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1 - P1016905
Anatoly Styopochkin
Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya 10-12/1996
Moskauer Turnier 1996
3. ehrende Erwähnung
(9+4) cooked
1. Th3+ Lh4 2. Lg5 fxg5 3. Thg3 Lxg3 4. a8=D+ Lb8 5. Dh1+ Lh2 6. Tg2 g4 7. Lb1 g3 8. Dd1 Lg1 9. Th2+ Lxh2 10. Dd5 Lg1 11. Dd4+ Lxd4# bzw.
10. ... Lg3 11. De5+ Lxe5#
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Frank Richter: Dual 2.Lb1 f5 3.De8+ Kh7 4.Tg6 (or Db5,Df7) f4 5.Df7+ Kh8 6.Dxf4 Kh7 7.Th1 Kh8 8.Tg8+ Kxg8 9.a8=D,T+ Kg7 10.De5+ Lf6 11.Lg5 Lxe5# mit variations.
An earlier version is P1016837. (2009-7-7)

Genre: s#
Input: Frank Müller, 2004-5-12
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