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Hiroshi Nagano
Tsume-Shogi Paradise 1995
BP in 10.5 (also game after Black's 6th move).
1. Sf3 Sf6 2. Sh4 Sd5 3. f3 f6 4. Kf2 Kf7 5. Kg3 Ke6 6. Kg4 Ke5 7. Kh3 Kf4 8. Tg1 Kg5 9. Kg3 Kh6 10. Kf2 Kh5 11. Ke1
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Keywords: Tempo Loss, Unique Proof Game, Capture-free
Genre: Retro
FEN: rnbq1b1r/ppppp1pp/5p2/3n3k/7N/5P2/PPPPP1PP/RNBQKBR1
Input: Alain Brobecker, 2012-03-22
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