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Max Lange
885 Deutsche Schachzeitung , p. 61, 02/1858
(8+5) C+
1. dxc6ep+! Kd5 2. Sf2 droht 3. Sc7#
2. ... bxc6+ 3. Lxc6#
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Originalforderung: Weiß zieht und soll auf die kürzeste Weise matt setzen. Matt in wieviel Zügen?

See also P0002092.
VL: The very first retro problem...
The author is presumably Max Lange,
as John Beasley (jointly with Hanspeter Suwe)
determined. See his article on the â??en passant keyâ?�
in The Problemist, May 2004 (pp. 391-392) and
Sept 2004 (p. 459). See also Chess Note 4417 (June 2006) in
http://www.chesshistory.com/winter/ . (2008-11-30)
Mario Richter: The list of contents (p.VIII) for the year 1858 explicitely gives Max Lange as the author of this problem. So could we really say, that the author is 'anonym'? (2010-12-09)
Henrik Juel: A direct link to Chess Note 4417 is
But is does not provide new information (2017-11-09)
Henrik Juel: Without the ep key, the shortest mate is in 4 moves
unfortunately with many possible keys 1.Le8,Lc8,Sf6,Se5,Lxc5+
e.g., 1.Sf6 exf6 2.Lf5 Kxd5 3.Sc7+ Kd6 4.Lxc5#
or 1.Lxc5+ Kxd7 2.Txe7+ Kd8 3.Sf6 Kc8 4.Te8# (2018-03-01)
more ...
Keywords: En passant, En passant as key
Genre: Retro, 3#
Computer test: HC+ by Popeye 4.61 Only possible last move is c7-c5
FEN: N7/1p1Bpp2/1P1k4/1KpP4/4R1N1/B7/8/8
Reprints: Deutsche Schachzeitung , p. 313, 10/1906
53 Retrograde Analysis 1915
234 Europe Echecs 140-141 10/1970
RA1 diagrammes 11 10/1974
(A) feenschach 154 2004
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-05-08 more...
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