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1 - P0501023
Attila Koranyi
Zdravko Maslar

Sakkelet 1991
Maslar, Version Koranyi
1. ... Kb8 2. Df5 Ka8 3. f3 Kb8 4. f2 Ka8 5. f1=L Kb8 6. Ld3 Ka8 7. Lb1 Kb8 8. La2 Ka8 9. Db1 Kb8 10. f5 Ka8 11. f4 Kb8 12. f3 Ka8 13. f2 Kb8 14. f1=L Ka8 15. Tf2 Kb8 16. Kf7 Ka8 17. Ke6 Kb8 18. Kd5 Ka8 19. Kc4 Kb8 20. Kc3 Ka8 21. Kb2 Kb8 22. Ka1 Ka8 23. Tb2 Kb8 24. T8f2 Ka8 25. Lf5 Kb8 26. Lc2 Ka8 27. d3 Kb8 28. Le3 Kc7 29. e5 Kxd6 30. Lc1 Ke6 31. Td2 Kf5 32. e4 Kg4 33. Le2+ Kxh3 34. e3 Kg2 35. Led1+ Kf1 36. e2+ Ke1=
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1.5 moves more then the famous P0501022
Michel Caillaud: Cooked
In Winchloé, the h=35 is given as Zdravko Maslar, Problem 1958, with a cook :
1.Dh5 Ka8 2.f3 Kb8 3.f2 Ka8 4.f1=L Kb8 5.Ld3 Ka8 6.Lb1 Kb8 7.La2 Ka8 8.f5 Kb8 9.f4 Ka8 10.f3 Kb8 11.f2 Ka8 12.f1=L Kb8 13.Ld3 Ka8 14.Ldb1 Kb8 15.Tf2 Ka8 16.Tb2 Kb8 17.Tff2 Ka8 18.Lçf5 Kb8 19.Lfç2 Ka8 20.d3 Kb8 21.Lé3 Kç7 22.é5 K×d6 23.Lç1 Kd5 24.Td2 Ké4 25.Dd1 Kf5 26.Kh7 Ké6 27.Kh6 Ké7 28.Kh5 Kf7 29.Kg4 Kf6 30.Kf3 Kf5 31.Ké2 Kg4 32.Ké1+ K×h3 33.é4 Kg3 34.é3 Kh3 35.é2 Kg2=
and P0501022 as the correction
It seems Zdravko analyzed the whole thing in due time... (2022-07-26)
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Keywords: Move Length Record, Rex solus (w)
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 2b2rk1/2K1pr2/1b1n1p2/3q4/3p1p2/1p5n/8/8
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1996-06-06
Last update: James Malcom, 2022-04-27 more...
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