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Julia Vysotska
Petko A. Petkov

29.1 Julias Fairies 30/06/2012
(5+10) C+
1) 1. Sb8-a6+ Ke8-d7 2. Da8-f8 LEg1-h2 3. Nd1-a7 d2-d1=N 4. Lf1-b5+ Nd1xb5#
2) 1. Sb8-c6+ Ke8-f7 2. Da8-h8 LEg1-g2 3. Lf1-a6 f2-f1=L 4. Nd1-b5+ Lf1xb5#
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Masced white Dentist combined with Umnov-theme + Bivalve, double unpin of white N and B, ambush moves of LEg1 which forces control over 2nd horizontal and determines Bivalve-theme in play of black Pawns. Anti-dual moves by LEg1, critical moves by unpined white N and B. An interesting play demonstrates white S/Q battery - after moves of forward piece Sb8 and the black King we have double line-opening for the white Queen! A good, active position of the w.Queen in the initial setting! (Authors)
Keywords: dentist theme, Promotion (ortho-fairy)
Pieces: su = Nightrider (N), dr = Leo (LE)
Genre: Fairies
Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-9.1-RELEASE-amd64-64Bit v4.59
FEN: QN2k3/7p/1p2p1p1/5p2/8/8/3p1p2/K2*2N1B*1qr
Reprints: JV-49.1 Julias Fairies 2012
Input: Erich Bartel, 2015-07-24
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