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Julia Vysotska
Diyan Kostadinov

Orbit (52) 11/2011
7. Lob
(6+11) C+
1) 1. Se1-f3 Th4-h2 2. Sf4xe2 Th2xe2#
2) 1. Lh8-e5 Lb1-a2 2. Td3xd5 La2xd5#
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Kommentar:The thematic complex: selfblocks and black lines closing (on black 1st move), unpins (on white 1st move), sacrifices of unpined pieces (on black 2nd move), change of functions of white and black thematic pieces, pin mates. (D.K.)

Genre: Fairies
Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-9.1-RELEASE-amd64-64Bit v4.59
FEN: 7b/2p5/2K5/3N1qpb/p3kn1R/r2r4/4P3/1B2n1B1
Reprints: JV-3 Julias Fairies 2012
Input: Erich Bartel, 2015-06-06
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2015-06-11 more...
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