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1 - P1098218
Dieter Müller
Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya 11-12/2008
Moskauer Turnier 2008
2. Lob
(4+10) C+
1. Sc2+? Lxc2! 2. Kh8

1. Lxc4+! Kb1 2. La2+ Ka1 3. Lxd5+ Kb1 4. La2+ Ka1 5. Lxe6+ Kb1 6. La2+ Ka1 7. Lxf7+ Kb1 8. La2+ Ka1 9. Lxg8+ Kb1 10. La2+ Ka1 11. Sc2+ Lxc2#
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Keywords: Zwickmühle
Genre: s#
Computer test: Gustav 4.1d, Brute Force
FEN: r5n1/5ppK/4p3/3p4/b1p5/Q1b5/B7/k3N3
Input: Frank Müller, 2010-01-15
Last update: James Malcom, 2020-09-28 more...
2 - P1385355
James Malcom
puzzling.stackexchange.com 28/06/2019
"The Slaughterhouse"
s#16 for Black
1. ... Lxg3+! 2. Kg1 Lh2+ 3. Kh1 Lxf4+ 4. Kg1 Lh2+ 5. Kh1 Lxe5+ 6. Kg1 Lh2+ 7. Kh1 Lxd6+ 8. Kg1 Lh2+ 9. Kh1 Lxc7+ 10. Kg1 Lh2+ 11. Kh1 Lxb8+ 12. Kg1 Lxa7+ 13. Sc5 Lxc5+ 14. Td4 Lxd4+ 15. Le3 Lxe3+ 16. Tf2+ Lxf2+ 17. Dxf2#
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Henrik Juel: The motto is very apt
Why did you not frame the problem as a standard s#16, James? (2021-01-15)
James Malcom: It's probably because it was my first great leap at a long selfmate, and I didn't quite know all the conventions just yet. A color reversal should suffice for a C+ test. (2021-01-15)
SCHRECKE: C+, Gustav 4.1d, Brute Force (color reversal + rotation by 180 degrees) (2021-01-15)
A.Buchanan: In preserving this problem for future ages, I might tend to log the flipped version, and then record that the original was BTM, but up to you... :-) (2021-01-16)
Keywords: Zwickmühle
Genre: s#
FEN: 1N3Q2/PNP1PR2/3P4/P3P3/R4P2/6Pq/2B1k2b/2B4K
Reprints: Mat Plus 29/06/29
Input: James Malcom, 2021-01-14
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-01-14 more...
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