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Bernd Gräfrath
8160 Phénix 282, p. 11084, 02/2018
(11+15) C+
Proof game in 9.5
Captures noires prioritaires
Henrik Juel: Minimummer means that White and Black must make (one of) their shortest moves
The other condition means:
If Black can capture, he must do so (2018-10-23)
François Labelle: Henrik, here Minimummer applies only to Black. Most fairy conditions apply to both colors, but Edgemover, Follow-my-leader, Maximummer and Minimummer are exceptions and apply only to the defending side if no color is specified. This kind of gratuitous gotcha is unfortunate and is certainly off-putting to newcomers. Personally I write "Black Minimummer", hoping that we can one day get out of this mess. (2018-10-25)
A.Buchanan: Hi Francois: so how should we keyword this problem? (2018-10-25)
Henrik Juel: Once again I put my foot in it, maybe 'inspired' by the current PDB definition of Minimummer; thanks for correcting my error, Francois
The keyword is OK, Andrew, but the definition should be changed to something like
Black must make (one of) his shortest moves
The Maximummer condition was invented a very long time ago, probably by a disgruntled self-mate composer, who thought that Black had too many ways of defending; by forcing Black to make his longest move, you could make self-mate problems with far fewer men
Later the other 'exceptional' conditions followed, also for Black only
These names are firmly established, and I would by a little confused if I saw a condition like 'Black Maximummer', although it makes sense (2018-10-25)
Henrik Juel: Another point, which may put off newcomers, is that checks are orthodox in a Maximummer, so White is mate in the position Ka3 - Kc4 Da1, even though the longest black move is Da1-h8
Again we can blame 'the disgruntled self-mate composer', but there you are (2018-10-25)
Yoav Ben-Zvi: In "A Guide to Fairy Chess" by Anthony Dickins (1969), the "disgruntled" self-mate composer who introduced the Maximummer is claimed to be T.R. Dawson (P1258302). Dawson probably thought of his invention in terms of a condition (a constraint on the solution space) rather than a Fairy change of the rules. In this case it is natural that the definition of check and mate is not affected. The book names 2 variants of the alternative: "Ultra Maximummer" and "Consistent Maximummer". (2019-1-2)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Minimummer, Schlagzwang
Genre: Retro, Fairies
Input: A.Buchanan, 2018-10-23
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