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Petre Stojoski
The Macedonian Problemist 57a 09-12/2018
Zoran Gavrilovski 50 JT Abt. H#>2
1. ehrende Erwähnung
PR Hans Gruber
(2+13) C+
1. Se5-c4+ Kb2-c1 2. Kd6-e7 La1xd4 3. Lh2-c7 Ld4-g7 4. Sc4-e5+ Kc1-b2 5. Ke7-d6 Lg7-f8#
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Stefan Felber: Illegale Bauernstellung! (2019-02-02)
Viktoras Paliulionis: Possible correction: bBd7.
Also, the BQ can be replaced with a BR. (2020-10-08)
Keywords: Illegal position, Checking key, Minimal, Model mate, Klasinc theme (K-L, s-L, s-l, k-l), Switchback (Kks), Selfblock, Line closing, Line closing, Bivalve
Genre: h#
Computer test: Popeye 4.67
FEN: 8/3p4/2qkp3/3pn3/pp1p4/1p1r4/pK5b/B7
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2019-02-02
Last update: Gunter Jordan, 2019-05-16 more...
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