g3 2. Bd4 Lg2#
doch auch ein Dual: 1. c5 g3 2. cxd4 Lg2# (2020-12-29)
Mario Richter: rawbats says, that f2-f4 is White's only legal last move, and 1. c5 g3 2. cxd4 Lg2# the only solution, so 1. cxd3ep g3 2. d4 Lg2# might be a try, intended to fool the solvers ...
(notice that R: 1. d2-d4?? excludes wLc1 from the set of objects available for black pawn captures!) (2020-12-29)
James Malcom: Furthermore, the h pawn couldn't have moved last, as that rook is needed for the Black pawns. wPe6 takes all remaining captures of Black pieces, and bBf8 could never escape. So the d2 and h2 pawns did not move last, and gxf3ep does nothing, meaning that all en passants are not a solution. A very fine retro "joke." (2020-12-29)
James Malcom: This means that 1. c5 g3 2. cxd4 Bg2# is the only possible solution, and as such, this should be C+? (2020-12-29)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: Stimmt Mario
habe übersehen das der Lc1 nicht gezogen haben kann bei 1. d2-d4; aber 6 schlagfälle von Schwarz nötig sind. (2020-12-30)
A.Buchanan: I think the composer here is exactly "trolling solvers' preoccupations for the lulz", to quote Hauke Reddmann in MatPlus today, which even my allegedly fine German skills are unable to translate. But Hauke is German, so maybe he could do it? (2020-12-30)
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Keywords: En passant, En passant as key (Tries)
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye v4.85 + thinking
FEN: 8/2p1p1p1/4P3/3p1p2/2pPkPpP/4p3/1PP1P1P1/Kb3B2
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2021-01-06 more...
6 - P0001453
Luis Alberto Garaza
327v Europe Echecs 225/226 10/1977
1. hxg3ep! 0-0#!
play all play one stop play next play all
Henrik Juel: 1.hxg3 0-0#, not 1... Tf1? (2020-12-08)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: 1. hxg3 O-O#(auch Tf1# !) mögliche zugfolge:
1. d2-d4 f7-f5 2. Lc1-d2 f5-f4 3. Ld2-c1 e7-e6 4. Lc1-d2 c7-c5 5. Ld2-c1 b7-b5
6. Lc1-d2 a7-a6 7. Ld2-c1 Lc8-b7 8. c2-c4 Ke8-f7 9. Lc1xf4 Sg8-f6 10. Lf4-h6 g7xh6
11. Dd1-d3 h6-h5 12. Dd3-d1 Lf8-h6 13. h2-h4 Lh6-g5 14. h4xLg5 h5-h4 15. Dd1-d3 h7-h5
16. Dd3-d1 b5xc4 17. a2-a4 Lb7-e4 18. d4-d5 e6xd5 19. Ta1-a3 Le4-c2 20. f2-f4 Th8-e8
21. Ta3-g3 Te8-e3 22. f4-f5 Sf6-e4 23. f5-f6 Kf7-e6 24. f6-f7 Se4-d2 25. Sg1-h3 Sd2xf1
26. Sh3-f2 Sf1-d2 27. Sf2-g4 Sd2-e4 28. Dd1-d3 Lc2-d1 29. Sg4-f6 c4-c3 30. Sf6-h7 c3-c2
31. b2-b4 c5-c4 32. b4-b5 Sb8-c6 33. b5-b6 Sc6-a5 34. b6-b7 c2-c1L 35. g5-g6 c4-c3
36. Sb1-a3 c3-c2 37. Sa3-b5 Ta8-c8 38. b7-b8L Tc8-c3 39. Lb8-d6 La5-c4 40. a4-a5 a6xSb5
41. a5-a6 Ke6-f5 42. a6-a7 Dd8-e8 43. a7-a8S De8-e5 44. Sa8-c7 Lc1-b2 45. Sc7-e6 Lb2-a1
46. Se6-f8 Kf5-f4 47. Tg3-g5 Se4-f6 48.Ld6-a3 Te3-h3 49. La3-b2 Sc4-a3 50. g2-g4 (2020-12-11)
Henrik Juel: The white castling is needed to prove (a posteriori) that last move was g2-g4, legitimizing the ep capture (2020-12-31)
Keywords: En passant as key, Castling (wk), a posteriori (AP)
Genre: h#, Retro
FEN: 5N2/3p1P1N/5nP1/1p1pq1Rp/5kPp/n1rQ3r/1Bp1P3/b2bK2R
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-12-31 more...
