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Hermann Giesecke
Schaakbulletin 1978
29 konsekutive Schachgebote ohne Uf.
1. e5+ fxe5+ 2. fxe5+ Lxe5+ 3. Txe5+ c5+ 4. Txc5+ e5+ 5. Txe5+ c5+ 6. Txc5+ e5+ 7. Txe5+ Dc5+ 8. Lxc5+ bxc5+ 9. Txc5+ Ke6+ 10. Ld5+ Txd5+ 11. Sxd5+ S3e2+ 12. Txe2+ Sxe2+ 13. Dxe2+ Lxe2+ 14. Shf4+ Txf4+ 15. Sxf4+
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Reprint: https://timkr.home.xs4all.nl/chess/check.html
Keywords: Consecutive checks (29), Construction task, Superseded by (P1187246)
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 2qr4/2p1p1b1/1ppkpp2/2R5/1B1KPPbr/2n1N2N/6BQ/2n1R3
Reprints: Tim Krabbé's Website 1998
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