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Thierry Le Gleuher
5A) Economy Records in Add Unit(s) Problems , p. 7, 12/03/2011
Add the missing unit(s).
+BPs a3, b3, c3, d3 and e3.
WBc1 taken home, so no BP captured or promoted and it's impossible to retract WPe6xf7.
The only way to open the cage is to reorder white homebase and retract WPg2xf3, this takes 19 retro moves. Add all remaining BPs on third rank, and we can't retract both BPs on b7 and d7 to let the BBg8 get home, and we can't either retract BP to e7 since the BPg must retract to g7 in order to allow uncapture of dark squared BB by WPf7.
play all play one stop play next play all
Record of the highest number of units to add so that a position becomes legal (Type A, number of units not specified, no promoted pieces).
See http://abrobecker.free.fr/chess/addunits.pdf (2011-12-22)
Alain Brobecker: See P1227635 for a version with promoted pieces. (2011-12-22)
Henrik Juel: Add five black pawns on a3,b3,c3,d3,e3 to provide the 18 tempo retractions needed.
-1.Sh3 a4 -2.Dh1 a5 -3.Tg1 a6 -4.Lb7 a7 -5.Lc8 b4 -6.Kb1 b5 -7.Kc1 b6 -8.Kd1 b7 -9.Ke1 c4 -10.Kf1 c5 -11.Kg2 c6 -12.Ta1 c7 -13.Dd1 d4 -14.Kf1 d5 -15.Ke1 d6 -16.Sg1 e4 -17.Lh3 e5 -18.Lf1 e6 -19.g2xDf3 Kg4 -20.Sf5 etc. (2011-12-22)
Keywords: Type A, Add pieces, Illegal position, Economy record
Genre: Retro
FEN: B5bn/5PrR/5prN/6pk/7p/5P2/PPPPPP2/KR1Q2N1
Input: Alain Brobecker, 2011-12-22
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