7 - P0001468
Oskar E. Vinje
The Fairy Chess Review 1938
Letzter Zug?
R: 1. 0-0-0
play all play one stop play next play all
Deemed stipulation: "Erster Zug des wTd1?"
Henrik Juel: White pawns captured all 13 missing black men
Retracting the castling is the only way to give Black a retraction, e.g. Kc2-b3 (2020-12-01)
Keywords: Type A, Last Move? (0-0-0), Castling (wl), Economy record (Last move), First Move? (T0), Economy record (First move)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/P1p5/PN6/1P6/P1N5/Pk6/pP6/2KR4
Reprints: 342 Europe Echecs 241 01/1979
1.57A Eigenartige Schachprobleme , p. 194, 2010
1 Die Schwalbe 360-1, p. 737, 12/2020
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-12-18 more...
8 - P0001550
Michel Caillaud
421 Europe Echecs 295 07/1983
A. Hazebrouck gewidmet
1. Preis
BP in 35.5
1. h4 c5 2. h5 c4 3. Th4 c3 4. Tc4 b5 5. g4 b4 6. Lg2 b3 7. Lc6 bxa2 8. b4 a5 9. b5 a4 10. b6 a3 11. La4 Sc6 12. b7 d5 13. b8=D d4 14. Dd6 d3 15. Dg6 dxc2 16. d3 fxg6 17. Ld2 c1=L 18. Db3 c2 19. La5 Lh6 20. Sd2 c1=L 21. Sf1 Lcg5 22. f4 Kf7 23. 0-0-0 a1=L 24. fxg5 a2 25. gxh6 Kf6 26. Sh2 Kg5 27. Tf1 Lf6 28. Tff4 a1=L 29. Kb1 Lae5 30. d4 Lb7 31. dxe5 Dd2 32. exf6 Te8 33. f7 Sf6 34. Dd3 Sd7 35. Ld1 Sdb8 36. Sgf3+
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5 Frolkin-Ceriani-Umwandlungen: 4 schwarze Läufer und 1 weiße Dame! Eine der bahnbrechenden frühen KBPs.
Silvio Baier: Der wesentliche thematische Inhalt ist bereits nach 31,5 Zügen erreicht. Bis dahin ist es C+ (Euclide 0.98). (2010-08-04)
James Malcom: Is this fully C+ then? (2021-01-27)
Henrik Juel: No, only the first 31.5 moves are tested OK (2021-01-27)
James Malcom: No Henrik, as in is the entire problem testable. (2021-01-27)
Henrik Juel: I guess that testing the entire problem would take an unreasonably long time (2021-04-06)
A.Buchanan: It might be possible these days: the motivation for stopping at 31.5 is that the promotion theme had been demonstrated by then. But there’s still e.g. bSb8 as random impostor (2021-04-07)
Keywords: Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (llllD), Unique Proof Game, Castling, Promotion (llllD), Impostor (s)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1n2rb1r/1b2pPpp/2n3pP/B5kP/2R2RP1/3Q1N2/3qP2N/1K1B4
Reprints: 25 Shortest Proof Games 11/1991
(1) diagrammes 103 10-12/1992
(A) Quartz 22 10-12/2002
(8-a) Die Schwalbe 250A 08/2011
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-04-07 more...
