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Marcin Banaszek
S0796 StrateGems SG89 01-03/2020
2. Preis
1. Ta7! droht 2. Dxe5+ Kxe5#
1. ... Lg3 2. Ta5 droht 3. Dxe5+/Txe5+ Lxe5 Txe5+/Dxe5+ Kxe5#
2. ... Lh4 3. De8 droht 4. Txe5+ Kxe5#
3. ... Lg3 4. Db5 Lh4 5. Db1 Lg3 6. Da1 Lh4 7. c3 Lg3 8. c4 Lh4 9. Da4 Lg3 10. Db5 Lh4 11. De8 Lg3 12. Db8 Lh4 13. c5 Lg3 14. c6 Lh4 15. c7 Lg3 16. c8=S Lh4 17. Sd6+ exd6 18. Txe5+ dxe5 19. Dxe5+ Kxe5#

9. Db1?#!, 6. Db2? Lh4 7. c3 Sd2+!, 5. Da4? Df4+!, 3. Dxe5?#!
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Pendulum maneuver based on successive change between single and double attacks of the square e5 by White, answered by successive change between single guard and none by Black. A white Queen walks to square a1 to start an excelsior of white Pawn c2, and she returns to square b8 to finish it. Finally, White sacrifices the promoted Knight, then a Rook and a Queen to force a selfmate. (Author)

Judge Miodrag Mladenović 07/2022:
"Great zig-zag maneuvers of the white Queen and Rook with logical motives. To achieve the goal White has to promote 'c' Pawn to Knight. Although zig-zag play is not new in longer selfmates this is one of the best."
Keywords: Logical Problem, Excelsior white, Switchback (D), Drohpendel, Deckungspendel, under-promotion (S)
Genre: s#
Computer test: Die letzten 17. Züge sind C+ (Gustav 4.0i)
FEN: 1Q6/2R1pb2/1P2prp1/4pkqp/7b/5K1p/2P1Pp2/5n2
Reprints: StrateGems SG99 07-09/2022
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-01-03
Last update: Gunter Jordan, 2023-03-13 more...
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