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Dmitri W. Pronkin
Andrey Frolkin

6631v Die Schwalbe 117 06/1989
BP in 57.5
1. a4 h5 2. a5 h4 3. a6 h3 4. axb7 hxg2 5. h4 d5 6. h5 d4 7. h6 d3 8. h7 dxc2 9. d4 a5 10. Lh6 c1=T 11. e4 Tc5 12. Se2 Th5 13. e5 c5 14. e6 Sc6 15. b8=T a4 16. Tb4 a3 17. Ta4 c4 18. b4 c3 19. b5 c2 20. b6 c1=T 21. b7 Tc4 22. b8=T Da5+ 23. Tbb4 Lb7 24. S1c3 0-0-0 25. exf7 e5 26. Tc1 Lc5 27. f8=T a2 28. Tf3 a1=T 29. Sa2 g1=T 30. Tfa3 Tg6 31. f4 Te6 32. f5 g5 33. f6 g4 34. f7 g3 35. f8=T g2 36. Tf5 g1=T 37. Lf8 Tg7 38. Sg3 e4 39. Ld3 e3 40. 0-0 e2 41. Tcc3 e1=T 42. Lc2 T1e3 43. d5 Tdd7 44. d6 Tdf7 45. d7+ Kb8 46. Dd6+ Ka8 47. Dc7 Sge7 48. d8=T+ Sc8 49. Tdd3 Thg8 50. h8=T Tae1 51. Th6 T1e2 52. T1f2 Tce4 53. Kf1 Ld4 54. Tfc5 Se5 55. Sf5 Sc4 56. Sd6 Sb2 57. Tbc4 Sb6 58. Db8+
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Der absolute KBP-Längenrekord.
See P1338946 cooked.
paul: Compare with P0002278 & P0002279 (2010-04-30)
Mu-Tsun Tsai: This one is by far the toughest retro I've ever solved. Very little certain information can be determined by structural consideration alone, even with long and complicated argument. It took me five days to complete solving this. (2012-07-22)
A.Buchanan: @Mu-Tsun: that's an interesting data point - thanks for posting. (2017-09-07)
Henrik Juel: The current record is 58.5 moves in a proof game problem by the authors + Keym, Die Schwalbe 2017 (2017-09-07)
Henrik Juel: I just learned that the 58.5 move proof game has been cooked... (2017-09-07)
A.Buchanan: In retrospect, my earlier comment about "interesting data point" is a bit weak. It's actually great that for such an extreme problem, someone took substantial time to independently validate it. It's like doing science: people want to do their own new stuff, and are unwilling to take the time to validate what's already been claimed. This one has survived 30+ years, and maybe the use of constraints e.g. in Jacobi can eventually allow it to be HC+. (2021-05-29)
Olaf Jenkner: This problem is the current record, because P1338946 (58.5 moves) has been cooked. (2021-11-25)
Reto: This is C+ up to 51.0 moves with Stelvio 2.0. This ties the record for partial testing of an SPG. Took 1200 CPU hours of strategy seeking (finding 378 0+0 strategies) and another 13h of strategy playing these strategies. If this can ever be completely solved, then it needs to be the case that all strategies have 0+0 free moves, otherwise playing is utterly hopeless.
@Andrew: There is absolutely no way a brute-force based program like Jacobi ever stands a chance at solving something like this, no matter how many conditions you add. (2023-12-14)
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Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Move Length Record, Non-standard material (TTTTTTtttttt), Castling, Aristocrat, Superseded by (P1397486)
Genre: Retro
FEN: kQ3Br1/1b3rr1/1n1Nr2R/q1R4r/R1Rbr3/R1RRr3/NnB1rR2/5K2
Reprints: 584 Ukrainisches Album 1986-1990
86 Shortest Proof Games 11/1991
(6) diagrammes 103 10-12/1992
H18 FIDE Album 1989-1991 1997
feenschach 137, p. 368, 08-09/2000
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-12-25 more...
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