9 - P0001551
Wolfgang Dittmann
2724 feenschach 46 04-06/1979
1. Preis
#1 vor 7
VRZ, Typ Proca
R: 1. Kd2xLe1 e2-e1=L+ 2. Kc3-d2 e4xd3ep 3. d2-d4 e5-e4+ 4. Kd3xBc3 b4xc3ep 5. c2-c4 b5-b4+ 6. Kc4xTd3 c6xBb5 7. Kc5-c4, dann 1. b6#
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Mario Richter: For the retraction of ep-captures, the animation engine puts the uncaptured pawn on the wrong square. (2020-12-09)
A.Buchanan: Well spotted Mario. Suggest that you drop a quick email to Gerd? If that's not convenient for you, let me know and I will (2020-12-09)
Mario Richter: Gerd is informed. (2020-12-09)
Keywords: En passant, Defensive Retractor, Type Proca
Genre: Retro
FEN: rn5b/kp1pp3/b7/8/8/3p1PP1/p4PP1/4K3
Reprints: feenschach 61 08/1982
422 Europe Echecs 295 07/1983
150 Der Blick zurück 2006
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2006-08-26 more...
10 - P0001622
Christian Poisson
491b Europe Echecs 355/356 07-08/1988
1. Lf1 2. Kh3 3. Kh4 4. Lh3 5. fxg3ep 6. Kh5 7. Kg6 8. Kf7 9. Ke8 10. 0-0-0 11. Td7 a8=D#
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The cluster of tries: Kh2-g1-f1-e1-d2-...-e8 0-0-0 Td7 is 12 moves: just too long.
In the diagram, e.p. is not permitted because last move might be g3-g4. So first shift sK to h4. Following the e.p., check that wK does now have prior move: Kf4-f3. Now sK scampers to e8 where through consequent forgetfulness it recovers castling rights.
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Keywords: En passant, Castling (sg), Consequential Series Mover, Valladao Task, Promotion in the mating move (D), Switchback (l), Promotion (D), Königswanderung
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: r7/P1p5/pp6/5pp1/5pP1/5K1b/4rp1k/8
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-09-14 more...
11 - P0001634
Dmitri W. Pronkin
503v Europe Echecs 358 04/1989
5. Preis
BP in 31,0
1. b3 h5 2. La3 h4 3. Dc1 h3 4. Kd1 hxg2 5. h4 e5 6. h5 e4 7. h6 e3 8. h7 exf2 9. e4 f5 10. Se2 g1=L 11. Lg2 f1=L 12. e5 Lb6 13. d4 Lfc5 14. dxc5 f4 15. cxb6 f3 16. Df4 f2 17. Sc1 La6 18. Lc5 f1=L 19. a3 Lfb5 20. c4 Se7 21. cxb5 Tg8 22. hxg8=L g5 23. Lc4 d5 24. bxa6 Lf5 25. e6 Sc8 26. e7 Kf7 27. e8=L+ Kg8 28. Leb5 c6 29. Ta2 cxb5 30. Tc2 Sc6 31. Sa2 dxc4+
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paul: Correction of P0001580 (2010-09-25)
Silvio Baier: Mit 30....dc+ ist das C+ (Euclide 0.98, Retractor für den letzten Zug) (2011-07-08)
James Malcom: So this is fully C+? (2021-01-27)
Henrik Juel: No, another problem in 30.0 moves ending with 30. Tc2 dxc4+ is tested OK (2021-01-27)
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Keywords: Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (lllLL), Unique Proof Game, Promotion (lllLL)
Genre: Retro
FEN: r1nq2k1/pp6/PPn5/1pB2bp1/2p2Q2/PP6/N1R3B1/1N1K3R
Reprints: 580 Ukrainisches Album 1986-1990
26 Shortest Proof Games 11/1991
H25 FIDE Album 1986-1988 1995
(H25) Die Schwalbe 156, p. 237, 12/1995
feenschach 141 06/2001
Thema Danicum 105 2002
(C) Quartz 22 10-12/2002
H2 The Problemist 07/2010
(18) Die Schwalbe 250A 08/2011
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-04-06 more...
12 - P0001653
Philippe Leroy
522 Europe Echecs 373 01/1990
BP in 60.0
Es fand ein ep-Schlag statt. Welcher?
