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1 - P1011142
Kari Valtonen
S1838R The Problemist 09/2000
(12+11) C+
1.Se4+/Sb4+? Kb5/Kxc5! 2.c4/Dd4# 1.Dd4,Df2? (2.Dg1) a4 2.Sb4# 1.Df3+? Kxc5 2.De3+ Kd5! 3.Sd- # 1.Sc1? Txb6! 1.Te8? (2.Df2 - not 2.Dd4? Kd7 3.Da4#) a4/Sxb3/Sc2 2.Dd4/Te1/Te2 but 1...Kd7! 1.Th7? g4! Key 1.Th5 (-) Sxb3,T- 2.Se4+ Kb5 3.Sf2. 1...a4 2.Se4+ (2.Df2?? 3.Sb4#) Kb5 3.Sf2. 1...Kd5 2.Dd4+ (2.Df2? Ke5 3.Df5#) Kc6 3.Dg1. 1...Kxc5 2.Dd4+ (2.Df2+? Txf2+!) Kc6 3.Dg1. 1...Txb6 2.Df2 (2.Dd4? g4! 3.De4,Dd5# or 2.Se4+? Kb5 3.Dxb6#) 3.Dg1. 1...g4 2.Lxg2+ hxg2+ 3.Kf2. 1...Sc2 2.Df3+ Kxc5 3.De2
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Duplicate Diagram: P1018970

Very extensive set of false trails

Genre: r#
FEN: 1B1R4/1p3p2/rPkN1Q1R/p1P3p1/8/1PPp3p/N5rp/n4K1B
Input: Paul Valois, 2001-06-04
Last update: Paul Valois, 2001-09-16 more...
2 - P1018970
Kari Valtonen
The Problemist 2000

BS Problemid: 3807
Authors: Valtonen, Kari
Years: 2000

Duplicate Diagram: P1011142

Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (3807)
Genre: 3#
FEN: 1B1R4/1p3p2/rPkN1Q1R/p1P3p1/8/1PPp3p/N5rp/n4K1B
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
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