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Marijan Dumic
(7) Problem 91-94 04/1964
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a) Weiß am Zug
b) Schwarz am Zug
R: 1. g5-g4 g2xLh3 2. Lg4-h3 e3-e4 3. Le2-g4 Sc3-b5 4. Lb5-e2 Se4-c3 5. g6-g5 Sf6-e4 6. h7-h6 Se8-f6 7. Se5-c6 Sc7-e8+
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: il y a 2 solutions distinctes selon que le trait est aux Blancs ou aux Noirs (2002-12-15)
AV: Trait aux Noirs :
1.e3 Cf6 2.Fc4 Cg8 3.Fe6 fxe6 4.Re2 Ch6 5.a4 g6 6.Ca3 Fg7 7.c4 Ff6 8.c5 Fe5 9.c6 d5 10.f4 Dd6 11.f5 Dc5 12.f6 Rd8 13.f7 Te8 14.Cb5 Fd7 15.cxd7 Dxc1 16.Db3 Dc3 17.Tc1 Da5 18.Tc6 Fd6 19.Rd3 Fa3 20.Ta6 Cc6 21.Ce2 Tc8 22.f8D Cb8 23.Df3 Tf8 24.Tc1 Tf4 25.Tcc6 Tc4 26.Td6 c6 27.Cc7 Tc3+ 28.Rd4 Cg4 29.Db6 Tb3 30.Cc3 Ce5 31.C3b5 Tb4+ 32.Rc5 d4 33.Dd5 cxd5 34.e4 Cec6 (début de la suite forcée) 35.Ce8+ Tc7 36.Cg7 g5 37.Ch5 h6 38.Cf4 g4 39.Cd3 Tb3+ 40.Cb4 Th3 41.gxh3
Trait aux Blancs :
1.c4 Cf6 2.c5 Cg8 3.c6 d6 4.e3 Dd7 5.a4 Df5 6.Cc3 Dc5 7.Ca2 Rd8 8.Ce2 Ch6 9.Cd4 g6 10.Fc4 Fg7 11.f4 Fh3 12.f5 Fe5 13.Fe6 d5 14.Cb5 Fd6 15.Re2 Dxc1 16.f6 Dc3 17.Tc1 Da5 18.Rd3 Ff5+ 19.Rd4 fxe6 20.Db3 Rc8 21.f7 Td8 22.f8D Fe4 23.Df3 Td7 24.cxd7+ Rd8 25.Tc6 Fa3 26.Td6 Ca6 27.Tc1 Tc8 28.Tcc6 Cb8 29.Ta6 c6 30.Cc7 Fd3 31.Db6 Cg4 32.Cb4 Fb5 33.Rc5 d4 34.Dd5 cxd5 35.Tc6 Ce5 36.Td6 Cec6 (début de la suite forcée : le clouage et la batterie sont intervertis) 37.Ce8+ Tc7 38.Cf6 g5 39.Ce4 h6 40.Cc3 Fd3+ 41.Cb5 Ff5 42.e4 Fh3 43.gxh3 g4 . (2005-06-26)
Hans-Jürgen Manthey: in der abspielbaren Lösung ist ein Fehler: 7.Tc8-c7 Sf7-e8+ 8.Se5-c6

da AV eine nicht schlüssige Notation verwand (T = Turm aber auch König), hier in lesbarer Notation :

a) 1.c4 Sf6 2.c5 Sg8 3.c6 d6 4.e3 Dd7 5.a4 Df5 6.Sc3 Dc5 7.Sa2 Kd8 8.Se2 Sh6 9.Sd4 g6 10.Lc4 Lg7 11.f4 Lh3 12.f5 Le5 13.Le6 d5 14.Sb5 Ld6 15.Ke2 Dxc1 16.f6 Dc3 17.Tc1 Da5 18.Kd3 Lf5+ 19.Kd4 fxe6 20.Db3 Kc8 21.f7 Td8 22.f8D Le4 23.Df3 Td7 24.cxd7+ Kd8 25.Tc6 La3 26.Td6 Sa6 27.Tc1 Tc8 28.Tcc6 Sb8 29.Ta6 c6 30.Sc7 Ld3 31.Db6 Sg4 32.Sb4 Lb5 33.Kc5 d4 34.Dd5 cxd5 35.Tc6 Se5 36.Td6 Sec6 37.Se8+ Tc7 38.Sf6 g5 39.Se4 h6 40.Sc3 Ld3+ 41.Sb5 Lf5 42.e4 Lh3 43.gxh3 g4

b) 1.e3 Sf6 2.Lc4 Sg8 3.Le6 fxe6 4.Ke2 Sh6 5.a4 g6 6.Sa3 Lg7 7.c4 Lf6 8.c5 Le5 9.c6 d5 10.f4 Dd6 11.f5 Dc5 12.f6 Kd8 13.f7 Te8 14.Sb5 Ld7 15.cxd7 Dxc1 16.Db3 Dc3 17.Tc1 Da5 18.Tc6 Ld6 19.Kd3 La3 20.Ta6 Sc6 21.Se2 Tc8 22.f8D Sb8 23.Df3 Tf8 24.Tc1 Tf4 25.Tcc6 Tc4 26.Td6 c6 27.Sc7 Tc3+ 28.Kd4 Sg4 29.Db6 Tb3 30.Sc3 Se5 31.S3b5 Tb4+ 32.Kc5 d4 33.Dd5 cxd5 34.e4 Sec6 35.Se8+ Tc7 36.Sg7 g5 37.Sh5 h6 38.Sf4 g4 39.Sd3 Tb3+ 40.Sb4 Th3 41.gxh3 (2020-03-23)
Henrik Juel: .
White captured cxd and g2xh3, and promoted on f8; Black captured cxd, f7xe6, and [wLc1]
Resolution plan: On h3 White uncaptures sL/T, which releases wSb5/Sb4, which releases sTc7
Possible retroplays
a) White to play
-1... g5 -2.g2xLh3 Lg4 -3.e3 Le2 -4.Sc3 Lb5 -5.Se4 g6 -6.Sf6 h7 -7.Se8 Tc8 -8.Sc7 Se5 -9.Tc6 Sg4 -10.Td6 c6xTe5 etc.
Tiny typo in 'official' retroplay: 7.Tc8-c7, not Se5-c6
b) Black to play
-1.g2xTh3 Tb3 -2.Sd3 Tb4 -3.Se5 g5 -4.Sg4 g6 -5.Sf6 h7 -6.Se8 etc. as above (2020-03-23)
Keywords: Promotion (S)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1n1k4/pprPp3/RQnRp2p/qNKp4/PN1pP1p1/b6P/1P1P3P/8
Reprints: 121 Europe Echecs 70 10/1964
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Nikolai Beluhov, 2011-04-28 more...
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