1. a3 b5 2. a4 b4 3. a5 c5 4. a6 Lb7 5. axb7 a5 6. c4 bxc3ep 7. e4 f5 8. e5 Sf6 9. exf6 c2 10. De2 d5 11. De4 dxe4 12. g4 h5 13. g5 Th6 14. gxh6 g5 15. Se2 h4 16. Sg3 hxg3 17. f7+ Kd7 18. d4 c4 19. d5 Ta6 20. h7 g2 21. h8=L g1=L 22. Lc3 a4 23. La5 g4 24. h4 Lh2 25. h5 g3 26. h6 g2 27. h7 g1=L 28. h8=L a3 29. Lhc3 a2 30. f3 Ld4 31. Lcb4 Lh8 32. La3 c3 33. Le3 c1=L 34. Lg1 c2 35. Sc3 Tf6 36. Sa4 Sa6 37. b8=L Lch6 38. Lba7 Lb8 39. Th4 c1=L 40. d6 Kc6 41. d7 Db6 42. d8=L Lcg5 43. Lc7 e3 44. Lch2 e5 45. Sc5 Sc7 46. Tb4 e4 47. Kd1 e2+ 48. Kc2 e1=L 49. f4 Leh4 50. Kc3 e3 51. Kd4 e2 52. Ke5 e1=L 53. Td1 a1=L 54. Td7 Leg3 55. Sa4 Df2 56. Sb6 Lfg7 57. Lb5+ Kc5 58. Lc6 Sd5+ 59. Tc7 Sxf4 60. f8=L+ Td6
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James Malcom: A very interesting retro problem, with long-winded bishops promotions to cover its en passant tracks. (2021-01-24)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: damit der Player klappt, muß 38. La7 in 38. Lba7 geändert werden. (2021-01-25)
James Malcom: Fixed. (2021-01-25)
Keywords: Constrained problem, En passant, Non-standard material, Promotion, Non-Unique Proof Game
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1b3B1b/B1R3b1/1NBr3b/B1k1Kpb1/1R3n1b/B5b1/1P3q1B/b5B1
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-01-25 more...
13 - P0004249
Alexander Kislyak
588 Europe Echecs 425 07/1994
a) Welches waren die letzten 14 Einzelzüge?
b) Geschichte der BBa2, a7, h2 und h7?
R: 1. Ta1xBa2 f4-f5 2. h7-h5 f3-f4 3. Th6-h2 f2-f3 4. Th1xBh6 h5-h6 5. Lf7-e8 h4-h5 6. Lb3-f7 h3-h4 7. Ld1-b3 h2-h3
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AV: The 4 rook-pawns made all varieties : capture (...axb6), small step (h2-h3), long step (...h7-h5) and... no move at all (...Rxa2+) ! (2014-12-04)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: R: 1. Ta1xBa2 f4-f5 2. h7-h5 f3-f4 3. Th6-h2 f2-f3 4. Th1xBh6 h5-h6 5. Lf7-e8 h4-h5 6. Lb3-f7 h3-h4 7. Ld1-b3 h2-h3 8. c2xDd1=L Db1-d1 9. c3-c2 Dc2-b1 10. d4xTc3 Da4-c2 11. Tb1-h1 Tc1-c3 12. e5xLd4 Th1-c1 13. Tf1-b1 Db3-a4 14. Tc1xLf1 Dd1-b3 15. Lh6-f8 De1-d1 16. Ke8-d8 Dd1-e1 17. Kf8-e8 Db3-d1 Kg7-f8 Sd6-c8 Le3-h6 Tf8-b8 Tc6-c1 Tf4-f8 Tc1-a1 Sc4-d6 Tf6-c6 Kb8-a7 Da3-b2 Kc8-b8 Kf7-g7 Kd8-c8 Ke6-f7 Ke8-d8 Kd5-e6 Db1-b3 Te6-f6 Kf8-e8 a7xBb6 Kg7-f8 