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Erich Bartel
942 Julias Fairies 28/10/2015
Julia Vysotska gewidmet
3.Lob Inf.T.07-12/2015, Richter: Ofer Comay
(3+1) C+
b) wDRd1->d2
c) wDRd1->f7
d) wTLf3->e1
a) 1. Kd5-d4 SPf4-e5 2. Kd4-c3 ADf3-c2 3. Kc3-b2 Ed1-b3 4. Kb2-a1 SPe5-a2#
b) 1. Kd5-c5 Ed2-b8 2. Kc5-b6 ADf3-e4 3. Kb6-a7 SPf4-b7+ 4. Ka7-a8 ADe4-c8#
c) 1. Kd5-e5 SPf4-e4 2. Ke5-f6 ADf3-g6+ 3. Kf6-g7 SPe4-f6 4. Kg7-h8 SPf6-g8#
d) 1. Kd5-e4 Ed1-f1 2. Ke4-f3 SPf4-e4 3. Kf3-g2 ADe1-f2 4. Kg2-h1 SPe4-g1#
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Keywords: Echo, Four corners, Rex solus (s), Aristocrat
Pieces: tl = Eagle (AD), sr = Sparrow (SP), dr = Equihopper (E)
Genre: Fairies
Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-9.3-RELEASE-p9-amd64-64Bit v4.73 (2000 MB)
FEN: 8/8/8/3k4/5*1N2/5*3R2/8/3*1Q4
Input: Erich Bartel, 2015-10-29
Last update: Erich Bartel, 2016-11-06 more...
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