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Nikita M. Plaksin
Wladimir Lewschinski

4629 Die Schwalbe 85 02/1984
b) Drehung um 90° (a1 wird a8)
c) Drehung um 270° (a1 wird h1)
a) 1. fxe6ep#
b) 1. 0-0-0#
c) 1. c8=D#
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Henrik Juel: The diagram seems wrong, because wPa2 prevents a quarter turn; moving it to b3 allows: a) fxe6ep#. b) Sb4#. c) c8QB#. What is the correct diagram? (2003-12-10)
kolokwium: In position "b" has not in 1 movement mat, because white they have to finish on b8 promotion.
Position "c" is illegal, because pawn is on g1.
All problems disappear, when in position "a", pawn a2 will move on b3.
kolokwium (POL) (2007-09-21)
Alexej Oganesjan: Since Valladao Task is the main content of the problem, b)Sb4# is not thematic solution - it's bad. So, I propose the following correction: a2 to e2; d2 to g2; remove f3. Thus we save one unit: 1B4Q1/b6N/1PP2RP1/4pP1K/4Pk2/2P1p1N1/4P1P1/7R
a)fxe6ep#; b)0-0-0#; c)c8QB#. (2015-04-24)
Mario Richter: Alexej's optimization seems to be illegal, but I think he was on the right track with his suggestion to move wPa2 to e2 (it's easy to mix up a baldy written a2 with e2)! (2016-07-23)
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Keywords: En passant as key, Castling in the forward play, Valladao Task, Twinning by board rotation
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1B4Q1/b6N/1PP2RP1/4pP1K/4Pk2/2P1ppN1/P2P4/7R
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
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