Tf6-e6 Kh6-g7 Tf8-f6 Kg5-h6 Db3-a3 Sa3-c4 Tc6-c1 Kg4-g5 Tf6-c6 Kf3-g4 Tb8-f8 Lb2-d4 Tf8-f6 b5-b6 Th8-f8 Tf8-f4 Ke6-d5 Tc8-f8 Kf7-e6 Ke4-f3 Kg7-f7 Tf8xLc8 Lh6-e3 Tf4-f8 f6xSe5 Sf3-e5 Dg8-b3 Kd4-e4 Dd8-g8 Kc3-d4 Kf8-g7 Kc2-c3 Ke8-f8 Kd1-c2 Lf8-h6 Ke1-d1 g7-g6 Dd1-b1 f7-f6 c2xSd3 Se5-d3+ Lc1-b2 Sg4-e5 Tb4-f4 Sf6-g4 Tb1-b4 Sg8-f6 Sg1-f3 Sb6-a8 Ta1-b1 Sd5-b6 Sb1-a3 Sb4-d5 Lb2-c1 Sc6-b4 b4-b5 Ta8-b8 Lc1-b2 Sb8-c6 b2-b4 (2021-07-24)
Keywords: Last Moves? (14), Promotion (l)
Genre: Retro
FEN: nRNkbb2/Kpppp3/1p4p1/5P1p/8/3P4/rq1PP1Pr/8
Reprints: H15 FIDE Album Annexe 1992-1994 2003
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2003-09-07 more...
14 - P0559179
Tivadar Kardos
300v Europe Echecs 02/1961
(9+8) C+
1. Kb8 Ka4 2. Kc8 Ka3 3. Kd8 Ka4 4. Ke8 Ka3 5. Kf8 Ka4 6. Kg7 Ka3 7. Kf6 Ka4 8. Kg5 Ka3 9. Kf4 Ka4 10. Kxe4 Ka3 11. Kd3 Ka4 12. e4 Ka3 13. e3 Ka4 14. e2 Ka3 15. e1=D Ka4 16. Dxe6 Ka3 17. Dd7 cxd7 18. Kc2 d8=D 19. Kb1 Dd1#
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mit wKa4 h#20 0.1...
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Keywords: Promotion (Dd), Entblockung, Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (d), Model mate, Königswanderung, Switchback (K), Kindergarten Problem, Pronkin Theme (D)
Genre: h#
Computer test: Gustav 4.1d
FEN: 8/k1p1p3/1pP1P2p/1P2p2P/1Pp1P3/KpP5/1P6/8
Input: Hans-Jürgen Schäfer, 1999-01-01
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-04-06 more...
15 - P1051860
Manfred Zucker
1558 Europe Echecs 04/1970
(6+6) C+
1. Lf5! e1=S 2. Lg4 g1=S 3. Se4 a1=D 4. Lc8+ Kb5 5. Sd6#
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Sally: Europe Echecs, April 1970 , Lob.
Zwei Holstumwandlungen hintereiander als gestaffelte Vor-
pläne. 1. Se4? Scheiert an1. -Bg1D!.Die Vorbrbereitung:
1. g4? - Bg1S,2. Se4 Aber an 1. Be1D!
1. Lf5+ - Be1S, 2. Lg4 - Bg1S,3. Se4 - Ba1D,4. Lc8+ - Kb5,
5. Sd6# Mustermatt.
S. 62 Ausgew. S. Aufg. (1989) Nr.118 (Zucker). (2010-08-26)
Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61
1.Lf5 e1=S 2.Lg4 g1=S 3.Se4 a1=D 4.Lc8+ Kb5 5.Sd6# (2021-02-23)
Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (36900), Promotion, konsekutive Umwandlungen 3 (ssd)
Genre: n#
FEN: 3N2K1/3B4/kB6/2P5/pp6/6N1/p3p1p1/8
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-02-24 more...
