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Thierry Le Gleuher
R22 Problemesis 17 10/2000
2. Lob
BP in 8,5
1. g4 f5 2. gxf5[=wS] d6 3. Sxe7[=wL] Lh3[=sS] 4. Lh4[=wS] Dg5[=sT] 5. Sxh3[=wL] Tg2[=sL] 6. Lfxg2[=wT] Le7[=sS] 7. Tgg1[=wL] Sf5[=sB] 8. Lf1[=wS] Se7[=sB] 9. Sg2[=wB]
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Richter H. Gruber: "The most impressive of the Echecs Einstein proofgames. Specific exchange of places of Lf1/Sg1, each moving once and capturing once. The circuit of wBg2 includes one pawn move, two moves and two captures of non-pawn pieces. In sum, most pieces are back on their initial game array squares. "
Joost de Heer: Bf1 and Sg1 should be swapped. (2002-9-15)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Einstein Chess, Interchange, Pure Round Trip
Genre: Retro, Fairies
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2000-10-2
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