Die Schwalbe

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Frank Christiaans
6628 Die Schwalbe 117 06/1989
1. Sf5 ... 2. c8=D,T#
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Henrik Juel: Black captured all missing white men with b7xc6, c7xd6, g7xf6, and h7x..xc2; White captured c2xb3, fxexdxc, and to preserve castling hxg with two promotions on g8.
Trying to preserve the castling right fails:
-1... a5 -2.Sg8 a6 -3.S=g7 e6 -4.g6 g7xSf6 -5.Sg8 ?? -6.h7xLg8=S ?? -7.h6 Lh7 (2012-8-30)
Keywords: Castling (sk), Cant Castler
Genre: Retro
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-6-3
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2014-1-15 more...
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