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Nicolas Dupont
Internet-Turnier 28/01/2010
2. Preis Weihnachtsturnier 2009, Retro
BP in 21,0
1. g3 h5 2. Lh3 h4 3. Lf5 hxg3 4. Sh3 g2 5. Tf1 g1=D 6. f4 Db6 7. a4 c5 8. a5 Ddc7 9. axb6 a5 10. d3 a4 11. Le3 a3 12. Sd2 a2 13. Tc1 a1=D 14. b4 Df6 15. bxc7 e5 16. fxe5 g5 17. Tf4 g4 18. Sf1 g3 19. Dd2 g2 20. Kd1 g1=D 21. Lxg1 Dd8
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Judge Michel Caillaud: Dupont theme (= 3 promotions to same unit : 1 Schnoebelen +1 "standard" Ceriani-Frolkin + 1 Pronkin) was done in orthodox form with all kind of units (Rook, Bishop, Knight) except Queen of course as Schnoebelen Queen is impossible in orthodox PG. This is the first fairy example, as far as I know. Realization, displaying clockwork mechanism is faultless.
Keywords: Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (d), Unique Proof Game, Immune Chess, Pronkin Theme (d), Schnoebelen Theme (d), Prentos Theme (d)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
FEN: rnbqkbnr/1pPp1p2/8/2p1PB2/1P3R2/3P3N/2PQP2P/2RK1NB1
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2010-02-02
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