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Klaus Wenda
6456 Problemkiste (159-160) 07/2005
(4+3) C+
b) wLf8->f1
a) 1. Kf3 Ta3+ 2. Kg2 0-0#
b) 1. Kd3 Th3+ 2. Kc2 0-0-0#
play all play one stop play next play all
Schade, dass sBe2 und sSg4 jeweils nur in 1 Phase vonnöten sind (\eb).
See P1347267 (AB)
Henrik Juel: Pe2 is needed in b) only, without it 1.Kd3 is impossible
Sg4 is needed in a) only, without it there would be cooks like 1.Kf3 Lc5 2.Kg2 Kf2#
C+ by Popeye 4.61 (2018-02-02)
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Keywords: Castling, Patrol Chess
Genre: Fairies
Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-4.3-RELEASE-32Bit-Version 3.81
FEN: 5B2/8/8/8/6n1/4k3/4p3/R3K2R
Input: Erich Bartel, 2018-02-02
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2018-02-26 more...
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