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1 - P1308316
Julia Vysotska
F951 Probleemblad 01-03/2013
(1+5+2) C+
1) 1. Th7-b7 Kd2-c3 2. HSh8-a1 Kc3-b4 3. LIh4-a4 Kb4-a3#
4. HSa1-a5,a6,a7?? - illegal self-check by nLIa4!
4. LIxa1?? - illegal self-check by nLIa1!
4. Sa6,Ta7?? - illegal self-check by nLIa4!

2) 1. HSh8-h1 Kd2-e3 2. Th7-a7 Ke3-f4 3. LIh4-e4 Kf4-f3#
4. HSh1-b7,c6,d5?? - illegal self-check by nLIe4!
4. nLIxh1?? - illegal self-check by nLIh1!
4. Sc6,Tb7?? - illegal self-check by nLIe4!
play all play one stop play next play all
Creation of special anti-batteries using white King and two neutral pieces - Kangaroo-Lion and Lion.
Super activity of the white King who makes 6 moves in the both phases.
All tries to defense the black King give an illegal self-check.
Self-blocks on a7/b7.
ODT, model mates.

Pieces: dl = Lion (LI), dr = Rabbit (HS)
Genre: Fairies
Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-9.1-RELEASE-amd64-64Bit v4.59
FEN: kn5-*1Q/7r/1p3p2/8/7-*3Q/8/3K4/8
Reprints: JV-70 Julias Fairies 2013
Input: Erich Bartel, 2015-08-26
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2015-08-26 more...
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