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Aleksandr Grin
497 Ideal-Mate Review 05-06/1984
(6+2) cooked
1. Sh6 gxh6 2. Se4 h5 3. Le1 h4 4. Te2 h3 5. Sf2+ Kh2 6. Tg2+ hxg2#
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NL: 1.Sf6 gxf6 2.Sh3 f5 3.Te2/Le1 f4 4.Le1/Te2 f3 5.Sf2+ Kh2 6.Tg2+ fxg2#

Verbesserung siehe 757 Ideal-Mate Review (P1014081)
Mario Richter: Schwarz hat keinen legalen letzten Zug. (2011-06-12)
Keywords: Ideal mate
Genre: s#
Input: Frank Müller, 2004-05-01
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