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Thomas R. Dawson
100 The Problemist FCS 02/1931
(4+7) C+
b) vertikal gespiegelt
a) 1. Ke8 0-0 2. Td8 Tae1#
b) 1. b2 Kc2 2. 0-0 Tag1#
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VL: Only one castling is legal. Therefore presently (since 2009), due to Art.16 (3) of the Codex, this diagram, as is, represents a retro-problem (PRA) with NO SOLUTION in a) if O-O-O is legal. The genre and the soundness can be recovered by an additional technical wP... (2017-11-26)
VL: Continuation. In reality, the second part of Art.16(3) formally preserves the soundness of problems like this one (without any changes in their positions): namely, in the framework of Retro-Strategy (RS), which justifies the choice of appropriate castling in a) as a part of the solution! However, such a subtle retro-enrichment lies, apparently, beyond the original intention. (2017-12-01)
Keywords: Echo, Castling (wksk), Twin by board reflection
Genre: h#
Computer test: Popeye C-Version 3.44 (1024 KB)
FEN: r2k4/2pp4/8/8/8/3p2pp/3P4/R3K2R
Reprints: K2 ASymmetrie 2013
Input: Andreas Mokosch, 1998-02-11
Last update: Arnold Beine, 2017-11-26 more...
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