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Julia Vysotska
373 Julias Fairies 10/09/2013
(7+7) C+
1) 1. Ne6-c2 Ne3xc2-a3 2. VAf8xa3-e5 Nd3-f4 3. PAd6-d8+ Nf4xd8-d6#
2) 1. Ne6-f4 Nd3xf4-g6+ 2. PAd6xg6-h8 Ne3-c4 3. VAf8-d6+ Nc4xd6-f8#
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The main theme is parrying double check to the black King with the one black piece which simultaneously gives mate to the white King.
White N opens line for the black Bishop and is sacrificed to the black N to attract it to the the squares where it is sacrificed to the white VAO/PAO.

Reciprocal play of two black Ns:
  • one of them captures the white N with Take&Make effect and is sacrificed to the white VAO/PAO;
  • another one parries double check given by the play of the white battery VAO/PAO or PAO/VAO, capturing one mating piece and closing line for another mating piece, simultaneously giving mate to the white King.

    Reciprocal play of the white VAO/PAO:
  • one of them captures black N moving to a position of the battery rear piece, using Take&Make effect;
  • another one plays as battery forward piece, and is captured by the black N to avoid mate.

    Umnov theme on the mating move. Model mates. (Author)
  • Keywords: Umnov, Zilahi, Take & Make
    Pieces: su = Nightrider (N), tl = Pa (PA), ll = Vao (VA)
    Genre: Fairies
    Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-9.3-RELEASE-p9-amd64-64Bit v4.73 (2000 MB)
    FEN: 1kb2*3B2/p1p5/2P*3R*2Np2/7P/7K/3*2n*2n1P1/8/8
    Reprints: JV-95 Julias Fairies 2013
    Input: Erich Bartel, 2015-11-16
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