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Nicolas Dupont
FIDE Olympic Tourney 39 Khanty-Mansiysk 2010
3. Preis Olympia-Turnier-Khanty-Mansisysk
(14+13) C+
BP in 41.5
1. e4 d5 2. e5 d4 3. e6 d3 4. exf7+ Kd7 5. a4 e5 6. a5 e4 7. a6 e3 8. axb7 e2 9. Ta6 exd1=L 10. Tb6 a5 11. h4 a4 12. h5 a3 13. h6 a2 14. hxg7 La3 15. f8=L a1=S 16. Lb4 c5 17. Thh6 Kc7 18. Thd6 h5 19. g4 h4 20. g5 Th5 21. g6 Sh6 22. g8=L Sb3 23. g7 Sxd2 24. Lb3 Se4 25. g8=S Sf6 26. Kd2 h3 27. Kc3 h2 28. Kc4 h1=L 29. Le1 d2 30. c3 Lc2 31. Se7 Lh7 32. Sf5 d1=T 33. Sg3 Lcf5 34. f4 Sbd7 35. b8=S Dc8 36. Sc6 Db7 37. Sb4 Lc6 38. Sh1 Td5 39. Ld1 Kb8 40. b3 Lb2 41. Sc2 Ta3 42. Sa1
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James Malcom: It is very suprising that such a long proof game can be C+. Is this the longest proven, orthodox PG? (2021-03-10)
A.Buchanan: “Consecutive promotions” indicates that the promotions have a thematic “nearness” in the sequence of game moves (or perhaps that the order is significant - but I think a new keyword like “ordered promotions” would be better for that?) These are actually uncommon objectives, and are certainly not goals in this composition as far as I can see. Just “promotion” with a shopping list of the promotions which took place avoids extra keying, redundancy, errors and inflexibility. I wish that everyone can develop a joy in accurate naming, and a unwillingness to settle for slipshod language. Thanks (2021-03-11)
Henrik Juel: Yes, James, this may well be the longest C+ PG
I tried to test it with Euclide 1.01
Strategy 1 turned out to be successful, and the intended solution was found in an hour
Strategy 2 turned out not to provide a solution, and I terminated the program after some 12 hours, while it was searching for strategy 3 (which may not exist) (2021-03-11)
ras@bsiag.com: I just tried this with my own solving program (still wip though, not to be trusted yet). Finds unique solution in 6sec. Surprising. (2022-08-02)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Non-standard material (LLSStsll), Ornament, Promotion (lLsLSltS)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Euclide 0.98
FEN: 1k6/1q1n3b/1RbR1n1n/2pr1b1r/2K2P2/rPP5/1b6/NNBBBBNN
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2010-06-25
Last update: James Malcom, 2022-02-14 more...
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