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Theodor Steudel
(E29) Problemkiste , p. 179, 04/2006
(4+4) C+
1. a8=L b3 2. Ld5 b2 3. Lg8 b1=S 4. c8=D a1=T 5. Dc3+ Sxc3#
play all play one stop play next play all
Erich Bartel: t/Allumwandldung, u/71221, u/LDst.--- (2008-11-25)
YM: Maybe AUW+l (30.03.2016)

7k/7B/7B/2B5/8/4b3/bb5b/4K3; HS # 6, ( 4 + 5 ) C+

1.c6 h1=L 2.c7 Ld5 3.c8=D+ Lg8 4.hxg8=L b1=S
5.h7 a1=T 6.Dc3+ Sxc3 # . (2016-04-06)
YM: On JP site (2016-4-7) was presented another opportunity hidden in this problem.
After wPc7 d7 maybe the thematic twin:
1.d8=B b3 2.a8=Q b2 3.Qh1 b1=S 4.Ba5 a1=R 5.Bc3 Sxc3 # (2016-12-20)
Keywords: Kindergarten Problem, Allumwandlung
Genre: Fairies
Computer test: Popeye WINDOWS-32Bit V4.05 (1618200 KB)
FEN: 7k/P1P4P/8/8/1p6/4p3/p7/4K3
Input: hpr, 2007-02-17
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