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Denis M. Saunders
Juan Kloostra

C7426 The Problemist 09/1987
(13+6) C+
1. Tf7! Tf4, T~ 2. La2+ Kxc2 3. Txf4, ~xT Kd3 4. 0-0-0#
1. ... Tg5 2. Lxg5 h4 3. Txf3 h3, exf3 4. Se2#, e4#
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BS Problemid: 23075
Authors: Saunders, Denis M
Kloostra, Juan
Sources: The Wizard of Oz 1999
Years: 1987
Im 'Problemist' ist der zweite Autor als "Jan Kloostra" angegeben
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Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (23075), Belen Theme
Genre: n#
Computer test: Gustav 4.1d, Brute Force
FEN: 8/7R/1P6/2P2r1p/N2Pp2B/2p1Pp2/2P2P2/RBk1K1N1
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
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