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Thierry Le Gleuher
R323 Probleemblad 2007
Andrej Frolkin gewidmet
Letzte 23 Einzelz├╝ge?
R: 1. d2-d3# Td8xSd7 2. Sf8-d7 Td7-d8+ 3. e5-e6 Td8xDd7 4. Dh3-d7 Td7-d8+ 5. Lf2-e1 Td8xLd7 6. Lg4-d7 Td7-d8+ 7. Lc5-f2 Td8xDd7 8. Df5-d7 Td7-d8+ 9. La3-c5 Td8xSd7 10. Sc5-d7 Td7-d8+ 11. Tb1-b2 Td8xTd7 12. Lc1-a3
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Keywords: Last Moves? (23), Uncapture of pieces by pieces, Tempo Winning Manouevre
Genre: Retro
FEN: nqn1b3/b1prpp1p/ppKpPp2/8/2k5/2PP4/PRP5/4B3
Reprints: H13 FIDE Album 2007-2009 , p. 558,
Input: Nikolai Beluhov, 2010-05-16
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