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1 - P1037407
Johannes Hermann Zukertort
Westminster Papers 1873

BS Problemid: 22355
Authors: Zukertort, Johannes H
Years: 1873
Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (22355)
Genre: n#
FEN: 4n1B1/1q6/2R4p/3p1k2/3B3P/1pN2Kn1/4P1P1/8
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
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2 - P1048392
Johannes Hermann Zukertort
405 Westminster Papers 01/04/1874
1. Df6+! Dxf6 2. Lc4+ d5 3. exd6ep#
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BS Problemid: 33419
Authors: Zukertort, Johannes H
Years: 1874
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Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (33419), En passant
Genre: 3#
FEN: 8/2Kp2q1/2N1k3/1rp1Pn2/7Q/1P6/3bB3/r3R3
Reprints: 8 Galveston Daily News 05/08/1888
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
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3 - P1166983
Johannes Hermann Zukertort
Philadelphia Times 27/12/1885
1. g8=sS# (schwarzer Springer)
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Duplicate Diagram: P1380948, P1380949

'Philadelphia Times' (27.12.1885) im Vorfeld des anstehenden Matches Zukertort-Steinitz):
"Zukey's Mate in One
Zukertort was, as might be expected, full of new good things in chess, and the following remarkable mate in one move, which he showed to an admiring gallery of spectators at the Manhattan Chess Club the other day, proves that he has more 'points' than are dreamed of in Steinitz' philosophy. ... 'Now.' said Dr. Zukertort, 'white has the move and he can legitimately, according to the letter of the rules of chess, checkmate in ONE move.'The 'gallery' was incredulous, but the doctor speedily demonstrated the correctness of his assertion. No doubt when Steinitz hears of this wonderful feat he'll try to cancel the match."
und bei den Lösungen am 03.01.1886: "The chief purpose of the 'problem' is to show that one of the rules in chess is imperfectly worded. We refer to the one relating to promotions of pawns, which says: A pawn reaching the eighth square must at once be exchanged for any piece (except king) that the player of the pawn may elect. ...
Now, white takes advantage of the literal reading of the rule and pushes pawn to knight's eighth, claiming black knight and discovering checkmate. This shows that the rule shonld be made 'any piece (except king) of his own color,' etc.
While on the subject of pawn promotion we might also state Steinitz and Zukertort, in their coming match, will have the right to allow a pawn to remain a pawn on the eighth row, for their match will be governed by the '"Dummy pawn "code of 1862, which allows that additional privilege to the player of the 'promoted' pawn."

Bezieht sich vermutlich auf die unpräzise Formulierung im Regelwerk der "British Chess Association" von 1862
Law XIII: "When a pawn has reached the eighth square, the player has the option of selecting a piece, whether such piece has previously been lost or not, whose names and powers it shall then assume, or of deciding that it shall remain a pawn."
(noch 1889(!) schreibt W. Steinitz in: 'The modern chess instructor' über den Bauer im Schachspiel (S.XVII): "He ... alone of all chessmen has the privilege of promotion, i.e., on reaching an eighth square he may be exchanged either for a Queen or any other piece his player may select. The laws of the British Chess Association, which we adopt, provide that his player may refuse his promotion, in which case he remains a Pawn as before, but unmovable, and he is termed a 'dummy' Pawn.")
Sally: Hier zeigt sich Zukertorts Humor!
Nachdruck in :
Numa Pretis ABC des Eches 1895.
Mit der Lösung nimmt er vermutlich eine nicht präzise formulierte Umwandlungsregel auf die Schippe. (2017-10-20)
Henrik Juel: I believe that the rule book just said that a pawn promotes to an officer, giving problem pranksters the opportunity to feature promotions to the opposite color and to king (2017-10-20)
Mario Richter: @Sally: Diese Aufgabe ist ja noch relativ harmlos. Wenn Du mal ein "richtiges" Beispiel für Zukertorts schrägen Humor kennenlernen möchtest, versuch' mal, P1342070 zu lösen ... (2017-10-21)
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Keywords: Miniature Collection (0028869), Joke, Joke promotion (s), Rex solus (s), Character problem (T), Ideal mate
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/5RPk/6N1/6K1/8/8/8/8
Reprints: XVII ABC des Echecs [Preti] 1895
14 L'Express du Midi 28/05/1923
Input: Felber, Volker, 2010-09-12
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4 - P1342070
Johannes Hermann Zukertort
Philadelphia Times 23/03/1884
a) 1. Kxf8 g5 2. Sf7#
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Max Lange couldn't solve it
"I set it up one night at Leipsic," pursued Dr. Zukertort. "for Max Lange and another expert to solve. The stipulation is that White shall force mate in two moves. Lange and the other man studied the situation and declared it couldn't be done, so I had to explain. You see," said Zukertort, "that knight could give mate by taking pawn [1. Sxg6] but for the fact that the rook's pawn could retake [hxg6]. Well, the knight at K B 8 [wSf8], thinking about this hindrance, gets madder and madder, until he gets black with rage. The moment he becomes black with rage white king is entitled to cature him as a black piece, and the solution runs:
1. Kx Sf8, which has become black from rage.
Answer - Pawn move [1. ... g5]
2. Kt to B 7. Checkmate"
Henrik Juel: Here is one attempt, albeit pretty gross
1.Kxf8!? g5 2.Sf7#
The 'explanation' comes from past play
1.0 moves ago Sf8 was Pe7, there was a black officer on f8 (DTS), and Pg6 stood on g7
The play went 1.exf8=S g6, where the S was supposed to be black; they could not find a black S, so they agreed to let w white one stand in its place; but Sf8 is really black...
Question: Why was 1.exf8=DT# not played? (2017-10-21)
Henrik Juel: typo: to let a white one, not w (2017-10-21)
Mario Richter: I do like Henrik's solution more than the intended one. It shows Henrik's power of imagination and also some relation to P1166983. Furthermore it proves that joke problems usually can have more than one solution.
Zukertort's solution is at most a 'Kalauer', based on the german idiomatic speech "sich schwarz ärgern". (2017-10-24)
Ladislav Packa: 1.Kxf8? Kxh7! refutes
The basic rule of chess jokes: what can make white, it can also black. (2017-10-24)
Adrian Storisteanu: Laco, I'm not entirely sure. ChessProblems.ca Bulletin 5 (April 2015), p.139: "Here is the short version -- these two are joke problems, and the two, exactly as *I* choose to tell them, are the #$&% jokes..." :-) (2017-10-24)
Keywords: Joke
Genre: 2#
FEN: 5N1k/5K1p/6pN/8/8/8/8/8
Input: Mario Richter, 2017-10-21
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5 - P1342548
Johannes Hermann Zukertort