16 - P1053632
Erkki Aukusti Wirtanen
Europe Echecs 1970

BS Problemid: 38675
Authors: Wirtanen, Erkki A
Years: 1970
Teppo Mänttä: 1.Tc8? d5!; 1.Tf8! (2.exd3+/2.Txd3) 1.--- g5 2.Sg8 L-/Kd5 3.exf3+/Sf6+ Kd5/Kc6 4.Se7#/Tc8#; 1.--- dxe5 2.Tc8 Le3 3.exd3+ cxd3 4.Lxd3#. (2021-05-14)
Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (38675)
Genre: n#
FEN: 4R3/p3N1p1/K2pp3/4P3/1Pp1kbP1/2Bp1r2/3RPpN1/5B2
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
17 - P1082812
Arthur Pach
1894 Europe Echecs 162 07/1972
1. g5 2. g4 3. gxh3 4. h2 5. h1=L 6. Lxc6 7. Le8 8. c5 9. c4 10. c3 11. c2 12. c1=L 13. Ld2 14. Lxa5 15. Ld8 16. a5 17. a4 18. a3 19. a2 20. a1=L 21. Lxb2 22. Lc1 23. Lxh6 24. Lf8 25. h5 26. h4 27. h3 28. h2 29. h1=L 30. L1c6 31. L6d7 f6#
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4 sL-Umwandlungen
Erich Bartel: Bei der angegebenen Quelle dürfte es sich um einen Nachdruck handeln.
Lt. dem mir vorliegenden Original-Heft ist die Erstquelle:
1894 Europe Echecs (162) VII 1972.---
weiterer Nachdruck:
2) 81 feenschach (16) VIII 1973 (2009-07-27)
SBD: The 1978 second edition of Rice and Dickins The Serieshelpmate gives the BCM source, so perhaps the error crept in by the citation of the secondary source through the book? (2009-08-01)
Anton Baumann: C+ Alybadix (2020-11-17)
Keywords: Excelsior, black, Promotions to bishops, Series mover
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 8/p1p1kppp/2P1p2P/P3PP2/8/7P/1P6/5K2
Reprints: British Chess Magazine 08/1972
81) feenschach 16, p. 114, 08/1973
Input: HBae, 2009-02-06
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2017-01-18 more...
18 - P1095673
Romeo Bedoni
Europe Echecs 1966
(11+8) cooked
1. b8=T+ Kc5 2. exf8=L+ Kd5 3. fxg8=D+ Ke5 4. gxh8=S Kxf5 5. Dg5+ hxg5 6. Sg6 hxg6#
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SCHRECKE: Unlösbar!
Auf h6 muss wohl ein wB stehen, dann geht 5.Dg5+ f:g5 6.Sg6 h:g6# (2021-02-16)
Keywords: Allumwandlung, konsekutive Umwandlungen 4 (TLDS)
Genre: s#
FEN: 3NNnbb/1P2PPPp/5p1p/1k3P1K/R5p1/1P4P1/8/8
Input: Frank Müller, 2009-12-10
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-02-16 more...
19 - P1129098
Manfred Zucker
1293 Europe Echecs 06/1968
1. Td1 (Le3,Ld4,Lc5,Lb6,La7) f2 2. Lxf2+ Kh2 3. Le1 Kg1 4. Lg3#
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(v) +sBh4
SCHRECKE: Korrektur: siehe P1386462 (2021-02-14)
Keywords: Miniature Collection (0337543), Minimal, Miniature
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/8/8/8/5N2/5p1P/8/2K2RBk
Input: Zuncke/Bruder, 2010-09-11
Last update: Felber, Volker, 2021-02-14 more...
20 - P1150128
Christian Caminade
Europe Echecs 1997
(5+2) C+
b) nach dem Schlüsselzug
a) 1. Ld8 Ke6 2. Lh4 Kd6 3. Lg3+ Ke6 4. Kf4 Kd6 5. Kf5#

b) 1. La5 Ke6 2. Le1 Kd6 3. Lg3+ Ke6 4. Kf4 Kd6 5. Kf5#
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Keywords: Miniature Collection (0337603), Herlin, Minimal (b), Miniature, discovered checkmate, Battery creation, Batteriematt diagonal, Königsbatterie, Twin by continuation after key
Genre: n#
Computer test: Popeye 4.61
FEN: 4B1N1/8/3k4/B1p5/2P1K3/8/8/8
Input: Zuncke/Bruder, 2010-09-12
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-09-22 more...
