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1 - P1382048
Ottó Titusz Bláthy
37 Vielzügige Schachaufgaben 1890
Version By Unknown
1. Kb4! Ka8 2. Ka3 Kb7 3. Ka2 Ka8 4. Kb1 Kb7 5. Ka1 Ka8 6. Ka2 Kb7 7. Ka3 Ka8 8. Kb4 Kb7 9. Ka5 f6 18. ... f5 27. ... g6 36. ... g5 45. ... h6 54. ... h5 63. ... f4 72. ... f3 81. ... h4 90. ... h3 99. ... b4 100. Kxb4 a3 101. Kxa3 Ka8 102. Ka4 Kb7 103. Ka5 Ka8 104. b4 Kb7 105. b5 cxb5 106. Kb4 Kc6 107. a8=D+ Kd7 108. De4 Kc8 109. c6 Kd8 110. Kxb5 Kc8 111. De8#
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An elongated version of P1372653 by four moves; the original origins are unknown

Move length record for a kindergarten problem
A.Buchanan: Any kind of assessment of soundness of this one? (2020-11-19)
James Malcom: Andrew, there is no doubt about the soundness. Sure, the ending may have a few duals, but those are generally acceptable in Blathy's correct work. Here is the proof.

All White pawns are immobile. The kingside mustn't move, or else Black breaks through and wins. Nor can a7, b2, or b6 without losing the winning chance.

The Black king is stuck, of course. The Black kindgside pawns are forever held up by White's, and the queenside ones can't move, or else Black would soon be in zugzwang and lose.

Lastly, the White king can't go after the Black pawn to shorten the game, or the Black queenside pawns must be tended to. If the White king reaches either e5 or f4, then Black plays b4!, threatening to queen soon. So the White king must hurry back, Black gets the White queen stuck as well, and it is a draw.

With a restricted White king to the given triangulation corridor, the Black king stuck, all pawns pawns frozen on their journeyes, the soundness is guranteed. (2020-11-19)
James Malcom: Furthermore, on move 99 with Black to move, chess.com analysis agrees with checkmate in move 112, albeit with a few move order corrections that I've just made. So it is still correct, with a Blathy style taste in duals. (2020-11-19)
Anton Baumann: Nach 99. - b4 gemäss Gustav noch 12 Züge; das ist #111.
Korrektur: ... 108.De4 Kc8 109.c6 Kd8 110.Kxb5 111.De8# (2020-11-20)
James Malcom: Fixed. (2021-01-20)
Keywords: Kindergarten Problem, Move Length Record, Promotion (D), Sea Snake
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/Pk3ppp/1Pp5/KpP5/p1p3p1/2P3P1/1P3P1P/8
Input: James Malcom, 2020-11-18
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-01-20 more...
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