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Gyula Breyer
Magyar Sakkvilag 1918
(10+14) cooked
1. exf8=D+? Kxf8 2. Sd7+ Kg7! Remiss
1. exf8=sS+? Sxe6! Schwarz gewinnt!
1. exf8=sL+? Lf8-e7! 2. Sd7 patt
1. exf8=sT+? Ld8-e7! 2. Kxc7 patt
1. exf8=sD+! De7 2. Sd7 Dxe6+ 3. fxe6 Ke7 4. Sf5+ Kxe6 5. Lg4!
1. ... Le7 2. Kxc7 Dg7 3. Sxe4 Dg6 4. fxg6
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Cook: 1. exf8=D+ Kxf8 2. Kd7! Zugzwang!
Reprints: Outrageous Chess Problems, Burt Hochberg, Page 84

Superproblem.ru: http://superproblem.ru/archive/raznoe/S_umor-1.html (Most of the moves are taken from here)

chessstackexchange.com: https://chess.stackexchange.com/questions/21489/how-likely-is-it-that-a-non-orthodox-promotion-is-optimal/26958#26958
James Malcom: How do you add in the author name exactly? It's Gyula Breyer. After about a month of not using my editing powers, here is the first problem I have chosen to enter in! I will be adding more joke promotion problems in here soon and classify them a little bit more. (2020-01-28)
Mario Richter: Fritz 6 gives
1. exf8=N+ Kxf8 2. Kd7 Ng5 3. Nc6 Bxe6+ 4. fxe6 Nxe6 5. Kxe6 Rg8 6. Nxd8 f5 7. Kf6 Rg6+ 8. Bxg6 hxg6 9. Ne6+ Ke8 10. Kxg6 f4 11. exf4 exf4 12. Nxf4
as a win for White (+7.44)
Can somebody with a stronger chess program find a better defense for Black? (2020-02-11)
James Malcom: It seems that 2. Kd7! is the one move that cooks this problem. The Black knight can’t move to release Black’s pieces as then Black will lose their bishop. 2. Nd7+ merely draws. (2020-02-12)
Peter Wong: Not only is there a cook, but the intention doesn't seem to work either. If you manually set up the position after 1.exf8=black queen for the Stockfish engine, it finds no clear win for White. (2020-02-12)
James Malcom: Well in the intention, if 1... Be7? then 2. Kc7 Qg7 3. Nxe4 Qg2 4. Nd6+ Kf8 5. Nd7+ Kg7 6. Ne8#. It's only after 1... Qe7 2. Nd7 Qex6 3. fxe6 Ke7 does it become a draw. It seems that all known tasks with White promoting to a Black queen are cooked. It should not be surprising, but it is indeed sad. Not even Bengston's draw study P1372297 is correct. It shouldn't be to hard to make a new, correct draw study, whether or not it's based on Bengston's work, but now a winning one seems further elusive as this seems to be the only way work of it's kind. (2020-02-13)
SP: After "1... Qe7 2. Nd7 Qex6 3. fxe6 Ke7" instead of a draw there is a mate in 5:
4.Sf5+ Ke6: 5.Lg4 Sd6,Sg5 6.Sc5+ & 7.Lh5+ or
4.-- Ke8 5.Kb7 (6.Kc8 & 7.e7) etc.
Did you perhaps mean 3.-- Le7? Breyer intended 4.Kc7: for that.
Further reprint: LXV p. 52 Boros / Lindner 1939 Anthology. (2022-05-17)
Keywords: Joke, Joke promotion, Checking key
Genre: Studies
FEN: 1N1bknbr/2p1Pn1p/2K1Rp1p/4pP1B/p3p3/p3P1N1/P6P/8
Reprints: Outrageous Chess Problems , p. 84, 2005
SuperProblem (Website) 08/08/2013
Input: James Malcom, 2020-01-28
Last update: Mario Richter, 2020-02-21 more...
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