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Edward J.M.D.P. Dunsany
v Chess , p. 55, 1/1943
(5+9) C+
1. e7 droht 2. e8=AM#
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A charming story titled "The Small Green Idol" accompanied this little problem. The idol takes the powers of queen and knight, what we would term an Amazon.

Cooked original had sSh6 not sB - this was fixed by author et al. in CHESS Feb 1943
A.Buchanan: There is another Dunsany story problem published in CHESS in 1949, called "Jorken's Problem". I haven't find it online at all. (2016-08-03)
A.Buchanan: "Jorkens' Problem", to be precise. (2016-08-03)
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Pieces: dl = Amazon (AM)
Genre: 2#, Fairies
Computer test: Popeye 4.61
FEN: *3q1b3k1/1npp4/3pP1Pp/b7/8/8/PP6/K7
Reprints: www.chesshistory.com 22/2/2015
Input: A.Buchanan, 2016-08-02
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