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Nathan Rubens
The Chess Review 1933
(6+10) C+
1. Kg2 h3+ 2. Kf3 g4+ 3. Ke4 Lf5+ 4. Kd5 Le6+ 5. Kc6 Ld7+ 6. Kb7 Lc8+ 7. Ka8 Lb7+ 8. Txb7 Lxg3 9. Th1+ Le1 10. Txe1#
8... La7 9. Th1+ Lg1 10. Txg1#
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Olaf Jenkner: kleiner Dual: 8... La7 9. Kxa7 nebst 10. Th1# (2011-11-08)
SBD: March 1933 Chess Review Problem Review (ed. Wurzburg) - offered as a "constructional task" problem by A.C. White, to have "the white king go from one corner of the board diagonally to the other corner." Book prize offered for the
best entry received by May 10.

September 1933 issue notes that all entries received unsound except for Rubens; "we regret this because at least one of the unsound positions would have been a worthy contender." (2011-11-09)

Genre: n#
Computer test: O. Jenkner: Gustav 3.2 d (kleiner Dual im 9. Zug)
FEN: 1bb2n1r/8/6p1/6p1/2P4p/1R1p2P1/p2P3R/k6K
Input: Felber, Volker, 2011-11-08
Last update: Olaf Jenkner, 2011-11-08 more...
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