1. Lxb6 Kxb4 2. La5+ Txa5 3. b6 +-
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Genre: Studies
FEN: 3B4/P7/1p6/1P6/1P6/2k2K2/r7/8
Reprints: EG5 Oesterreichisch-ungarische militärische Blätter 16/05/1874
Input: Mario Richter, 2017-11-01
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6 - P1357967
Johannes Hermann Zukertort
503 Neue Berliner Schachzeitung , p. 127, 04/1868
S. Marx gewidmet
(10+10) cooked
1. Ld4! Txh8 2. Kf3 Sxg3 3. Sxd5
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Henrik Juel: 1.Ld4 fails on 1... Kg4! only (2018-11-23)
Keywords: no solution
Genre: n#
FEN: 2b2bBQ/6Br/q1R1N1p1/3p1k1n/1Np4P/n5P1/4P1K1/8
Reprints: Schachzeitung , p. 11, 01/1869
Input: Felber, Volker, 2018-11-23
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7 - P1358746
Johannes Hermann Zukertort
607 Neue Berliner Schachzeitung , p. 94, 03/1869
nach Loyd
(4+5) C+
Schwarz hat noch nicht rochiert
1. Dxa7! ... 2. Da8#, 2. Db8#
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Da die schwarzen Bauern auf ihren Ursprungsfeldern stehen, ferner der Springer im letzten Zug nicht gezogen haben kann - er hätte nur von b5 oder c8 kommen können und dann könnte der weisse König nicht auf d6 stehen - so muss der schwarze König oder Turm gezogen haben, d.h. Schwarz darf nicht mehr rochieren.
Keywords: Cant Castler
Genre: 2#, Retro
Computer test: Popeye WINDOWS98-32Bit-Version 3.77 (8192KB)
FEN: 4k2r/np3p2/2PK1P2/Q7/8/8/8/8
Input: Felber, Volker, 2018-12-16
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8 - P1362048
Johannes Hermann Zukertort

(6+12) C+
1. Txg4! fxg4 2. Sh6+ gxh6 3. Dh8+ Kxh8 4. Kf7 d3 5. Lf6+ Lxf6 6. Tb8+ Ld8 7. Txd8#
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Genre: n#
Computer test: Gustav 4.0c
FEN: 3B2k1/5Npp/4K3/4Qp2/3p2nR/p4pp1/1b2pq2/1R6
Reprints: Schachzeitung , p. 11, 01/1869
Input: Felber, Volker, 2019-03-05
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9 - P1380948
Johannes Hermann Zukertort
501 St. Louis Globe-Democrat 30/1/1886
1. g8=sS#!
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We believe the forgoing problem to be the only one that the distinguised chess master over composed.

Duplicate Diagram: P1166983, P1380949

Keywords: Joke, Joke promotion, Miniature, under-promotion (s)
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/5RPk/6N1/6K1/8/8/8/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-10-15
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