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Andrew Buchanan
R404c Probleemblad 12/2012
3. Lob
Probleemblad Retros 2009-2012
(15+15) C+
Proof game in 7.5
1. f3 d5 2. Kf2 Kd7 3. Ke3 d4+ 4. Kxd4 Ke6+ 5. Kc5 Dxd2 6. Lxd2[+sDd8] a6! 7. Lc3 a5 8. Dd5+
Not 6. ... a5? 7. Lc3 Dd5+ 8. Dxd5[+sDd8]+ because the game is already dead after 7.0 moves.
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Originally published as R404 with magazine's typo (wKc5 placed on c4). The diagram shown here is the correct diagram published in Probleemblad 71-2, apr-jun 2013 as R404c.
Ladislav Packa: I don`t know whether this is the right example for the application of Rule A.1.3. It is a very general rule and in the Laws of Chess can be found more accurately examples, for example A.5.2. or A.9.2. - Threefold repetition of position. (2013-12-16)
A.Buchanan: Thanks very much for your comment Ladislav.

Threefold Repetition (or the 50 Move Rule) could only terminate the game at a later point, and require the conventions to trigger them. I think it's more accurate to use A1.3 to stop the game earlier at 7.5, including the pleasant try, and with no recourse to the conventions needed.

PDB & WinChloe contain no problems combining Circe with Threefold Repetition or the 50 move rule. Has anyone exploited the forced looping effect thematically in Circe before? (2013-12-16)
A.Buchanan: This little problem has been reprinted in Probleemblad 74-2, apr-jun 2016 as 3e BV, but the typo from R404 has been *reintroduced*! Maniacal laughter! :-( (2016-06-16)
A.Buchanan: To be clear, this problem would be unsound without DP, as the try would be a cook. Draw by Repetition & 50 Move are Roger Irrelevant here - even without recourse to these rules or conventions, there is no mate in the infinite loop of descending positions. Curiously, I have seen no other Circe problem which depends upon the forced looping that can so easily be set up, particularly in the end game, and which one might term "Circe Circuits". (2018-09-09)
Adrian Storisteanu: (The 50-move rule may not really fit circe problems. A different number might be more appropriate for circe endgames -- though I'm not familiar with the theory!?) (2018-09-09)
A.Buchanan: Circe endgames one might expect to be longer, because the stronger side cannot so easily eliminate the opposing pieces. In adapting 50M condition, one might interpret capturing to mean the genuine removal of a piece from the board, but pawn moves can be undone: the only pawn move which is a genuine progression is a promotion.
Forced looping interacts first with draw by repetition, so the 50M question is not so much of an issue. (2018-09-15)
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Keywords: Circe, Dead Position, Unique Proof Game, Tempo Move, Draw by repetition
Genre: Retro, Fairies
Computer test: C+ Jacobi v0.1 1-Nov-2017
FEN: rnbq1bnr/1pp1pppp/4k3/p1KQ4/8/2B2P2/PPP1P1PP/RN3BNR
Reprints: 535 Variant Proof Games 26/03/2015
Probleemblad 74-2 04-06/2016
Input: A.Buchanan, 2013-12-15
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