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Tivadar Kardos
3170 Magyar Sakkelet 08/1964
(10+14) C+
1. bxc3ep a8=D 2. Se5 Da7#
1. fxe3ep dxe8=D 2. Sc5 Dxh8#
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As RS, this doesn't work, but as PRA it does so "one solution, two parts". Was "2.1..." part of the Originalforderung or some later addition?
Keywords: En passant as key, Promotion (D), Partial Retro Analysis (PRA)
Genre: h#, Retro
Computer test: HC+ Popeye v4.87 + Retractor 2.1.1 Human contribution is "position prior to retractions looks legal enough."
FEN: 4b2b/P1nP4/p2p2p1/8/1pPkPp1p/1P1n1P1P/1p3pKP/4N2r
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-11-26 more...
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