21 - P1240068
Fernand Calvet
818 Europe Echecs 03/1965
3. Lob
1. Tb6 f8=T 2. De8 dxe8=L 3. Lc8 cxb8=D 4. Kd8 g8=S=
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Anton Baumann: C+ Gustav 4.1d (2020-12-14)
Keywords: Allumwandlung
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 1n6/1pPPkPP1/4r2P/B3p2q/4P2P/7b/K7/8
Input: Erich Bartel, 2012-05-29
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2017-08-03 more...
22 - P1284680
Manfred Zucker
1373 Europe Echecs 15/03/1969
(5+5) C+
1. Tf8 Lxf8 2. Sa8 Lc5 3. Sxc5+ Ka5 4. b4#
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klären: MZ nennt in seinen Aufzeichnungen 'Januar 1969, Nr. 1373'
SCHRECKE: C+, Gustav 4.1d, Brute Force (2021-02-15)
Keywords: Schlagrömer, Model mate
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/1NN5/2p3pb/8/k1K5/8/1P3R2/4n3
Input: Rainer Staudte, 2014-04-27
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-02-15 more...
23 - P1318002
Manfred Zucker
1357 Europe Echecs 119 12/1968
(5+6) C+
* 1. ... dxe2+ 2. Kxe2#

1. Sg6! dxe2+ 2. Kxe2+ Kxg2 3. Sf4#
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Frank Müller: Der Terminus Kreuzschach ist mir ja vertraut, aber was ist Gegenschach? (2016-03-06)
Felber, Volker: Definition der Schlüsselwörter in der PDB:

Kreuzschach: Ein Schach wird durch ein Gegenschach beantwortet, ohne die schachbietende Figur zu schlagen. Soll das Kreuzschach nicht Matt sein, braucht das Gegenschach kein Abzugsschach zu sein! ("Die Schwalbe" 31, 02/1975, S. 275)

Gegenschach: Schach wird mit Schach beantwortet, kein Kreuzschach (2021-02-15)
more ...
Keywords: Model mate, Gegenschach
Genre: 3#
Computer test: H. Juel: Popeye 4.61
FEN: 8/8/8/8/3p3N/3p2p1/3pP1Pp/3R1K1k
Input: Rainer Staudte, 2016-03-06
Last update: Felber, Volker, 2021-02-15 more...
24 - P1386462
Manfred Zucker
1293V Europe Echecs 06/1968
(5+3) C+
1. Td1 f2 2. Lxf2+ Kh2 3. Le1 Kg1 4. Lg3#
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Wegen NL sBh4 hinzugefügt und somit keine Miniatur mehr.
Original unter P1129098
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Genre: n#
Computer test: SCHRECKE: C+, Gustav 4.1d, Brute Force (2021-02-14)
FEN: 8/8/8/8/5N1p/5p1P/8/2K2RBk
Input: Felber, Volker, 2021-02-14
Last update: Felber, Volker, 2021-02-14 more...
25 - P1391330
Jacobus Haring
Europe Echecs 1963
1. Preis
1. Sfxe4? Lxd3!

1. Sgxe4!
play all play one stop play next play all
SCHRECKE: C+, popeye 4.87
1.Sg:e4! (2.Td8#)
1. ... Dh5 2.Dg1#
1. ... De1+ 2.Sc3#
1. ... Dg3 2.S:g3#
1. ... Dg5 2.S:g5#
1. ... D:f6 2.S:f6# (2021-07-03)

Genre: 2#
FEN: 1BR5/8/p3PNpp/K1P5/2Pkp1Rq/3P2NP/4B3/1bQ5
Reprints: 3839 Schach-Echo 3, p. 48, 02/1965
Input: Dieter Berlin, 2021-07-03
Last update: Dieter Berlin, 2021-07-03 more...
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