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1 - P1380122
Zalmen Kornin
Kibitzer's Cafe 5/8/2004
(9+5) C+
1. g8=D! d5 2. exd6ep Kc2 3. Sxc3 Kd3,Kb2 4. 0-0-0#,Dxa2#
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Final development of the earlier P1380121


"For those interested in Chess Problems: In Tim Krabbé's "Open Chess Diary" the investigation on an idea in Composition, the so called "Belén-Theme" goes on with more novelties; - i'm arriving from that chess-cyber-café... i found that Problemist, he asked me "do You know the Valladão-Theme?" - Yes, i knew that jargon: "The Problem is pronto" What? "Ready" He showed me and asked me to publish here (is related to the previous ones) Author: Z. Kornin; "The Kibitzer's Café" 2004, Original - White: Ke1, Ra1, Bd4, Nb1, Pb6, Pc5, Pe5, Pg4, Pg7 (9); Black: Kc1, Pa2, Pc3, Pc6, Pd7 (5) - Mate in 4 , or in Forsyth: 8-3p2P1-1Pp5-2P1P3-3B2P1-2p5-p7-RNk1K3 (9+5) #4 < the key introduces a threat against 'a2', 'b3' and 'c4' , there are two related thematical variations, following a scheme aAbB - bBaA in the second and third moves; the sideline defenses 2...axb1 or 2...Kb2 in the 1...d5 variation are not total stops from the initial threats; in the en-passant moment there's a choice too: 3.cxd6 ep? c5! and Black will not fall in zugzwang; so 3.exd6!! - this effects springs from a natural setting - the Pawn 'c6' is necessary to stop an eventual Qxd5... Pawns 'b6' and 'g4' prevents duals in thematical play, other features are similar to the Author's scheme from "The Kibitzer's Café" July, 29 - see above Page 566.> The last chapter from a Chess-Composition workshop on-line!!"

Konig and Turm: ""Noch im Jahr der Thema(*)-Entdeckung (*the Belén) gelang dem Brasilianer Kornin eine Darstellung mit dem Valladão-Task" Hanspeter Suwe (2007);" (quote taken from here-https://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessuser?uname=vonKrolock)

Tim Krabbe's minuscule mention in #253 in a small edit to the 7/28 P.S: "(NB: see pages 566 [P1380121 ] and 587 of that forum for the on-line development of a Valladao-Belén.)"

http://www.berlinthema.de/Auswahl_PH.pdf-"Das Belén-Thema verlangt den schwarzen Königsmarsch von c1 nach d3 gefolgt von der weißen langen Rochade – wie P.H. richtig anmerkt, sollte man besser von einem „Motiv“ sprechen. Kornins Stück verbindet dieses Motiv vermutlich erstmalig mit einem Valladao.
Auf mich wirkt ein Valladao mit Damenumwandlung allerdings immer „halb“, denn der „eigentliche“ Sonderzug ist doch eine Unterverwandlung? Eine solche würde auch einen selbstverständlichen Schlüssel verhindern."
James Malcom: This is the first Valladao-Belen: the Belen theme plus promotion and en passant. (2020-09-21)
Henrik Juel: Only the cases with Black defending by d7-d5 and Kc1-c2 in his first two moves lead to dual-free full-length variations (2020-09-21)
Keywords: Belen Theme, Valladao Task, En passant, Promotion in the key, Castling as mating move
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/3p2P1/1Pp5/2P1P3/3B2P1/2p5/p7/RNk1K3
Reprints: H48a Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen
König & Turm 22, p. 14, 5/2007
(15) MatPlus.net Forum 8/9/2019
Input: James Malcom, 2020-09-21
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