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Mykola Kolesnik
Maroc Echecs 08/2019
2. ehrende Erwähnung
9. Maroc Echecs Tourney
Secktion h#2,5-3
(7+8) C+
1) 1. b2xc1=L Ta2xc2 2. Lc1xd2+ Sb1xd2 3. Tg8-g3 Sd2-f3#
2) 1. c2xb1=S Ta2xb2 2. Sb1xd2 Lc1xd2 3. Tg8-g1 Ld2-f4#
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Final award 08/2019
Judge Valery Kirillov
Keywords: under-promotion key, Capture key, Antiphönix, Selfblock, Line opening, Battery creation, discovered checkmate, Batteriematt horizontal, double-check mate, Phoenix, Zilahi, Exchange of roles (L-S, b-b)
Genre: h#
Computer test: Popeye 4.83
FEN: b5r1/8/8/8/3p4/P2p4/RppP3k/1NB1KB1n
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-10-04
Last update: Gunter Jordan, 2020-10-04 more...
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